Bloopers from TOO SLOW (Sonic Musical Movie Trailer)

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“You re too slow no right here yep nothing can go wrong. He s gonna gonna open that door any second now and he s gonna cut like a little spin would be nice whoa. What are you doing my hand smells like butt cheese bad meetin like old cheese not sponsored by sonic. So they behind the works please there you go oh my gosh.

The best stupide. How is it chocolate and the vanilla. Because we use the same scooper on the like super chocolate kill them up and those phones you can yo put some ice cream on the buzz. This is for later hey there visitors.


What s going on go away don t like him he keeps coming at us. I don t know why what do you got against this dude. That s a joker bird back there dudes. The starring doe you missed.

I m fragile. I m forging way to save that chaos you know if you really like me you should put a ring on me. What are you talking about i m around all over the place. I m around over there and over there.


I ve been around tails place a lot nothing between us. It s just we re really good friends. He s got this theory about time relativity and that i am relatively always on time tail. Says i m there for him and big the cat says i m there for him.

I don t know why i d avoid visiting him hmm. I don t know why you don t eat with me cuz your food is gross. What do you mean my food is gross. You re gross trips trips chili well.


I dripped chili was naive enough you re never gonna be as fast. As i am. That s very oh well look at your legs. They re not beefy enough you ll have veins popping out of them meow.

Yeah. He s tough. He just took that right in the chest. Yeah a little less leaden.


It wasn t recording no sorry here we go this is actually this is i m gonna start dressing every single day. I m gonna wake up in the morning put all this on do it day after day after day 32 year old man lady acrobat english sonic. Not weird impromptu dish. It s available actually for a year right there tom the sonic no no it s down there that s darling.

You are the worst. It s available right now on our sonic music. ” ..


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