Best Samsung Micro SD Card for Different Devices

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“Recently purchased off amazon five different models of the samsung microsd cards and i m m going to tell you today what the best microsd card is for your device around because you know what time it is firstly why did i go with all samsung microsd cards simple. It s because they produce some of the highest quality memory in the world. Unlike their batteries let s get stuck into it i ran benchmarks across all five samsung microsd cards. And you can see those results up here or down in the description below after running those benchmarks i can tell you the best samsung memory card to use for your device scenario.

One you re a youtuber or videographer who wants to shoot on their smartphone video camera or digital slr this means that write speeds aren t 100 important so if that s the case. The memory card to go for here. Is the samsung evo plus. Rated with read speeds of up to 18 megabytes per second this thing will fly when it s copying video files directly back to your computer one thing to know here however is that you will need a fast usb 3 memory card reader if it s not built into your computer or laptop and that s when i would recommend the kingston usb 3 media reader it is probably one of the fastest memory card readers out there available today scenario.


2. So what you re looking to do is take some photos with yours digital slr or your smartphone and speed isn t really that important because photos aren t that big so the logical choice here is the samsung evo rated. At read speeds of up to 48 megabytes per second this memory card is perfect for transferring photos to your computer scenario number three if you re going to be shooting 4k video on your smart phone digital slr or video camera then you need really fast write speeds now you could go with the fastest memory cards like the pro plus or the pro select here however when you take into account. The price to performance ratio your best bet here is just the samsung pro.

Now. The most important thing. Here is the write speeds and this card is rated for writing at up to megabytes per second. Which is more than capable of writing.


4k video. The pro plus model is capable of writing. It up to speeds of 90 megabytes per second. However when you take into account the extra 30 percent you paying for the pro plus model.

It isn t worth the extra 10 megabytes per second that you ll get scenario number. 4. So you ve got a modern tablet or laptop. And you want to give it a little bit of extra storage without upgrading the internal components well that s when i d recommend the samsung pro select model rated with write speeds of up to 19 megabytes.


Per. Second this. Microsd card will allow you to squeeze a little bit of extra storage out of that device. So what s the point of the pro plus.

Then well eventually. The pro plus will be replaced by the pro select models both are capable of read. Speeds of up to 95 megabytes per second and write speeds of up to 90 megabytes per second. Why did i go with all micro sd cards here instead of full size sd cards good question.


And i ve answered that in this video here the top three reasons. Why you should only choose micro sd cards from now on check it out and lastly all these samsung micro sd cards were purchased by myself samsung did not sponsor this video they didn t even give me any of these cards. If you would like to purchase these for yourself. Though i ve left links down in the description below that s it for another video.

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