Blackweb Rugged Portable Battery Charger Review

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“Ever wonder what portable charger. You need for your mobile devices. Like your laptops your your tablet s your phones and bluetooth speakers. Anything of that nature well in this i m going to show you something really cool that i just recently picked up and super rad looking so stick around cuz.

We re by to get into this video right now alright guys. I have something really cool here for you guys to see this is a portable bank power charger. That can charge any device. You have a laptop mobile device and tablet.

Anything that is mobile for you this thing right here would definitely charge it up because it has a 10000. 400. Milliamp battery in this thing so even the note. 9.

That is currently out right now that has a four thousand milliamp better this thing could charge you twice fully and still have a half a charge to be able to cherish it so definitely. This is something if you need something that is big and you use your phone. Or your tablet. Or your laptop constantly this is definitely something you want to look into so.

Let s go ahead. Let s look at everything that came with this particular product. You have the little green here that s it to your backpack to carry it around with you it has a bottle opener. Which is super solid super cool and i enjoy this part.

I m not going to use it for this now. I m actually probably use it for my keys. Because i really like d rings and stuff like that and it also comes with the little key ring..


So you can attach your keys or whatever to it or attach. It to the black web little portable charger. Here and then you have your standard micro usb charger. For any cell.

Phone or anything. Like that we got all the little stuff on the way. Let s go ahead. Let s talk about this.

Little speaker. As you tell it is get the orange trim around it and then it s got the kind of military army looking screen to it which is really cool i enjoy the color. I like this color. I haven t fully like tested it out on a cell phone yet to see how long has it taken charge of cell phone because last.

I literally got this thing yesterday. Which is super dope and you know it s just something that i ve been looking for i ve already got one power bank charger. That it s the same milliamps as this but this right here is a water resistance. It s not waterproof.

It is water resistant. So if you re out on the beach. And it gets hit by the ocean. You ll be safe you don t have to worry about it getting wet.

And you don t have to unless you know you got a little lid open and it gets into the electronic. But this day will definitely save everything and you won t have to worry about it getting wet all right. This also has a overload protection..


So it will shut off if there s advice or something that is causing this to overload. So this thing is definitely protected by overload protection. It s. Also has a two different outputs on this.

Particular. Guy it has a. Usb a 1. Output.

5 volt. 24. Amp. And.

Another. Usb a 2. Output. 5.

Volt. 24. And then when it s. When it s shared total mass current is 3 point.

4. Is shared. So if you have two devices hooked up to this so it ll basically put out 3 point..


4. Shared so you gotta divide that to whatever. It is so it d be maybe an amp or and a half or something like that so. This is definitely something really cool.

So let s go ahead. Let s look at the little features to it as you can tell is definitely sturdy is durable. This thing can take an impact just like the rugged speakers and then if you look on the side. The top part right.

Here you can see the little leds right here. So if all you have to do is hit this right here. And it is fully charged. Which is super cool i enjoy that part of so definitely let me know when it s charged and when it s not charged and then on top of it you have the little flashlight led flashlight.

Which is really cool. I took me a while to figure out how to use the flashlight and turn it on so basically. What you do you hold down the power button for like 2 seconds. And this little guy will turn on and as you can tell.

It s a pretty bright little flashlight. So this is definitely something and then you turn it back off. You just hit the power button. Which is right there and then you hold it for a couple more seconds and boom.

It s powered off and then on the top of it as you see it says usb. This thing is really really tough cuz this i got it kind of up because it took a bit for me to get to it and as you can tell you have your cool looking usb ports to hook up a cell phone or a laptop or a mote or a tablet or anything of that nature you got these two little guys right here. And then you have the micro usb charger..


To charge your particular device as i mentioned any micro usb charger. Will work on this guy and the charger rate. It should take you at least 3 to 4 hours. But it depends on the particular charger.

That you have for this little guy here because like i said. There s a lot of charges out there i can definitely charge this guy up. But you got to understand depending on the charger. It could be if it s like i got to see eight charger.

It ll definitely take it less than three to four hours and then if it s a small charger. Like you know a lot of the older ones come with a point five hundred milliamps or an ampere so like that that would definitely like make it go slower. Because it s not enough amps to put into this. Thing you gotta.

Realize there s a 10000. There s a ten point four million amp battery. In here. And that s a lot of battery for this little guy alright.

So i hope you enjoyed this video. And i definitely will be doing more black web brought us in the future. I am going to get myself a hold of a bunch of bluetooth speakers and a bunch of mobile device. Pundits just like this one to share it with you guys and if you haven t already done so i need you guys to do me one.

Favor is hit the subscribe and the bell notification because all that will keep you up to date on everything with this channel. I will see you guys later peace ” ..

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