Can t Hear Your Vinyl? – Introduction to Phono Preamps and How To Fix!

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“Afternoon of youtube. It s been a while but just wanted to do a video video about phono preamps. Now i get a lot of questions on youtube. Just general of basic turntable and vinyl questions and so i m kind of trying to go back.

And think about things that questions that i had when i first started collecting again. And this was a problem the first thing. I ran into the first issue. I guess you could say is the photo preamp so i got a turntable i plugged it into my stereo.

And i couldn t hear anything i didn t understand why well one my stereo at the time did not have a photo input usually if your amplifier or stereo has a phono input. It s going to have a phono preamp pre installed a lot of the turntables that you buy in stores right now like sony has a usb crosley players if you want to hook those up they usually have speakers built in as well. But you can hook those up to a stereo. I believe the audio technica s all of those newer turntables that are coming out right now almost all of them have built in preamps.

But let s say your parents give you their old collection and they give you their own turntable and you plug it in and you don t hear anything this is going to be how or what you need to do to get that fixed. Now i have this professional moving magnet. Preamp this one cost me about 4999. It s a little bit of a step up from the pile pro that i had before i ll put a link to actually both of them in the comments below.

Because you know the pile pro is probably the best preamp for the money to get you kind of off and going i believe it was between 15 and 20 dollars. And it sounded good it didn t any interference or anything like that but i ll get into that a little bit later right now i m more concerned with getting getting you set up. So you can listen to your albums. And you can have kind of start getting to enjoying them.

So. I have a cm ha stereo. Here that s from a like a late 90s model..


It does include the phonon preamp right here. So all i have to do is now. I i have a standalone technics turntables from like the late seventies. So my the plugs coming off of that look like this.

I had a stereo red and white and then i had a ground cable. Now nice thing about my stereo is i have a ground cable. Right here. I just stick this guy right here like that and then i just plug in my stereo.

Like this switch. It to the photo option on the stereo and voila. I can enjoy my albums now you want to make sure this ground is plugged in in snug because if this is loose some some cases you may not be able to listen at all. But or you re gonna get like a very loud interference or humming sound.

So you want to make sure that s grounded it s really important because it will affect the quality of your audio so let s say you don t have a photo input on your stereo. You know you re probably looking at like a later model mm you know 2010 kind of model probably isn t gonna have that i don t know exactly when they stopped putting these on there. But if it doesn t say phone. Oh.

It probably doesn t have a preamp built into it so. What you re gonna end up having to do is buy something like this now. The reason. Why i have this as well as this that s because.

I actually prefer the sound quality out of this one and again our kind of get into that a little bit more. But with a with a phone. No preamp this can range from 15 to hundreds and hundreds even thousands of dollars depending on how expensive you want to go or how fancy you want to go anyway so anyways you just plug in it s gonna come with a little power plug so i just plug that in one thing..


If you have the option. Some stereos have this ac outlet. Where you can plug things in i have i plug mine. My photo in there so that when i turn on my stereo.

Let me do that real quick. I ll get power to this. And i don t have to power this separately or plugging. It separately it comes on as soon as i come you know as soon as i plug it into there or excuse me power the system.

So that s just a bonus. If you have that option that s always nice you know bonus or you can plug in like your cd player. Like i have my cd player running into it and my phone notes when i turn this on all of that power is up at the same time so kind of a cool thing. If you if you have that option so anyways going to the photo free app.

So same thing you re gonna have a ground right here. So you want to plug your ground in tighten that up a little bit and then you re going to want to run your input. Which is coming from your turntable right into that little guy right there so you have those two then you re gonna run your output. You re gonna have to have cable typically if you buy one of these it s going to come with an output cable.

If not you can get a really cheap one in like a walmart radioshack place or you can go you re into you know buying upgrading you know you just play by a simple red and white stereo cable and you run that into your now you run this into the input now in this case since i have the photo option. I m not going to run this into phono because you re gonna get crazy crazy sound out of it it s gonna be either like feedback. It s gonna be like really loud or you don t want to do that so i basically run this into my cd input alright. I mean there s so many different inputs on your mini disc that kind of stuff so i just run mine into another auxilary out of audio.

But that i thought i would use and i just select that option when i want to listen my own piece. But that s it this thing like i said. There s no power button on this so i just have it plugged in i turned on my stereo..


It all comes on everything works. Great now turn. If you re a beginner to a turntable do not get overwhelmed with with buying like super fancy stuff. I wouldn t even get overwhelmed and trying to buy a 50 promo preamp right now unless.

It s just something you you ve kind of gotten out of vinyl for a while and you re back into and you kind of know and understand the process. If your goal right now is to listen to lps and that s all you care about then just again. I ll drop the power pro link in there just get the power for a preamp. It works great it s not it s not tip top quality.

But it s not bad. It s just it s just good. It s just good enough you have to think of vinyl listening like a car you know you can go out and buy a just a standard sedan car. With you know a nice stereo in it and it has good gas mileage and all that if you want to soup it up and get like turbocharged and you want to get you know leather seats.

And you want to get all this fancy stuff you re gonna have to pay for it and you have to customize it and that s very similar to how listening to vinyl is i particularly have i was using this preamp in the pile pro for a long time it sounded good. But it was just continued after a while i kind of just felt like there was something missing. And when i upgraded this i just really liked the sound. They got a little bit more warmth out of it when i use this preamp.

And so i m really happy with it i still feel like it s a budget move. It s not super expensive. I ve seen preamps that you know have really good ratings for two three hundred dollars. That s great maybe one day down the road.

I ll do that but it s not a priority of mine. So i just stick with this one here. But you don t get caught up in like i got to buy the super expensive turntable and super expensive stereo just go out and you d be surprised what you can find you know if you get it if you go on craigslist facebook marketplace garage sales and you can find just a nice standalone turntable you know get us nice standalone turntables make sure it works..


But don t don t get caught up and like i got to get the technics. 1200 i got to get you know this 2000. Stereo. And this crazy even put it i mean don t do that just just get yourself something that works whatever you can get to get going.

And then you can kind of build on everything as it goes. And i ll probably do like a kind of that an intuitive introduction of vinyl already video. But i kind of want to get more in depth into the equipment and audio equipment. Because i know a lot of people are just really overwhelmed when they first start collecting.

But ultimately as far as the photo preamp that s that s a very good understanding right the basic understanding how this all works is you either get a stereo. That has one built in your turntable may have one built in or you can get a standalone little box like this and run it through that and then run it into your stereo. If you re not sure again check with your turntable to see if it s built in if it s built in then you don t have to worry about this you just go straight into your stereo. If it s not built in check.

If your stereo has one built in if this doesn t have one built in then you re gonna need one of these to get going other than that you should be good to go. And you should be able to play if you have any questions please drop them in my box. You know my comment box below. I ll do my best to answer them i m try it usually try to answer them pretty quick.

If you haven t already seen my other videos please check them out i have tons and tons of other vinyl videos vinyl related hardware a bit related and if you liked this video please hit the like button. I appreciate ya ll watching and thanks again you have a good weekend. ” ..


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