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“Guys its ryan from rtingscom. The super bowl is coming up and i know a a nlot of you out there will be timing your tv upgrade with the big. It s a great time to buy as there are usually nlots of great super bowl specials here is a pricing over time chart that you ncan. See indicates good times of year to buy in this video well check out which tvs are nthe best options for you and your buddies who want to watch the game in style no matter nyour budget tvs that are good for sports such as football nrequire good brightness levels good viewing angles.

Good uniformity good response time nand of course. Everyone wants a big screen. We ll check out which tvs check. These boxes ndepending on your budget.

As well. As why these things are important in a good tv for sports. Let s get right into it the best budget tv for sports is this the nlg um7300. It is available in a large 65 inch size and nchecks all the boxes that make for a good sports viewing experience it gets fairly bright with sdr broadcast content nand does a great job at cutting reflections meaning everyone in the room will not be distracted nby possible.

Light sources and windows in your room coupled with the wide viewing angles. Because nof the ips panel. Everyone in your room will be able to see the game. It has good gray uniformity with great dse nperformance dse or the dirty screen effect happens when nall the pixels of the screen.

Don t produce exactly the same color meaning. Some areas nof. The screen might be lighter or darker than others causing visible blotches. This is most noticeable when watching content nwith uniform colors such as a football field.

So you want a tv with as little dse as possible with lg s webos smart platform. You ll nhave a multitude of apps you can choose from including most major sports streaming apps. Nso you wont miss any of the action no matter where you get the game from finally..


The um7300 has a good response time nwhich means. There won t be a noticeable trail behind fast moving objects for a clearer npicture. A great mid range option with better motion. Nhandling is the sony x850g.

It boasts a great response time. And additionally nis. A 120 hz panel. Meaning you can interpolate motion up to 120fps for a smooth experience nif.

You like the soap opera effect. This should be set to your preference. Though nas adding motion interpolation will smooth motion. But might add artifacts.

Sony is well known for having good motion ninterpolation and although we don t evaluate it objectively just yet. It is impressive nhere since this is a step up mid tier model from nsony you can expect more features than the budget models including a good design and nbuild quality. A wide color gamut a great peak brightness and a nice new remote that nis easier and more fluid to use the x850g has an ips panel. Which means you nguessed it great viewing angles.

It s available in sizes. All the way up to n85 inches. But the 85 inch version has a va panel and not an ips panel. So it will perform ndifferently with shallower viewing angles.

Alternatively. If youd like to go all the nway up to an 86 inch ips tv to get a big picture with great viewing angles. You could opt for nthe lg um8070..


It is a large form factor. 8. Series tv from nlg that is like a beefed up and much larger um7300 since it has additional features such nas. A 120hz display with motion interpolation now the two lgs and the sony are great tvs.

Nfor sports. But let s take a look at what you should get if you re looking for the nbest possible experience first off if you re in a bright room and nare looking for the best led tv. The samsung q80r is an amazing choice. There is the pricier q90r available.

But the nextra money won t add much value for most people since they perform. So. Similarly. The samsung q80r is a va type.

Tv. Normally. This means. That you ll have shallow nviewing angles.

In this case. Samsung. Has added an extra optical nlayer to the panel. So that the viewing angles are increased and it works pretty well this is a very bright qled tv with a wide ncolor gamut with a great response time so it is sure to give you an immersive impactful nsuper bowl.

Experience its only downside would be its decent gray nuniformity performance the best overall tv for watching the super nbowl or anything for that matter is the lg c9. It is an oled tv. Meaning each pixel emits nits own light this means..


When there s black on the screen. Nit turns off producing pure black. This allows the c9 to have an effectively ninfinite contrast ratio. Making sports pop not only that the self emissive pixels mean nthat the viewing angles are top notch and incredibly wide other benefits include an almost instantaneous nresponse time 120 fps motion.

Interpolation a wide color gamut and great gray uniformity. Simply put. It s the complete package and nis available in up to a 77 inch size. This is an oled tv.

So there is the possibility nof burn in don t worry. Though as our investigation. Ninto oled burn. In has shown that this shouldn t be an issue for most people who vary.

The content nthey watch. We have tested specifically for football and nour. Tv hasn t presented any major issues after almost 10000. Hours to briefly sum up the best budget tv.

You nshould buy for your super bowl viewing. Party is the lg um7300. It s a good ips tv. That s sure to please neveryone.

Watching the game. If you want better motion handling. The sony..


Nx850g would be the step up it has 120fps motion. Interpolation gets brighter nand has a wider color gamut since the sony is ips only up 75 inches. Where nit changes to a va panel for its 85 inch version the better buy would be the 86 inch lg. Um8070 nif you want a very large screen size it also has 120 fps motion interpolation for nsmooth playback of the game.

If you want a great tv with all the bells nand whistles. The samsung q80r is the way to go. It has impressive reflection. Handling decent nviewing angles.

Great motion. Handling and sports really pop and finally if you want the best all around ntv for no matter. The occasion including the super bowl. The lg c9 is the way to go it excels in every category.

Including amazing ngray uniformity. An infinite contrast ratio a near instantaneous response time 120 fps nmotion interpolation and vivid colors. It is sure to wow everyone who watches it alright everyone that s it for today. What do you think about our picks.

Do you nagree also who do you think is going to win the nsuper bowl this year let us know in the comments section below you can check out all the measurements for nany of the tvs mentioned in this video on our website linked in the description below if you re interested in seeing our test nresults first as we buy and test new models. Then you should become an insider on the website subscribe to our channel and hit the notification nbell to be alerted when new videos drop. ” ..


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