Brutal Mario World – FEATURING Markiplier!!!

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“D. With a floppy to me. Boom german have a 2 player. Seven have it it up looks wire.

Never happened even got a cockade hey welcome to grub cave. I was going. It s it s me aaron with me mark. What i can t believe it either.

And we re playing brutal mario world sent to us by mike blaster and elsa chang. Thank you entirely depending on what you put in the title screen. I could be any number of people oh true i can make you um. It can make you pro.

Jared pro. Gerard. The completion. Yes.

Oh delicious. I don t know my grump jokes. Well. Yeah.

You re getting up on yeah. You need to you need to watch every single episode yeah either way this is brutal mario yay marks gonna be playing this yeah because i m as everyone knows i m the best when it comes to very difficult. Games. Oh do you want to do a good.

Two players forgot the bells. A thing in super mario oh man alright alright. Yeah. We weren t set up for this.

Oh no i have to do a solo let s play what am i gonna do oh qualified is if any of this professional. What we re doing here well just looking at you scrambling around for another controller. Oh. You need to get the extended.

Oh yeah you got all this it s kind of rad. But i don t know it s alright. Yeah are they even gonna be able to hear you from where you re talking i mean barely that s why i m shouting yeah. He said he got an extent why am i shouting huh.

He said. He got an extender for the super ah now what that cartridge. It was finicky to i had to like push it back to get it to work. Oh wow.

Wow. You didn t clean. It. I did.

Yeah. I swabbed. It. In everything.

Dingus is that gonna break the record. Oh to dingus oh cool. It s alright let s play i m sitting down..


I got the second controller got my extension cable. We re ready to fucking play super barry oboro. Probably the greatest introduction you want to read this in me gil go for it man one day mario was hungry since there were a lot of delicious dragons on island. He went out to eat some my god yeah.

That s horrible i mean this one like people didn t see in the intro part of this one mostly because it was seizure flashing everywhere. But there was like this he was walking on the dead corpses of all the koopas and then he jumped in the suicide pit with the giant thing that pointed down said suicide. Cool the most cheerful beginning to this man sheet well it sets the tone. Why am.

I gray. Oh. My god why am. I great you re not just great you re like blue you re like the brown version.

I m like robo luigi. I m like luigi if he was um that guy from that movie big fat liar. I have not seen back fat liar. Do you don t remember the trailers.

Where it was just him covered in blue. Not even a little bit and then and then what s his face uh malcolm in the middle was like yeah covered you in blue. I really call giamatti. Paul giamatti.

Oh. That s right. Oh yeah. Whoa you re dead.

Right. Now. The thing about brutal super mario. World.

Is that it s fully intended to be way way way way way harder than any of the normal super looks pretty normal to me well hang on just give it some time super normal mario world oh that was good one they re super lame not as exciting as the real one. Mark you can be just a little bit excited for game. Wait well you should shut the p. There was a p up.

There. Oh wait no oh that s right yeah. I was just testing this out not for that no no i was just i was just you know what s just seeing if it you know don t worry about oh. That s right.

Yeah. Then you got to leave. Oh. Did i screw myself over by doing the thing.

You might think they might be back the coins. No oh you can still do it. Oh see i hang on wait. I was testing it yeah hey there s a test those it was just practice.

He did. It yay. You re a star now. Oh yes.

Oh yeah. Hey isn t this so much fun. What we re doing here playing games together haha..


This is not as hard as i thought it would be oh great yeah. You won t you definitely want that yes keep the chain going baby. Don t break the chain isn t that the thing you always talk about when you re doing your art yeah. But a stick have you stuck to it uh after i got home from japan.

Only cried. The only thing. I did it with was japanese and after i got back from japan. I got really lazy well there was no need after that well i m going again.

Really. When yeah pretty soon. Oh. I just like going uh.

Oh shit does that mean i have to do the next level. No probably now you re talking so big about how easy it was robo ouija. Really i m concerned about that you know you ever read creepypasta at all yeah. Sometimes god there s so much like well now he s normal it may not look like it on this map.

But this is the last course. It s been a long journey. But you made it july don t believe them that s don t lie. But but he said why would you lie to me i don t know maybe because it s brutal mario well i don t know anything about gluten brutal.

Mario oh. What if it was just the way it is okay do you remember battle kid. Yes. That eventually this is gonna be like that really yeah because iii didn t watch.

I didn t watch his speedrun of this i forgot i was watching a speedrun of like boy you know in super. Mario. 3. No super mario.

