Creating Multilayered Battlemaps in Roll20

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“Everyone today. I m going to show you a couple of nifty tricks. I used used to play on multi layered battle maps in roll20 like this map of a that i ve designed now. It s important to note and in this video.

I use a combination of jpg. And png files. I ll get back to the why later on in this video. But you can just as easily stick to using jpeg files.

If you don t have the png layers provided so first of all we start by uploading our maps into the map. Layer and resizing them all the maps. I use in this example are 16 by 24 units. As you can see i simply stack the maps by uploading them in the right order now the second step in this process.


Moving down. A layer in our stack is quite easy. You simply right click the top map and select to move it to the gm layer as soon as that happens you ll notice the change in the pasady of that layer signifying that that layer now has become invisible to our players. The only issue here being that it hasn t become invisible for you the gm.

An issue. We can t resolve in roll20 directly even though there is a gm opacity slider in our page settings. But when we can solve by running a javascript in our browser. This little piece of code something i didn t write myself.

But had to come across in a roll20 form will remap the zoom slider and turn it into an a pasty slider. Forget gm. Layer simply triple click. The code and copy.


It you can find the code in a doobly doo down below. Then right click. The bookmark on your browser. And add a page in order to be able to run this javascript you just paste the code.

We ve just copied into the field reserved for the url and then give our bookmark. An app name like a just gm layer now as we go back to our roll20 page. Nothing of notice has happened yet. The zoom slider is still just a zoom.

Slider and gm layer is still added. Standard opacity in order to change that we simply run the javascript by clicking the bookmark. We ve just created and voila turned our zoom slider into a nifty slider for the opacity of our gm layer making it possible for us to turn a layer. We just moved their invisible.


Whenever needed getting to the bottom of her stack of images has now become much easier now that we can actually see what we re doing only when trying to achieve the reverse moving from the bottom back to the top of our stack. Is when we run into another issue on roll20 as moving images from one layer to the next doesn t change the order. They re stacked in meaning that when we write collected top assets. We don t click the asset.

We moved last. But the asset that was in front on our map layer just a minor issue of course. But when we need to take an account when moving assets back. I simply solve it by moving the assets down a row for the amount of images.

I have stacked underneath in this case. It s three layers. So the first one goes down two rows and the second one just one making it easy for me to return them in the right order just right click and move to the map layer for the first assets and then move the second asset back to the top of the page before you return that one to the map layer as well now like i ve mentioned before i use png layers for each level of my castle. Here instead of jpeg files.


Even though it doesn t really change anything when doing this little dance moving assets between a map layer and a gm layer it does however. Give me a couple of interesting visual advantages for when the player splits. The party and i need to have both stories of my building visible at the same time. I can just slide.

The top layer down a bit and keep playing without needing to expand my page. I think that s about it for this video. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments down below or contact me via my website crosshead studioscom. Until next time ” .


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