CyberLink Media Suite 10 Review Part 1

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“And welcome to a number plus process video with myself dave and myself mike hello hello mike hello dave hello processes. Hello now the other day you posted a reviewn t you i did indeed i posted a review on side the links new media suit. 10. Which you can find the link to very nice.

Very nice yep decided to do a video to accompany it don t we yes. So we re going to talk about the cyber link and see what we think what the product itself. We re just gonna let sort of look at the big sort of programs that are in there. The package aren t we yes and enter of an overall sort of roundup of what the media suites like yeah.

And i ll break it down into small chunks. Cos or guys will be air. All day would be here all day. So.

What i think we should get down to it and let s get to work let s get let s get going so. We re gonna have a look at this piece of software. Then dave. We are indeed yeah.

We will point out first off this is the ultra edition. Now. The big reason. You ve made that classification home.

Here. The basically. The all tradition has its the more for package insert so it includes more newer features not to say the standard version isn t still fully packed. But this one just adds that actually a little bit of software needed i mean what as we re going to go through the main bits.

What will point out the big. The big reason. While why ultra is better than the standard media suite. 10.

Yes cool. Now just to start the program off. You get like a fancy launcher don t you yes. So.

The first thing you can do is initially you can start the individual program separately. But the main purpose is the launch itself so it s a one bottom quake and all loads a nice fancy interface and it basically allows you to choose whatever you want to do in your media life and it or launch that a separate program. So you can pick the software for who needs basically so say if if you want to do video in in it ll show you all the programs to do a video at the moment..


Yes my correct yeah or if you want to burn. Something bring put on a menu says you know depending what you want to burn. You know that s the program to use yes yeah. Because the the media.

Sue comes with eleven pieces of software. So initially it can be a bit confusing. What want to pick so at least with the wall launch. You know you re gonna choose the mac.

Yeah we re for the job. Yeah. That s pretty cool right so onto the main first bit of software powerdvd power dvd. Which versions is twelve this is up to number twelve now they ve done a fair amount lee.

I think power dvd was the first program that i used for you know to play my dvds. Alright that s good yeah. That s good i mean this one s the first what i ve used at the side building series okay. But it s it s a pretty good product isn t it yeah basically as the name says power dvd.

So i m allows you to play your dvds on you on your pc and blu rays yes blu rays that s the new feature so you can now play your your blue haze straight form one program instead of faffing about i m trying to find the right conversions and bable bable bable bable. It does have quite a few more features. Though doesn t it it s not just a playback. Feature no no it s one of the new ones.

Is it s got a seven digital store. Which basically allows you to get films and music and some of them drm free as well so there s no license or tie to it so you can drag them across it and use them in your films. You know when you editing. This to fire or just to listen to you.

Yes yeah. I didn t listen there that s pretty cool now they download straight to the program. Don t they yes yeah this guy s they re like long little store assumed now it does play blu rays. But it also plays blu rays that are free deacon coble doesn t that yes that s that s pretty good there s something else it does it is it s got a magic little tool to convert your 2d films 3d.

Now let s not get too excited. It s not sort of full on blu ray 3d films because obviously yeah cd from something. But it s quite a good effect isn t it yeah hey it works quite well from what we ve seen yeah. So it is nifty little thing.

It s probably one of the the newest features as well that they ve added to it so it s kind of cool that you can do that anyway. Because these days. It s all about freedom..


So it is starting to become a lot about free danger. I mean have they upgraded yet or i probably will do in the near future yeah. It s a free day. This is just a big thing and 3d plays a key part in this package as well.

But we ll carry on with a different thing yeah. But yeah powerdvd overall a good little playback device it does more than needs to as well with especially something the digital music store because it s quite a lot of tracks on there and actually we forgot to mention you can use power dvd to sync music you re sort of mp3 players. And you can also have you can share straight to facebook and youtube using power dvd as well yeah and comment on youtube videos such as this one already that i ll say that that s pretty good bunch of words. Do you think and high voice voice good.

I mean i ve used it in the past. You know the older versions. So the new one it just seems more streamlined and it pretty much played any of the format s i feel like so it s just move on place to like play playing the film s or such yeah excellent shall we move on to the next one. We shall you re looking forward to the olympics.

Dave you know on my fam yes. Do you know anyone that s got any tickets managed to get any no don t watch they know i know one person who s managed to get some tickets. I know some people you ve missed out okay well those people have missed out got something right here howard. I met 210 what s this got to do with the olympics well it s the world s fastest video editing software.

