Clarisonic SmartProfile VS Mia 2 VS Mia 1

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“Everyone today. I ll be having my first video. It s the comparison video between between the clarisonic new smart profile and the clarisonic mia. I want to do this because.

I noticed there s not a lot of video either by itself or the comparison for the smart profile and i am just one who always liked to watch every review every youtube video before i buy stuff so i think since nobody is doing it i just want to do it and hopefully. It s helpful for you a choice. I had me a one for about because i was trying to accede to my acne back then i had acne since i was sixth grade all the way and it s for a class. I know for acne that s why i bother me one attenuated a brush like that s a big sensitive.

But i couldn t use that one because there s too abrasive oh my severe. I got too delicate. But it was too abrasive so i had to sell the meal life and then after i m sorry if i was looking on this plane was a bunch of brush bug that i have it s not until that kashmir. Brunch came out still feel is hot.

Then i think maybe. It s soft enough for my skin. Then i bought the meal to buy this is a limited edition collar is foxy please that s the reason that it takes me into over the meal one but at the end of the video. I would quickly just talk about i think the basic kit is only it was only available back then.

But there are a lot of things here to care to be bit more stuff for a little bit more price. But the basic kit so you get it is a body face smart. What s that a body smuggler set the standard station. Unfortunately.

It s only it s only a spin. Then you put them on it s not a charging station. There s no place you can charge it this is kind of fail. And then the charger and spin polish.


That s what he gets for basic first looking at there are only about 4 million stronger. It s not really big so about the top part. It s the same about the weights. There s not much different actually.

But it s small so spencer. We all did but this one. I guess maybe my brain expected to be happier. So it s not really happy on your way aboard it it s almost light.

But it s not it s happy so one feature that really surprised me it s a happy surprise in fact the i don t know if you can see it. But the bridge here is schlemmer slightly similar the part here. Although it didn t seem like improvement. It actually is i d expect it but it s a much more out in print just because this party thinner right if it s right in my knuckle.

While this one is somewhat too thick and busy. But that s its i didn t expect that one in a net worth thousand comfortable. But after i hold a smart profile. I just feel it s uncomfortable and according to mia that i constantly think you know how comfortable there s a mr.

Cole. I didn t expect that but i guess. It s good any spot in redesigning the shape of this one so now moving on to the brush head. This is a smart brush head.

This is the rigorous in theory. They both famously device and i was just like brushing it just just by touching it the smart brush head and softer in the center. Then you re sensitive and an outside in some other things the reason it s called smart is because it came with a smart model so while the media. Only to button the power button in the level adjustment.


Miss smart profile has created the power than the bow interval so what a smart mouth spray smart mode. You know when the things her face. It s only one minute for cycle to cycle the forehead and the jar and to cycle for the cheeks. So the first two cycles there they have a stronger power to deep cleaning.

This german ear area and then the later two cycle is jim turner for me choose i didn t really like that one because i man you can throw it you can also just into the manual mode by holding the power level. Another part of the level. Just one button for three seconds. Then the advances come to that manual mode and i will show you that s right now.

So i m at manual now useless you can see this wine to pour level and then we re gonna forward turbo. It just give it a boost as long as you hold it i really like this feature and finish slide. So as i said the only success that i had with this timer cashmere luxe t. Bar said and although i really like it i use it every day.

It helped pains my skin while keeping it from image success. Neck the only drawback is that is to say like that it doesn t provide enough so when i brush my face again for you i have to do it two or three cycles in a row depending on how much i want clean that day so one cycle with me well it s funny because i like fresh juice over and over and it s our interest feel nice. Maybe that will change now i took up this radiant brush that i can do you think yet. But i know this is the softest softest much bed for the regular brush that live yet it s more dense and shorter than the cashmere.

So it s um. It s supposed to provide more akkadian fact while keeping it really good so i m excited to try. But do you thing about this is that now that i have more power level. I can continue to use the soft brush head while keep it on the floor or you turtle so it s soft enough for my face again no more than the fact that i don t need to clean it three times which the times that smooth clean it one cycle and that s really fun in regards to the power.

I m saying the power to in tweety is similar to the lore and higher power of this one that being said if you if you find ya. Too harsh. Then you might want this money for whatever one or if you find this too soft. And you might want the turbo and live before or a stronger cleaning.


But i myself i find the media. Almost adequate so i probably won t use them before turbo. Other than you think so now. I m a shaded breast head.

So i haven t really used this one yet. But i am a little really just about touching it i don t know if you can hear it. But it s very stiff and sounds and yes. It s almost like something in brush your shoes.

But well i haven t tried it yet so i can t speak for it. But i m going away. I will definitely try to use the number one spot if it goes over a cow. I guess i have to pick up the cash really owe you but i am skeptical skeptical about that one because something that s soft.

I don t need i m not gonna turn it s suitable for a body fine anyway. I have inside so i ll try it and i don t it is wearable. So why aren t it on the charger. You can also try to act.

The computer. It s not a must that feature. But it s nice i come out you can ask for your pocket. This is kind of bulky.

But this it s just easier to pop so that s a nice feature and also when i bought the unit anything with this box and in the pouch this mother father so last 9 40. If you had this pouch. See it only says when it s on the side by a distant. Some fun about that should you get this small profile or should you get lumia.


I would say it depends because i said i can only use the cashmere brush head. I have always had to use it on fire level. Which is the same level as the meal. One that s only one that i get a young one so mia to me.

I wanna make a difference for me this one is about 50 more sensor than real one so if you if you find a brush head. Whichever one that you like you you find it right then you don t need the two level because chances are you know really me best small difference between the two level and then you save your 50. But if you have too much head or you want to adjust them a little bit then mia cheers good and i also had some more color and you can choose in regard to whether it should get the smart profile. I know it s the most expensive one and i got it only because i had it on sale.

But i think it s nice. I m hoping that i like the brush a body brush head and i like the penny not only because they look cool. But it s it s hygienic and nice that i can just have one tool for all and replace them every three months. Maybe longer for the pen in the body face if you like how to toll.

And i should definitely get this one though should you get this upgrade. If you had the meal one or nemea two and i would say depending on how much you want the pedi and brush head and as i said if you use kashmir in likewise you find it too too soft then it s good because you can have the turbo and level 4. Other than that the other pretty level was another brush head. Even the smart profile brush head.

Just doesn t make that much difference. So that is my first video thank you for watching. I hope it s helpful and i hope you like your ” ..


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