Castle Class Presents: Roll20 – Class 3 – Animated Maps in Roll20

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“Welcome back to castle class presents roll20. I am your guide kori longnecker. We are are going to pick up here at class three and we left off with class talking about the vtt enhancement suite. And i said.

I was going to do a video on how to get animated maps into your game. And rule. 20. So that is what we re going to do today first thing first this does not require any pro account.

This is a free thing for for anybody all you need to do is make sure that you as the dm and all of the players in the game have that vtt enhancement suite add on installed whether it be for chrome or firefox. That s the only thing. That is required is for them to be able to see it they have to have this add in as well as the person running the game. You are going to have to install two pieces of software.

One is called github desktop and you re gonna need a github account as well and the other is ffmpeg which is a video converter format converter basically you re going to do a little bit of things i m going to provide you with the command to run in a command. Prompt. And that s really all you re going to need to know so. Let s go ahead and get started let me switch over here real quick and we can get cracking.

So first things first github github calm. I ll provide all the links to these things in the description of the video you ll want to sign up for an account. If you don t already have one if you are a programmer or you work with code or people who work with code you may be familiar with github as a code repository. My old job.

I used to i used to deal with github so i m familiar with it so i already have an account here..

I already have created a practice one here called castle class. But i ll go through and create one for you here once you get in you are gonna need a repository you can call it and the maps. And you are going to need to make it public and this is important because if you create it as private you ll either have to convert it to public or not be able to display maps it has to be public. Because it s gonna be a url that you put into roll20 that all of the other players are going in order for them to see it they re going to have to have this be public.

So created this public and then you re ready to go. It s got a repository built for you called any maps that says all you need to do is create a new file or upload an existing file. We re gonna get to that by using the github desktop here in a little bit. So let s go ahead and show you that real quick so you can download it here for windows they do have a mac os version if you are using mac.

I don t know if. The ffmpeg command will be the same in mac or not sorry you might have to just look that up on the internet. I m a windows user so that s that and then here is the download ffmpeg page and there s the windows option. There so let s go ahead and get started a couple things i ve already got loaded.

I ve got my command here i keep it in a notepad file a text file and i just copy and paste it as i need it i ve got a command prompt up and i ve got the file that we re going to convert ready to go so i keep a folder on my desktop. It s called convert map files and that allows me to take a look and just quickly move things around and get there very quickly. I don t have to navigate through multiple layers of folders. It s it s just there mostly because it s easy to get there from here.

So we switch to that folder will see that i ve got the magma river file in there and here s what we re gonna do so we re gonna pop into the file here we re going to copy the file name we re gonna paste the file name up here and for me because that s the kind of file. It is and then we re going to paste this here a couple things you re gonna need to know. This command right here or this switch. En strips the audio out of the file.

I do that because i don t use the audio in there..

And it s gonna make the file size a little bit smaller and that s just preferable for me. If you want to keep the audio in there just delete that part of it other things to note in here are the format. I have it in 1080 and i also have in a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. If you want to do it in 720 you can put the corresponding sizes their in 720 format.

That s really all you need to know here. I use webm because it s a pretty small file size and it seems to host well in github so we re gonna copy this whole thing. We re gonna come down here to the command prompt and we re going to paste this command. And it s gonna start running and it s going to start converting this file and really that s all we have to wait for so it ll take just a little bit and won t take long at all.

While that s happening. Let me pull up a roll 20 get in here. And we ll have our page ready to go so. We ll have let s say let s create a new one here so we ll create a new page.

We ll switch to it we ll rename it you can right click on that to rename it and we ll call the lava river and the file that i had pulled up was a grid less. So i am going to leave the grid on enroll 20. If you have a grid on the video file you may want to turn it off in rule 20. So let s check on that that has been completed so we can make sure that it is good to go so right here.

We can see we have the magma 145 megabyte file reduced to thirty seven point seven. So it really cut down on the side the file pretty nice. So let s take a look at github desktop here here we have github desktop. You can see i ve got the current repository that s the one i want to put the map into which is what i use is called animated maps.

And what we re gonna do here is use this cool..

Little function called show and explore so it s gonna bring up a new explorer window. And it s kind of like google drive where it s on your desktop. But it s in the cloud. This is on your desktop.

But it s also on github so all we re gonna do is drag and drop. This magma river file the webm file into here. It s there we can minimize these now you ll see in github desktop that it has been found and we re gonna commit this to the master and then we re going to push it to the origin. So that it is there in github.

It s currently pushing it doesn t take long because these file sizes are usually pretty small and once that s completed. We are going to view it on github because we need the url to the file. So that s what we re gonna wait for there. We re almost done and completed so let s view this on github.

You ll see here is a list of everything i believe this was called magma river. So you click on that file and you click on view raw. And there it is so while you re here grab the grab the url and we re gonna pop back into roll20 at this point that s that s what we want to see so we re here in real 20. Again so you ve converted your file you ve uploaded it to github and you ve grabbed the url to the file.

So now you re ready to share it in roll 20. So in roll 20 you go to the animated background setup. You don t have to worry about which which layer you re on it doesn t matter. So you pop over here to this film looking tab and you paste the url here and you click.

Enabled click ok..

And it may take a second or two right page yeah and there it is so we can zoom out. And you can see. There is an animated animated map in roll20 really cool. So yeah.

If your map does come with mine does not this was a grid list version you can go to the page toolbar. Go to your page you can turn the grid off if it already has a grid. This one doesn t so i ll leave it on i kind of like getting grid list maps and then using the grid in roll20. It s kind of helpful that way and yeah.

And and you re set and it will it will make it to the size of whatever your pages. So if you need a bigger or smaller you can redo. It for the page size and that s really all there is to it. So you can really up your game with animated maps in roll20.

And that s how you do it. If you have any questions. Please post in the comments below. If this is something you re enjoying please subscribe and i ll keep putting out as many videos as i can the next video will be about api s so that will require a pro account rule.

20. So we ll get into some api s and some macros and continue to step up our game. So have a good one ” ..


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