2. They oh yeah. And that happens. I don t know.

What that s all about fun. Oh really weird wait wait hold on yep what yeah i don t even know it s like fuckin super super game boy over here. Yeah exactly oh yeah it all is no changes right here. Yeah.

And what s up what else is weird is that they use yoshi island art on this game. What yeah honey listen oh yeah the ground holy shit. I didn t even fucking realize yeah. I mean i don t know what else they pulled.

But this the speedrun. I saw before was of super mario. 2. And everything was just unbelievably impossible like this is another game that was recorded pole.

Why why why did you have to try i don t know it looked weird okay looked weird for a second was hanging over the edge everything looks weird well at least. Now you know not to i already knew not to cuz. I tested this game out before okay well. I didn t have that luxury.

So why you got to be so rule. I wasn t being so cross being so rude oh is that what earlier that is what the lyric is why you gotta be so rude. I thought was cool..


I thought was a little bobby brown reference. Who s bobby brown again look at you he did that fucking song that was like down bay crow. I do not remember a style of my bank. Okay yeah you don t remember that no not even a little yeah he beat up his wife.

Wow. Okay. Yeah. That is that what he s known best for me to do ahead.

One night it kind of actually did amazing oh nice yeah. But now you get to play the next. One which where i got stopped up on oh sweet mm hmm. It s gonna be wicked fun.

I like getting stocked up i m robbo we g l. Do anything passes this beach. We go journey s a lot less good then you make it seem what i ll do anything to get pests. Oh wow.

It s mario run away. Yeah. You gotta catch yoshi. No go man go oh.

What the hell yeah get. But what the fuck right. Why why why why does whoa god yeah. No that was the quickest point to failure that you ve ever been great thank you for the vote of confidence.

But come on man. Hey. I m saying it in a supportive way. Because it didn t sound supportive.

Doesn t mean it i appreciate that it s very nice of you. But um you re gonna fail well you know on well never see oh i m sorry i was testing something else just again. Where are you yo. She s fucking gone now oh.

He s not okay what the hell for some reason like like he oh yeah. Damn. It okay hang on oh so you like slows down until he s like oh shut up okay all right. I m not gonna be very good for you guys you know do your best man your car has it that i m actually not that good at games uh that would be me then it s gonna be man.

It s not fair because people only see us at our worst. Where we re trying to talk over what we re doing yeah. And if anyone could even fathom. The concentration that it takes to actually come up with the bowl.

That we said good job thanks to come up with the bullcrap that we have to say and then try to play a game at the same time. It s yoshi yoshi. Whoa. Whoa.

Oh. Oh god i did it. Oh. Please don t eat you trying to eat dinosaurs.

Oh yeah. Oh no i m the wall that way okay all right. 30..


Oaks. It s the boost stage of the both stage congratulations ah. He s gonna get eaten by robla luigi. Cheeky well he doesn t need sustenance.

He s a robot. Oh that totally makes that s why i m just riding him if you got him he would be dead. Okay. Oh crap and underwater level.

I mean apparently this game. Is as long as super mario world really yeah. Because it was i looked on the map ahead of time there s like seven different stages. Before you get to the boughs of lovely oh all the way to bozer.

I think she s yeah that buzzers impossible well i don t know like i thought. This was gonna be way harder than it is now i mean we both died once but in all honesty that s not that bad considering how great and skilled. We are at games yes very skilled josie this what does that mean i mean skilled oh i guess i could have assumed that based on the context clues yeah. But oh uh i m not known for my linguistic skill why not why haven t you tried to learn a new language.

I see i did try way back when like in high school. I took four years of spanish and then in college. I was trying to teach myself french then i remembered i didn t really care and then i started drinking a lot in college. And i didn t turn out well started doing blow.

Yeah. Exactly i ve just turned to shit. Then i got a tumor. Then i just started to do youtube.

And that s where everything went. Man the alley. Yeah. We wouldn t oh yeah.

Then i started to you youtube and fuck. Don t even get me started on that yeah fuck s up my life completely. Yeah. No no that s all i love youtube.

And it s not like i was actually not that big of a partier both in college and in high school. I mean one of my best friend bob is my roommate. I party with him sometimes but when it came to high school. I was straight laced.

I i wore straight laced with coke exactly cp right through my vein. Ls your look. There s a cocktail of all gonna get really at the party go coca cola no but i was i was the biggest nerd. You could possibly imagine now you re like what 5 8.

5. 800. I m 510 thank you thank you thanks jake so what would man would man what one man next time on brocade okay we re gonna find out about the leaf. She leave shield all right then that s some mega man.

Shit. Right. There you ready yeah suck my fucking deacon. Basically my warm up for trumpets really.

” ..

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