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“Guys. It s ron today. I ll be reviewing the five best cases you can can get for your samsung note edge. They are you ag also known as urban gear then scipio octane how i hope i m saying this right rinkie flex s.

The tri dia case and last. But not least the vers wallet case. Let s begin. The tri dia comes with a space for an id or credit card.

Within the case. The note edge snaps easily into this fall leather case. It is made in korea. The tri dia is great quality considering how cheap it is it has a small lip and cutouts our good size.

The charging port and s pen are easily accessed and there s a nice sized headphone jack opening as well the power button as well as the volume rocker are easy to press. If you re looking for a case that s cheap and has a nice leather like grip check..

This one out the ring. Key flex s. Also has a good feel to it. But this time.

It s clearly tpu the glossy finish on the inside is a bit unusual. But the note edge snaps perfectly inside this case. So no complaints. There the flex s.

Offers a small lip and is on the cheaper side currently just about the same price as the tri dia case. Port openings and cutouts are nice and large buttons are easy to press. It seems like this company really thought out the design of the flex s. If you re looking for a bit more protection and an elegant look.

The rink. A flex s..

Is a good place to start it offers great grip quality materials and two layers of protection. Definitely worth a look at the incipio octane is a great looking case. It has a nice grip to it and though it s made of plastic. It s good quality plastic.

The note edge generally snaps easily into the incipio octane. Though you should make sure that all sides are secure as with most incipio cases. The power and volume rocker are easy to press cutouts are precise and don t interfere with the camera or flash. There s a small lip to protect your screen.

But unfortunately no screen protector surprisingly with the octane you get a really large cutout for the head from jack. Which is usually another case with incipio. The octane is a bit more expensive than the two previous cases and offers similar quality bail. So a name that has been around for a while if you re looking for this thing.

We should locate that one break the bank take a look at the incipio octane. The vers wallet case is better and cheaper..

Than what samsung offers for the note edge. It isn t the cheapest option in this review. Though the virus offers a little pocket for a credit card already and the materials in this case are top notch and precision cut the vers wallet fits your phone perfectly and you can use it as a stand if you re watching videos this case is fairly durable. The front and back side of the varys wallet case are fairly thick and then provide ample protection.

Cutouts. Are ideally sized and the sidebar is readily. Accessible. You can have a humongous headphone jack and it will work with this case.

All ports are easily accessible the only problem you may have with this case is the volume rocker you need to open up the case to change the volume. But considering the price and quality. It s not not major an issue urban armor gear. This has been one of my favorite companies for several years now they did a great job with a case for the samsung note edge.

This is the most expensive case in this review. But gotta save the best for last..

The note edge snapped easily into the urban armor gear. This case is grippy really cool looking and offers great protection better than the other four cases cutouts. Our precise ports are easily. Accessible and the ug case doesn t make your phone much wider or thicker.

If you re willing to pay a bit more check out the urban armor gear case for the note edge. I really hope you enjoyed this video and if you did don t forget to like share. And comment. Below you can find me on twitter.

At case drops with a z at the end. And if you d like to check out any of these cases. The links ” ..


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