CPU vs GPU Bottlenecks – A Closer Look

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“And welcome to tech deals bottlenecking cpus versus gpus. This is one of the most most common questions that i get asked will x. Gpu bottlenecks. Why cpu or will cpu bottlenecks.

Why gpu here. We re gonna answer that question for you once and for all. And the answer is yes. No always sometimes it depends.

And what game are you planning. Because there is never a simple answer. I get asked this question every single day. Either on discord or beneath the comments of videos or when i m live streaming on twitch and there is never a simple answer to that question because it simply depends upon what you re doing the truth of the matter is there s always a bottleneck somewhere in the system.

It could be the game engine. It could be the cpu it could be the graphics card. It could be the resolution of the detail setting you re running or what you re doing it could be the game that you re playing something limits your ultimate performance now here. I have two examples of games.

That demonstrate how sometimes the cpu is the bottleneck and sometimes the gpu or the graphics card is the bottleneck it just depends on the top half of the screen. We have world of warships on the bottom half of the screen. We have ghost recon wildlands 1440p high detail both games. We re using the presets and we aren t 1440p.

These were recorded externally on a novato 4k pro 60 capture card no performance loss for recording msi afterburner is providing the real time numbers on the screen and fraps provides the benchmark results that i will actually use later in this video. But the benchmark results are not actually what s important. It s the real time. Numbers you re looking at that actually manner look at the top line of both replays.

The gtx 1060 on the bottom half of the screen. You have ghost recon wildlands. We re between 98 and 99 percent on that first number that is the graphics card utilization that is how much of the compute power of the graphics card that we are using now look down to the risin..


7. 1700 and notice. It s about 31 to 38 percent thirds 34 35. So we re using one third of our cpu.

We are completely graphics card bound in ghost recon wildlands that gtx 1060 is completely and totally the limit to more performance notice. We re about 45 47. 48 frames per. Second.

A gtx 1070. A gtx 1080 or 1080 ti. Would make a world of difference to performance in ghost recon wildlands at 1440p at high detail more cpu power would make zero difference here on the top half of the screen. We have world of warships.

A wonderful free to play game. That is an absolute ton of fun and notice that the gtx 1060 is it about 55 to 60 percent usage. It is absolutely totally bottlenecked by the cpu. But wait a minute you say there s no way that could be the case.

The horizon. 7. 1700 is 10 to 12 percent utilized. It clearly has nothing to do you have to remember that that utilization is across all eight cores and sixteen threads.

The fact of the matter is the number that varies is the gtx 1060 utilization. As explosions gunfire and things notice to the gtx 1060 is up to 70 to 73 percent here it was down at 55 before that s what s varying. Because it isn t the limit to performance notice. The framerate is not moving because we are totally cpu bound.

115. 120 frames per. Second is as fast as a risin cpu be it a rise in 5..


Horizon. 7 it makes a difference at 37. Gigahertz. And this is as good as it is that being said.

120 frames per second is spectacular so it s very easy to make the statement that a risin. 7. 1700 at 37. Gigahertz is a bottleneck.

But it s at a hundred and twenty frames per second is this a big deal. I don t think. It is sometimes it will be in fact you can see there it dropped a bit and drop down below. Because it was explode the stuff going on.

But the fact is were over a hundred frames per second so it s a quote bottleneck. But the performance is great on the bottom half of the screen were below 60 frames per second. But that is not the fault of the rison. 7.

1700 that s the fault of the gtx 1066 gigabyte card throw. A 1080 ti in there and we d be over 100 frames per second so that s a graphics card limitation so the purpose of this video is if you re asking the question if i buy this graphics card will it bottleneck that cpu yes. No maybe sometimes it depends what game are you playing what resolution. And what detail setting without all that information.

There is no answer to your question. Because sometimes it will and sometimes it won t depending. Upon what you re doing at what resolution at what detail setting now for just a few seconds. I want to go fullscreen in both games.

Just so you can get a piece of what it looks like rather than having the screen split and trying to figure out what s what this is what ghost recon wildlands looks like at 1440p at high detail. It is not 60 plus frames per second. But it s close and it s completely playable a lot of people think that you have to have a really high end graphics card to play games at 1440p it helps it definitely helps..


But it s not required. This is actually completely playable even if it doesn t average 60 frames per second at 1070 or 10 70 t. I would be a quote better choice and have more future proofing in front of it for the next round of games. But if you only have a 10 60.

It does in fact work switching back to world of warships. You can see that we re when we re engaged at close range. There s a lot of shell impacts look at the frame rate it drops off. Really fast.

This ship s about to be destroyed and then once it comes off the screen. Watch. The frame rate come back up there s 90 92. 94.

And i o. Now it drops back down. So. What you re looking at in world of warships tremendously impacts.

The performance. But it s above 60 frames per second like 99 of the time. And there s one or two dips down. So it s completely utterly playable.

The truth of the matter is you could play at 4k at medium detail if you turn things down. But 1440p is kind of the sweet spot. But this game isn t as demanding as ghost recon wildlands. But as you can see it s very beautiful and an absolute blast to play this video also gives me a chance to make a special announcement.

I am. Now a member of the world of warships community contributor program. Now this doesn t mean..


The regular tech videos are going anywhere not to worry. But it does mean that i will have early access to some test ships. I will have some giveaways to do on my twitch livestreams and i will be making a little bit more world of warships content than i was previously but not to worry the hardware stuff isn t going anywhere. This is a side program that lets me have access to some extra stuff in frankly my favorite game today world of warships which i stream.

A ton on twitch link down to my twitch channel in the description below if you like live streams in twitch. If you like my content. The sound of my voice. My sense of humor or lack thereof please go check it out click the follow button click the notify button to be notified when i m streaming i d love if you came by and said hello maybe you enjoy it and you want to stay and hang out with me here.

I m including the chart simply. So you can see the average 1 low end point one percent low numbers from when i actually benchmarked these games. Please note. These are not built in benchmarks.

This is live gameplay that i recorded full matches well with full match and world of warships and then a bunch of running around and random combat in ghost recon wildlands. You of course cannot compare these games to each. Other that s not the point. It s just to give you the information since after all i collected it once again ghost recon wildlands.

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While shopping. And you ll get many more videos like this thanks so much for ” ..

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