Conor Mcgregor VS GSP – Full Fight HD 1080p Live Stream – UFC

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“Ireland. The notorious water conor mcgregor. The never to weight champion back in his home home country. He is as precise as any striker in the octagon today and the amateur boxing champion lacks no confidence as he enters the octagon again tonight conor mcgregor has that it factor along with a fantastic and creative striking game a very good ground game and extreme confidence in himself all these make for a fans favorite combination and jersey octagon egg is ready.

Ten canadian athlete of the year that was the same year that sidney crosby scored the overtime goal for canada to win a gold medal in the olympics george st. Pierre. Not just one of the most mixed martial artists what one of the most popular athletes in the world today gsp is the definition of the modern mixed martial artist he s extremely athletic well versed in every single aspect of the sport. No one is better taking control of caught.

Oh tale of the tape for this welterweight fight. Mcgregor. Is 27. Gsb is 32.

He is 2 inches taller. He will have a 2 inch reach advantage with the official introductions. The veteran voice of the octagon bruce buffer ladies at 170 you ll be giving their instruction in address your own when texas open. I ll follow my instruction.

George seems here great conor mcgregor fights kids up for five five minutes. White trunks for greg black tux for cta george st. Pierre is a big part of his success though are his teeth. He s doing a great job of timing these shots.

It s a good kick solid leg kick welcome to the jungle trying to grab the leg. And he does who s that joe and then again. He s back in the side control. Joe he s showcase.


He s a great movement on the ground now he s in full dog george st. Pierre. Telling us the swelling in his eyes is starting to get worse. We re traitors in half guard.

Again throws. A hammer at him into half guard again safety air. Once again on top man smart shot with the left back to half guard. Now hey out of my whole mouth not good now he s secured side control great transitions on the ground half guard.

He went right back to that position geez. He s got it back in half. Gardner. He lands a big shot from the bottom.

Now he goes to the side control. Joe connected. There he s got a pass you like they gotta pick up the pace. So they re gonna stand them up.

He s got trying to take the back. I think made in this round hammerfist maddie s doing some great damage from inside his opponents. Nate s worked from the bottom cheap years back. In half guard look at the pass staying busy on the ground and they re off.

He s looking for a takedown. The gsp with a good right hand it looks like he s trying to isolate that arm here. He s got the arm here that s gonna throw his leg over he pull out of these out side control. He s not going to take the back.


Yeah. Oh some heavy shots. He s moved to full guard. Try and get in the side control.

Here can t make it nemesis to the body excellent movement here on the ground. He s got him in the crucifix big letters really huge left big punch final ten seconds and right back to side control and let s take a look here and here s a nice single leg takedown here s a huge slam of perfect technique and let s see that from another angle. You can really see how awesome that round was by these highlights. Brittany gets a set for round number two win fight.

Buddy throw. Two in that last one jordan s eight years ground game was clearly on display excellent control in that round positionings. He was george st. Pierre also sets an incredible pace in the fight.

Because he is as well conditioned as any athlete in the ufc. Today absolutely and conditioning is another weapon that uses beautiful body bigler. Ten body kicking besides a start he s back up the dragon gets caught with the tennis. But frankly the combination there s a song fatique down by clips who might just be the best enemy in the full guard here cheap year with a gig level just over three now the fragrance welcome to advancing out great get on the ground mcgregor gives up his back and we know from all the flights.

We ve called for saint pierre. He does not get tired in this position. He s in he s a machine. I mean the guy practices as hard as any man in the world.

He s got the most scientific training known to man lotta ways. He is the perfect fighting machine. He passes again and a half. Why he continues to get some serious clues.


Oh wow. Look at that how good is that this is a huge left gsp since sanctity big huge left. He s out. He s out cold.

Ruthless ground and pound for the victory once again here s our fight replay. And let s look at the replay. And see the end of this fight. This is the huge ground and pound strike.

That lands for the ko. Let s take a look at that from a different angle can we see it again boom and then he s out bruce buffer with the official decision ladies and gentlemen at three minutes 17 seconds of round two learn the little chores rush st pierre wins by knockout to survive third time. And as a to hero in his home country of ireland. One of the most rising figures in the ufc today.

The notorious. One the octagon so many years conor mcgregor is one of the most creative and dynamic fighters in the ufc. Featherweight division. Today he is also one of the most loved fighters to ever come out of ireland born and raised in montreal.

Quebec. Canada. George rush. St.

Pierre of canadian national champion and white tie. And the most dominant welterweight in ufc history. Trained by peraza javi gsd may very well be the most well rounded fighter to ever enter the octagon georgie bears. The most successful welterweight in the history of the ufc against high level competition.


George has defended his belt successfully over and over again. Without standing performances here. I need it back oh tale of the tape for this welterweight ban mcgregor is 27 st. Pierre is 32.

He is 2 inches tall he will have a 2 inch reach advantage once again here s the veteran voice of the octagon bruce buffer. The action begins what you went into three laws partner. 20 fighting georges st. Pierre retarder mcgregor that s a big left he s got him in his guard.

He s got full guard here look craig. It with a nice punch from the fire. He s got the arm chapter side control nicely done sweet reversal. Guard and decide control.

She has people to judge. Nice sweet listen here and he s gonna try to take the back. Gsp gets a package good work from the bottom transitions to full guard. He s moved back to that far trying to get to something postures up all.

We heard with that elbow under three now. Let s see if we can pass that half guard inside the guard again nice movement on the ground transition to full guard. His position nicely king by mcgregor tries to set up the takedown and a nice cake top bye gspie postures up under 2 minutes now nice reversal here into half that g espys got double underhooks he s got the muy thai. Clinch vicious knees today he blocks the big need of the body nice job blocking those strikes and they move out of the quench gsp with a sidekick.

One minute on the clock right to the body mentally to get that ” ..

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