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“Think i found my favorite power strip. It saves up space saves energy and it it s at a good price. Let s roll that intro. What s going on brody here with packed review.

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Everybody s having a great week or weekend depending on when you re seeing this and also make sure to stay to the end of this video. Because you might have a chance to win into something or maybe. There might be a discount don t know until you see it at the end of this video today. I m gonna be showing you what is not my favorite power strip and i know you re like brody come on it s a power strip.

But what i really like about this is its features save a lot of space energy. So you re not wasting this energy. And also the price is really really good like i m really actually you know shocked on all these futures and the price is not bad. It s affordable and it s great i ve been enjoying this power strip ever since i got it it s like i said saved me a lot of space.

So today. I m gonna be showing you jack lutz vertical power strip and i don t be showing you two models so let s go ahead and take a look at it right now so you can get jack clips vertical posture for dolph amazon. There is a couple different prices because there s different models and different sizes. I think i saw it louis it was like 22 box and the highest and i think like 26 or 28 box so stuff like i said definitely affordable and the links are down below.


In the description. Jaclyn s vertical power strips are surge protected the material that is made out of there s actually fireproof it has grounded ac outlets and these have phosphor copper built inside. Which is higher quality than others that use brass inside their power strips. Now these both do have a max power of 3000 watts.

And also supports up to be between 110 volts to 250 volts and then the usb ports are actually. 5. Volts now what i really like is that these have individual rows of power that they re all that they have their own individual power control. This is great because like i said you re not wasting energy like typical power strips like for example.

If you were to plug out if you have a power strip and you plug one like one plug into one of the outlets and all the rest are still open well deny you re actually wasting a lot of energy through those other outlets. Because power is still going through that so what s great about these vertical power strips is that i can control each row. If i m only using one row well now i can keep the other two off. And i m not wasting energy.

So here for example. I plugged my my phone charger into the outlet and then i pushed on the power button. And now my phone is being charged and we re not wasting any of any energy on any of the other rows above it or below it now like i said i have two models. I m jack lutz.

Vertical power strip. The white one here has 10 outlets and 4 usb ports and a nice handle at the top of the vertical power strip. The black one here has 8 outlets and has 6 usb ports. Now these both have a 6 foot power cord.


But what i really like about the white. One here is that the power cord is actually retractable. When you re done all you have to do is twist. A power strip and the cord goes back inside just like this these also do have a reset button.

If you just ever you know pop the breaker or anything like that on these i m the white one that s on the bottom of the base and on the black one it s on the side at the bottom another thing that i noticed and what i really liked is like how the layout of the it s on the vertical power strip by jacqueline. If you ever noticed like on a regular power strip. If you were to take like one of those angled power. Cords or chargers rings like that and you plug it into the outlet of the power strip.

It kind of little sometimes take up another outlet on that power strip ball with jaclyn s power strip. How they re laid out you won t ever run into issue. You will always have available outlet to plug something into it. So i really like these vertical strips by jacqueline.

They did they did a great job on making these the price of it s great that it s affordable. It s not too high compared to a lot of these other power strips. I ve seen like even at home depot. There are surgery protected etc.

They have a pretty highest price. They re not giving all these cool futures like i think. I said the center protected the material of it s made out of it is fireproof the inside is used in phosphor copper set of brass. I like the layout of the outlets.


So that you re not like using like for plug stuff in like i said earlier you re not going to be blocking on other outlets. So you can t plug something into that outlet. You re always had this availability of plug a charge or anything it to one of these outlets. I like that you can control these rows of power.

So you re not wasting energy because like i said if you are a regular power ship. If you just plug in like one charger or something one of those outlets. While these other ones are exposed. They re still giving off a lot of energy.

So at least you have the control to be able to save a lot of energy on your power subsidy night. You re on your electric bill. You know this don t you i mean not a huge difference. But over in time like i said you re not wasting energy.

So i definitely give this thing a thumbs up i would actually recommend these power strips to anyone that is actually looking for a good power shop and like i said. It s not even taking up any space on the desk like right here. As you see i like it because like on mine. This is a stand up desk and even at my work.

I have a stand up desk in some of those cords from the monitors can t reach all the way down to the outlets. So now i can have these on top of my desk and i can plug my phone in or tablets. Or anything like that into the outlets or maybe. The usb ports.


If needed so that s great and like i said you get the six for cord. It s it s great you could use anywhere just like you like i said doesn t have to be just in your office. Maybe you have a workshop in their garage or anything like that so i definitely recommend this to anyone so. Jacqueline was very nice so.

Giving my viewer is 25 off. So down below. In the description. There s the link to both these power strips.

And the code right next to it so definitely take advantage of it and go grab one right now so there you guys go hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If you did hit that like button. While you re at it hit that subscribe button and that notification about right next to it so that you re the first to know when i upload a new video and also make sure to comment down below introduce yourself. And say hi.

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