Bluetooth amplifier board with Polk Audio speakers

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“Everybody this is a rock nez today. I m just gonna i got a couple couple of packages in the mail today. I m gonna go ahead and open these i suspect these are my polk audio atrium for outdoor speakers for my patio now a couple of months ago. I had i built my own bluetooth speaker.

But my wife didn t care for it. She said. It was too big and gaudy looking she wanted something that was up hidden so i bought these polk audio atrium for outdoor speakers. All right there they are right there all weather i got them in white.

So they can match half the patio plus. I got what i m gonna do is i m gonna hook up this spare amplifier. I have with this amplifier bluetooth amplifier box or a bluetooth amplifier board. Right here.

There you go all it uses a microusb to usb jack. And you plug it into a five volt adapter and you re good to. Go and i m going to use a 35. Millimeter jack here to to rca s and then hook that up to this little amplifier that i have in a patio.

It s a sherborne ifo fire. I ll show it to you guys real quick..

I got that that and this is a the cheap little usb adapter and i wanted something small because uh that way i could fit it in my patio. I ll show you what i mean a few as to why i needed something this small let s see here okay. So i m just gonna plug this up all. I need is something simple one amp would do and that s all me is something like this that plugs into this small six inch cable.

I got i ll plug that into here into the outlet and into the usb bluetooth adapter. Right here that s here one second yeah just like so none of you guys can see that just like that now i got one of the using my company truck. And it works great okay. Now this is a this little shelving rack that i put up real quick on my patio.

I m gonna go ahead and use this sherbourne amplifier. I m gonna run the power cable down the backside of it go across and to the outlet. Now and even something small so i could run the cables inside there it s not a lot of. Room so i m gonna put the bluetooth module.

Inside there run the 35. To rca s out to the amplifier and to the back of the amplifier. Which is let me show you real quick right to these rca inputs. Then i got a speaker.

A speaker outputs. I m gonna run that also try to keep it uh as pretty cable management as i can and i put it in the back over here going across then to the corner..

All the way up to right there. I m gonna put one speaker. There and then go across and put the other one on the other side. Now they re not gonna be super loud.

But just for me and my wife it ll be fine let me show you what the speakers look like real quick. All right let s take a look at these real quick. I m not gonna bore you with any details well not too. Many details manual instructions block.

Nice packaging and here they are now i went with the four inch driver. And i think it s got a one inch or a three quarter inch tweeter. That s all i really need it doesn t come with any speaker wire in here. But i ve got my own speaker wire here and it s like i said.

I don t need it to be super loud or anything like that this would be fine. Yes. Especially for just me and my wife and whenever i entertain guests and stuff like that this would be good they got binding posts in the back end i m gonna hook it all up together and i m gonna show you guys what it looks like after i m done i ll see you guys a little bit. Hey everybody i m done now.

I just want to you guys would take a quick look at it i got speaker wire roaming from the amplifier all the way up going across connecting to the first speaker. Then going across and connecting to the second speaker..

Now it s not the greatest job of wiring. But that s the best. I could do right now with what i have now and on top of that the. Amplifier i ve got the 35.

Millimeter jack to rca s connecting to the amplifier. I ve running down the side of my little shelfing system running across and i ve got everything stuffed inside there as well as the bluetooth amplifier board. Which is on right now. All you have to do is just grab yourself your phone or a portable device or anything.

It s gonna come up as bt. Speaker bluetooth speaker you can go ahead and connect to it i already did connected to it. Now i ll go ahead and just pick a quick track for you guys to listen to you know like i said. Before and you probably heard a bunch of times on youtube.

You re not gonna get the same type of sound quality as you are if you re actually right here. But it actually works see now excuse the lighting that i have here it s kind of like a dreary rainy day. There is a speaker s right there and it actually goes pretty loud. Let s see let me show you now that is pretty loud.

I m pretty impressed with this little amplifier. I m a supposedly it only puts that like i think 35 watts channel..

I m not too sure and as far as the speakers are concerned i ll leave a link in the description down below. Where you can pick one up. I paid. I think of 99 bucks.

And some change on amazon with free shipping and handling. If you have a amazon prime. And as far as this this is a discontinued amplifier. Then you might find some on ebay or something like that but i had this for a while for a few years.

So i figure. I m i ll just use it. But it came out better than i thought it s clean. And it s i enjoy it and it looks really nice man well i hope you guys liked the video and please give it a thumbs up and i ll catch you guys.

” ..

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