Castle Crashers Tier List (Update) CHANNEL UPDATE AT END

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“Guys i am here with an update video update for my channel update for my my tier list and in depth description talk thing of my tier list so let get into it i don t even know i had opened castle crashers. So i m not even gonna play the damn thing so by castle crashers. Oh. That s not what i want to just.

Oh. God there okay sorry here we go so i m before i talk about my channel. I m gonna go into the tearless so green knight is the absolute worst character everything about him is if for like every single comparison. I can make for green knight is literally just that it s it s work.

He s worse than orange knight. In every possible way his closest. Comparison is orange night. And he just is worse than everything he s even worse at melee.

It s just something you can t say about any other character. He s even worse at melee. So for range. He has worse range.

Yeah. It s basically he made as well have worse damage because lots of enemies are weak to fire lots of enemies resist poison and you can you you reapply. The effects as you can t reapply the flex until they wear off of like the full damage of a time so if you re costing the splash continuously then the the difference in damage output will be it ll be it ll be minuscule. If it even if it even is there in the first place and the knock back the knock back is probably like the knock back is probably what carries fired him in an orange night.


All the way up to eight here like not even joking it just it makes and it makes her crowd control insane mocking stowe faces around like ragdolls and then green knight actually has less knock back than black smith. Which is horrible like i don t i wouldn t i wouldn t even guess the green. I had their wares knocked back. But that s what fleming said and we don t question fleming because he knows everything moving on for great night.

I hate my controller. Sorry about that okay good good buddy okay. Good now shut. The hell up.

Okay. My controller is annoying. It has a faulty cord whatever so king is this may be a weird comparison. But he s like a worse.

Tornado user. And the tornado users are already bad and the reason i compare them is because tornado users already don t have a splash attack. If we re all being honest. They basically have a special melee attack and green and yeah king just doesn t have anything because at the if you re at the skill level.

Where this tier list matters king. Like you re already not getting hit enough for anything outside of the food you find in the level to really matter for sealing you so waiting waiting several minutes just to heal with king is totally not worth. It and whatever whatever crowd control barons saracen lose from having the tornado. King loses that much more by not having anything at all and then blacksmith all i can say is that he s not the worst character that s it and i believe that alien has jumped up a little bit.


I i he s like the only character that i m really thinking i might move all right knight 2. But for alien. It s like i might put them above pink knight because i i like alien splash. More to be completely honest and this splash attack really is like if you if we re being honest.

The splash attack is what determines the characters place on this list. Almost single handedly. What the exception of green knight and and like i don t it s like really not even that big of a deal that alien can t change weapons. Because if we re if i m being honest like like everyone like fencer industrious fire demon orange night blue night i scheme.

Oh you re gonna be using the gold skull mace with them all like unless you re me then they you use the unicorn horn and beholder with fire team in an orange night. But other than that you re just gonna be using the gold skull mace with everyone anyway so that just means that the like alien suffers in damage output. I guess. But he still has good mainly you can still do all the same things with him at melee wise.

And he has this kick ass slash attack like the knock back on that thing is insane you cannot like you you can t like you can go into necromancer s battle. And you can probably can probably do more with it than you can with any of the bomb throwers so like oh. He s i think he s a good character like a good solid mid tier character. I also have like as loki fetish or fire tax.

Anyway red knight moved up. Because when i think about it of all the things that bombs can do and all of the things that lightning can do contrasted with the negative downside well all downsides are negative. I forget i said that with the contrasted with the downside of having arrow rain as a splash attack lightning just does more like you can cheese the necromancer fight you can cheese cone head groom you can you can cheese full moon you there s thick there s all this cheese you can do a threat night. And it s like the bomb throwers like they re good yeah.


But like let s we re being honest you have to work hard to do good with them you don t have to work hard with red knight. It s kind of like what how orange night is you don t you don t have to work hard to do well with orange knight red knight is just inconsistent in comparison. And he s not as strong so b. Plus is a perfect place for him.

I think i almost even considered to putting him above snakey brute and ninja. But i don t know they they re there i really like how they do against beef. He s so i would say like a red knight versus beef. He s compared at them against beef.

He s not too good also them against bosses compared to red knight versus bosses. They absolutely destroy red knight. There as well and like yes sure red knight does kinda have good crowd control. But when his mane is depleted.

Then he doesn t have any crowd control. So yeah kind of like that s i don t know that s just the nature of the beast. He s inconsistent compared to all the characters above him all the characters above him are good solid consistent characters they re never gonna fail you and i guess that about does it for this so anyways about my channel. Yeah so my channel has been dead for a few months now until now and i guess.

That s entirely on me like i just haven t been putting out content and i m sorry about that but good news. I m gonna start making content again and i m gonna do it on a regular basis. I m gonna try to have daily uploads like i did for a while so what i want to do i want to i want to start playing through rollercoaster tycoon. Basically the first game.


I ever played i learned how to read from that game practically at least learned new words from it expanded my vocabulary and it s it s fun. It s fun to play. And it s basically like you re basically making art. When you make your own rollercoasters and stuff.

So i think it ll also be entertaining to watch and in a way. I could also make it be kind of a tutorial because i ve been basically buying it for everyone in the castle crashers wiki server. So so yeah and open rct2 let s people play together so yeah. Though honestly that would be fun to just have a bunch of people all on a youtube video in a voice chat just chilling out making rollercoasters and talking stuff like i think it ll be a lot of fun whether or not i play it alone or with other people and then i also want to play through crash bash.

Which that s also a game. I grew up with and i had so so very fun anything oh yeah. Eventually i should be able to complete that playthrough of gun score and cannoli with the worst and slamming. We just got it we just got to get down and do it sometime that that didn t sound right i apologize for that anyway so yeah thanks for watching like this is pretty long for an update video.

I guess. But whatever sorry so tomorrow you can probably expect the rollercoaster taking video. So thanks for watching. And good bye.

Okay actually just two more things as i just realized what i looked at my desktop here. I want to play slay the spire and magic the gathering arena because i love card games and those are the two best so now goodbye and have a ” ..

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