Beyond Good and Evil (GameCube) Review

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“Joseph welcome to the irish network. I say that milly erne you ve already met met our chief recruiter. This is me our schwarzenegger. I heard this was a resistance were fighting to free us from the grip of the establishment.

I d like to join. I m glad to hear it because the politicians have left this town. We have a very important mission for you i m ready for anything you need me to rescue somebody for a slaughterhouse fight a bunch of ugly monsters want to eat us expose that donald trump really is a flesh eating alien who invaded our planet and is now helping on enslaving humanity gary no we need to drive you this game seeand good and evil this game is long overdue for a sequel. We re counting on you joseph to tell the whole world about this game.

I won t let you down talking kevin. I won t let you down this is beyond good and evil for the gamecube. The story is set on a planet called hillis and focuses on jade. Jade is a wildlife photographer.

Who soon gets recruited by the iris network. An underground group that seeks to expose the military alpha sections as criminals and get the hillians to revolt against them jade s mission then becomes to break into different locations controlled by the alpha sections and snap. Pictures proving their criminal activity to the people of hillis. I will do the people scrubber for a game with talking animals living among humans.

It s actually a really good story that will encourage you to uncover more by playing it s a clever blend of dramatic scenes espionage and action in a sci fi setting with a genuinely likeable protagonist jade is smart witty. Caring and a brave warrior in many ways the game feels like 3d zelda meets star wars. Which will make sense when you hear more about how the game plays..


First the presentation. This 2003 game has pretty good visuals for the time. That s helped by its art style similar to a lot of games. We saw around the same time.

Though some textures are muddy jagged edges are noticeable and sometimes the animations are stiff the rest of the visuals are well put together decent character models and lighting in this pretty vibrant world walking around the town you can see the people you re working to free. Which actually adds some motivation on that note you can actually see the people protesting against the alpha sections. As you expose more of their dark secrets. People go from casual mutters to rebellious yelling all thanks to your efforts.

You also hear the alpha sections attempting to control people with their manipulative propaganda. You know you re lying audio is also good with the voice acting and sound effects. But it s at its best with the music the music not only increases. The action mood of combat.

But also adds as much charm to the world as all the characters do like the rastafarian beats at mama goes garage or the cool beats of the aku debar subtly jabbing at the dictatorship you re fighting against the game s main focus is action adventure in a world. That s fairly open and as you nab more pearls throughout this world you can purchase upgrades to your hovercraft. So you can explore even more of hillis. It s wise to do this not only to go to the required destinations.

But also take on side quests to win more pearls such side quests include hovercraft racing. Exploring hidden caves and even sneaking through the alpha sections hideout. This is one badass hovercraft..


It gets a boost at jumping ability and lasers for some epic alien shooting. And the side quests touch more on the core aspects of the gameplay stealth is another key challenge. You ll encounter. Pretty.

Often as you have to get past a lot of armored guards and their drones. Luckily jade has a number of tools and abilities to help her out so then it becomes more about taking out all the guards by hitting their weak points. Without alerting them to your presence before you make them fly into the air and explode ubisoft. Clearly took notes from their other stealth game splinter cell in that way using jade s abilities to get through security lasers and make armored guards look like idiots is actually pretty fun.

The only issue. I really had with the stealth was that the camera had moments where it wouldn t cooperate. Which resulted in getting caught and then killed sometimes the camera was noticeably static on purpose for a new challenge. But even knowing that it still got annoying from time to time back to the combat.

Though it serves as a fun departure from the suspenseful stealth jade staff makes for a brilliant weapon to use against the many ugly and hostile creatures you encounter you can t lock onto enemies like in zelda. But the combat still has great flow without such a feature in fact. The staff also works with some puzzle. Solving.

But so does your ai controlled ally first it s a pig named paige. Then it s a resistance member who s frankly kind of annoying. But both of these guys are useful for unlocking doors and exploiting the weaknesses of some of these stronger enemies that doesn t mean they ll hold your hand the whole way through..


Though you still have to figure things out for yourself. And you feel really clever when you figure out the more obscure puzzles. The item management in the game is definitely similar to zelda items of health and all other purposes can be found throughout the world. But also purchased from these vending machine type things that are just about everywhere.

The only thing. I got annoyed about with these machines was the programmed voice explaining every item every time you swiped over it yes for the hundredth time. I know what a box of que pups does but i can t do a review of this game. Without talking about the photography aspect of course.

You use your camera to take pictures of evidence in the enemy strongholds. But it s also meant for snapping pictures of animals this world is filled with many different species of animals for you to photograph for money used to buy more items getting every animal type on film as a side quest of its own partially because some types are harder to find and even harder to get a good picture of this may not sound like a fun part just by hearing about it. But this is actually a fun addition to the game this game. Keeps up its engaging challenge with big boss fights.

The last one especially being really difficult. But none of the fights feeling unfair just beach. We can kill it i think the only disappointing thing was that i would have liked to have had a couple more boss fights than what the game gives you like i said earlier on this game has a vibrant world in between all your sneaking and fighting. It s nice to just walk around talking to the locals and playing some futuristic air hockey.

Honestly the world of hillis is perhaps this game s biggest initial draw that i would love to see expanded upon for beyond good and evil. 2 after playing this game. I m definitely on board for the sequel actually happening someday beyond good and evil is one of those gems from the 6th generation of consoles that maybe didn t get as much notoriety..


As it deserved. People. Who like sci fi. Action stealth.

Good stories. And strong. Female leads. Should definitely give this game.

A try. And that s my review of beyond good and evil. If you liked this review check out my previous reviews of tomb raider legend for the gamecube and the legend of zelda. The wind waker hd for the wii u.

See you all next time hahaha. Not bad for a little girl in an ” ..

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