Black Friday 2016 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones WATERPROOF

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“Beats quality headphones under 40 bucks bell rings chime music. Actually better than nbeats quality quality headphones. Because these were more nthan. 100.

And look. After a year. A total of junk wow n. Look at that intern.

Casey that s terrible matt you re not terrible laughing. Thank you n you re great you re not either n. Thank you hi. I m the youtube ndeal guy.

Matt granite and i m intern. Casey you guys are great for watching. If you ve watched in nthe past. You know that if you are subscribed to this channel.

You do have your notifications turned on we give away everything i test for free and this year n. We re gonna hook all you guys up with nthose black friday deals a month early all of your doorbusters ndelivered guaranteed right here if you re a nsubscriber. So you don t need to miss or ruin your thanksgiving and today a pair of waterproof headphones that are bluetooth wireless compatible with all sorts of devices at ntheir lowest recorded price plus. I m gonna use these in the shower.

Because they re waterproof and don t worry casey nwo. N t be anywhere near me. When that happens n..


No. My wife is gonna shoot that video cause. We need to protect all of you my innocent eyes. Yeah yeah we re gonna nblur stuff don t worry shot from the neck up.

But we do want to show you nthat. They are waterproof. We do want to give you an naudio test a jump test. I absolutely love these headphones.

I think they re one of nyour best deals ever i feel really good i was gonna agree. But i don t want to sound cocky. Laughing nbut. I will tell you they are great treblab is not paying nus to talk about them none of these items are paid products.

This is just to save nyou money and this deal. Which is located right nunder. The video screen is at it s lowest recorded price today. We re talking nunder 40.

For something that actually surpasses nbeats quality waterproof. You get a built in microphone for hands free operation. You ndo get a cool carry pouch if you re into that type of thing casey s gonna unbox this in a moment you get nine hours of use nand actually we pegged it at about nine hours and n20 minutes standby time up to 250 hours. And up to 40 feet away.

This also supports nmulti device connectivity. So you can use it connected. Nto..


An ipad. And a tablet or and iphone. Splashing water drops. Oh hello.

I m just jamming in the shower. I d like to thank. My. Wife.

Nfor shooting. This video wife you re welcome as you can see the nheadphones are soaking wet. But they re still streaming nmusic at a fraction of the price of beats nat better audio quality i love this electronic jingle bells music overall these headphones nare really awesome not only are they a compact nsize but you don t have to have that long cord. That s nplugged into your device.

Because they re wireless and also i feel like i ncan take them anywhere with me the gym. The beach naround swimming pools cause. They re waterproof. Which is also another great feature and with the protective pouch as well i can keep them in here nso.

I don t have to worry about damaging them and now for the deal guy jump test. So casey you have the pair of beats. I do they both have that flexible backing. I will say though that nthese ones that i have the deal on today are much more steady.

So i m just putting these in and i have fairly large ears. A big head oversize nose. And i am now going to jump and down..


I can t even get mine on yeah good luck with that i m gonna jump up and down now similar to what i would be at the gym if i ever went to a gym clacking jumping so as you can see mine naren t falling out casey how are yours going. Yeah mine. Lasted like none jump and then fell out i could just keep going cause. It feels so great and natural now.

If you didn t want nto look the way i do you could just put this nobviously behind your head. You don t need the cord dangling. But i just wanted to show nyou that they were in so you could now watch and enjoy casey how s it going laughing. It s going good.

I m kind of bored. But nyou re entertaining me so casey do you think nwe should give away a pair of wireless beats n. No or should we give away today s deal. I think we should definitely give away these headphones n.

Good choice. If you want to grab nthis and you do not win just expand the video subscription box right under us you will be able to score the deal. But now using 2buddy s nrandom selection tool to find a subscriber who has ntheir notifications turned on and has commented in the last six. Months.

Congratulations ryan. P just email support mattsdailydealscom. For your freebie and a nreminder to anyone else right. Now.

Youtube has changed nit s notification system make sure you have all nselected. So you never miss a deal or any of my upcoming early black friday doorbusters now for our winning subscriber dance. I ve already jumped around a lot laughter casey what would you nlike to offer right now..


I m gonna take over and do na little bit of shimmying. Oh look at that okay you won you won n. Woo. Yes.

Congratulations. It s so great. If you wanna grab this deal. It s located right under the video screen.

Thank you so much for watching if you wanna win future ndeals you now know how to do that leave your comments nhave your notifications turned on and stay subscribed claps and laughter want to win an awesome. I test for free it s simple subscribe to turn your notifications non on a desktop. It looks like this once your notifications are nturned on from your desktop or on a mobile platform. Nwhere.

It looks. Like this. If you hear me call your name nyou. Get that item delivered to you for free and for those of you that want nto buy any of my hot deals expand the description box nright under the video window.

All the links you need are right there. ” ..

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