So what you re saying it s the usain bolt definitely a video it is the gold medal brilliant. Op rank the tier 1 video editing software it s a bots new in this version dave. The big big thing is editing 3d films isn t that 3d films there we go again 3d films 3d. And though this is on the end the ultra version yes yeah so if you don t get the.

Ultra version of media suite. 10 you won t get the ability to edit 3d stuff. In powerdirector. There.

Seems to be a trend. Here. With this ultra edition. A free day.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. If you if you like you ve really get the.

Ultra version. Now you can have like 3d effects as well can t you to get to your 3d film yeah because in the past ones. There s been thousands of different effects and transitions along it still got the director store where you can upload and download different effects..


So it s basically and with the different effects that you can do what the new one is creating and editing 3d effects. Which it s a it s gotta be a step up there in the editing. It has it has and obviously you can edit your normal films as well kind using power director tab and edit them into 3d yeah yeah 3d em films that s really cool and obviously you ve still got all the 2d effects. A film.

So just get your wondering don t fret. If you ve not bothered about 3d. What else does this latest power derek to do it s got some behind the scenes technology for improving improving the rendering speeds. So gone are the days a sort what we hope anyway.

If video is encoded in for hours and hours. It s got new technology. Which is all behind the scenes stuff basically just just of the processing. And because you spend hours editing your videos you just want me videos to be done hmm yeah pretty much straightaway and then i ll see this new features way you can avoid it you can operate it to youtube and stuff like that you could do that in the past.

But this one more empty on hd. Which again boy oh boy a with hd and 3d. It s all the future for editing just to put it into context a little bit. I mean we ve uploaded like videos through older versions of powerdirector you re not in hd.

We re now doing hd videos. Which are taking about the same time now before they ve taken a lot longer so you can tell this sort of speed. Although we re still having to wait a little bit you know it s not it s not overly long is it no no so it s pretty good and you are getting hd quality because like you said you ve got all the drop down menu so you can have the highest quality going onto youtube. Yeah definitely it just because where everyone s trying to move forward like we are it s just that extra step hmm so allowing us to use hds yes.

It s also been updated. So that it takes more files as well because before there were a couple of file types that the older power directors couldn t edit or use yes. They ve updated that now so it s there s a lot more sort of file types that will now take if you just into you sort of basic editing. You re just taking a a voyage straight from your camera straight to paradise out what you wouldn t need to worry.

But if you re doing more advanced editing. You ve got the option now to use more file types from effects and other bits of footage yeah recorded from elsewhere. That s pretty good yeah. There is a new.

We re all wizard as well so it s like a one click button to help you create a movie so you don t need to add transitions or effects yourself the only problem i found with that was when you click. It it takes the examples from the main files itself so if you ve got videos on the timeline that you ve already cut down. That you don t want then it doesn t use them it uses the more files. Which are rarely to use videos.

I ve already cooked down. Yeah yes otherwise it might include bits that you just don t wanna. Like big long pauses and things like that so the principle is there..


But it was just something lacking not a little bit of editing to make it i suppose. If you if you re doing like an amateur film and you film any kids that you family of things you re not gonna have much do you want to head out will you so so hopefully that ll be more of use book like it s all about ease isn t it yeah ease of use that s what they want you know they want anybody. And everybody to be able to edit good quality good quality. Thinks now power director is what we use nearly on a daily basis.

And yeah. Some like pretty much it all our videos and use with power director. So and obviously definitely forms out form was definitely. Yeah.

Yeah. It s fantastic piece of kit. So once you ve you ve done all your editing. And you got your film finished and ready to go what do you do with it then mike use another program.

What it s actually quite a big program. Cuz pretty powerful. It is power to go eight. They do like calling their programs with the word power first don t they do they do.

It s kind of like makes you feel like you re using a powerful program. Powerful pro. Yeah there you go so yeah. Power to go.

This is basically a disk burning piece of software isn t it yeah. It s a simple piece of kit that allows you to burn pretty much anything that you ve got onto a disk. So whether that be files that you took from photos from on holiday or dvds or anything laughs hmm it will just burn it from one form up into disk or into something else you can also mount i assumes onto as well can you yes yeah so for the more technically minded burner. You can you can do that you can mount a esos.

Yeah. Which is pretty cool. So yeah. There s not really else i can say about it it s a very quick piece of kit.

We ve had and good experiences of it it seems to burn quicker than the previous over branded. ” ..

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