D-Link DIR-895L AC5300 Router Review: Powerful but Pricey

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“Choosing the right wireless router is an ask straightforward as a smart phone so you you re gonna consider a lot of factors such as coverage. The number of users you need to connect and also security features and so many other things when you want to purchase a wireless router. So what we have here today in the studio is the dealing dir 8. 9.

5l. This isn t really the latest model from dealing but it is know that still want the most powerful wi fi ac routers out there so as you can see it claims that it is the ultimate hd streaming and gaming router which means it is made to withstand a lot of simultaneous connections and a lot of user requests the most powerful kind of router that you were ever seen in the market. So i m watering with hale gadget tv and today. We are going to find out what the dealing.

Dir. 8. 95. L.

Is all about as you can see on the front. Face off. The routers box. The leading dir.

8. 9. 5. L.

Is a very very large router. So we have some highlight features right here. So it has four times four data stream. Which means a lot of users can be transferring data or even do video streaming through this router simultaneously and it has a 14.


Gigahertz broadcom dual core processor and as mimo technology pretty common on wi fi ac routers these days and most importantly tri band wi fi so it is one 24. Gigahertz bands and 2 5. Gigahertz bands so that s pretty interesting. So let s unbox.

The device by taking on the lid just like this okay. This is like you can see like an alien. It s such a huge router and this is how big the router is it looks like an alien or you know it feels like a shield or you can even call. It i prefer to call it like a stingray you know because a single a without a tail.

It really looks like a hit of a stingray. So we have user manuals of course inside eight and tennis. One two three four five six seven eight the total of eight antennas on this stingray. Okay.

So we have a pretty huge power break. Here. It actually requires the power break the power this up. I m not surprised because it s such a huge footprint here.

We ll need a lot of power to power. It up a rj45 wow. This is a nice flat cable. Not that kind of thick one and we have a power cord at repaint uk power cord screws.

So apparently you can actually mount this router on the wall. If you prefer to but i prefer to just leave it on flat surface and so on and here s another polar car for the us. A two pin a tube king course now this is one of the most unique design. I ve seen for a router as you can see on the top here.


We have a very nice gloss great color finishing the chassis is made of plastic. Not matter. Which explains why the router is actually not as av as fitting. So let s take a look around at the hardware itself.

So we as we turn over to the back. We can actually see that there s actually cooling vents right here a lot of holes for for cooling. Which is actually pretty good and on the. Front.

Here we have white color led indicators for the power one connection 24. Gigahertz wi fi connection. 5 gigahertz wi fi connection. And the two usb ports.

At the back so this router doesn t have led indicator lights for each of the lamp for us. Which is kind of funny because if you do not have just led indicators. You don t even know where these lamport s are working or not so. Let s talk about the port s right now so we have a internet part in one part for gigabit ethernet ports a wps button for wireless of 10 occasion the usb.

20 usb 30. Port and finally there s a little switch right here tiny switch right here that says router and extender. So apparently you can actually switch the router mores on the fly by just switching this switch over here. And it can actually turn into a pretty expensive extender.

Yeah. This thing can become a wireless extender if you want it. But i m sure you are not going to do that the setup process off the dir 895 l. Is pretty straightforward and i m glad that dealing has preset of secure ssid for setting up the router for the first time.


And you can easily recreate the password from the bottom. Of the router so once you re connected to the. Router simply enter. 19216801.

In your browser. Do serve the router. The setup wizard is so simple that it merely took about four steps to get connected to the internet. Once done you will be brought to a very clean dashboard showing.

You how the router is connected to the internet and the number of clients connected for those who are new to router configurations. The dir 895. Else ui is very user friendly features of the router can be accessed from the drop down menus on the top and almost every configuration page looks clean for the advanced users the standard router features such as qos ddns em vpn are present. However for such a powerful router.

There are still some features missing right here. Including a vpn client and download manager while the usb ports are useful for sharing storage and printers across the network. I was rather surprised that it doesn t support usb modems. Which is already a standard feature even on entry level routers in terms of performance i did a file transfer task before hardware connected to the routers usb.

30 part and an ass on both the 24. Gigahertz and 5 gigahertz network. The wireless adapter that i used is a dealing dw. A 192 which supports a maximum speed of up to 1300 megabits per second here s a diagram of our test environment where we have picked three spots in our 1000.

Square feet studio office to perform the test location a is five meters away from the router location b. Is 10 meters away. While location c. Is our pantry.


Which is blocked by a wall. During the test there are dirty connected devices on both wired and wireless. There are usb tree by no transfers bees are consistent on both the network bands. Though they are still significantly slower than a standard usb hard drive speed transfer speeds between the nass is a lot better and results are very close to a tattered network connection auto transfer speeds drop significantly on location c.

I would say that it is still pretty decent as for. Testing our 300 megabits per second internet. Connection i use an ipad pro 105. Run.

The speed test app and connect with the same test server as speed. Test results on the 24. Gigahertz. Network.

Isn t that satisfactory especially when testing at location c. But ping response for all locations is still great by all means. The di r89 5l is a powerful wireless router with a very attractive hardware design. The software is fast and easy to navigate around network.

Coverage and speeds are on par in the flagship router category. However. The lack of certain features as mentioned previously makes it a difficult recommendation to power users especially when the router is priced at 1779 ringgit. However if you are looking for a wireless router that can connect many devices without affecting speed and offers great coverage.

The dr8 95 l. Is definitely a great product that we recommend. ” ..


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