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“Guys. My name is emma and today. I m going to be talking about this this black web portable charger. Now.

This has 8000 m8h. Now. What m h. Stands.

Is milliamp er hours..

Now what that actually means is how much charge. The battery has okay so this battery has two usb ports. And it also has a micro plugin which all gets that later. But the two usb ports has something pretty cool in it so they have labeled output.

2. And output. 1 now what output 1 has is one. Amp now output.

2 has 21..

Amps. Now that s deciding of what you re charging. But i think that s a really cool way to have instead of an equal amount ok so um. If you can see this little button right here that clicks on and you can see the lights.

Now if there are four lights completely on that means you re at a hundred percent. Now if you have three lights as shown right now you have 75. If you have two lights that means fifty and one light needs twenty five now. This is a cool indicator of telling you how much you have can you charge it i ve been using this for a while and i still haven t charged it and it s that s out of five.

So that s pretty cool okay so this cord comes with um..

This product. It is a micro plugin. It s pretty simple just plugs into right here. And then you can plug it in to any usb drive or an ac charger.

An ac charger. Just looks like one of these things and you just plug it in as a usb okay so when you plug in your phone. If it s dead or it s going to die you can just plug it in and it will charge right away now something to keep in mind is this is a pretty big battery. This is an iphone 6 and comparing to it has quite a bit of room right here to compare.

So this probably would be put in backpacks purses..

But not pockets. It wouldn t really fit as well okay so this takes about two or three hours to charge for the whole thing. But i m saying this is a great product because instead of losing your phone battery you can totally just plug it in and you re good to go okay. Well i hope you enjoyed this product review.

This is number one out of many hopefully so thank you for watching. I hope you have a wonderful day and make sure you push that like button and comment down below. And if you want to see more from me then just push that red ” ..


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