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“Everyone this is new midium 3. I was checking the live builds for a daggerfall daggerfall unity. Today and i noticed that there just happened to be a brand new that came out a couple hours ago as of recording this so there are a few new features. I think one of them was outdoor swimming.

So like you know if you come up on a like around the moat in castle. Daggerfall. And you sink a little bit. And you move slowly that kind of thing and i think also you can see magic effects that are attached to items.

But i wanted to show off my little contribution. So let s start a new game here always better go high elf that s my thing so a lot of the character creation stuff has been implemented. But there s still some work left to do and what i contributed was the custom of quest creator. So it s as far as i know i don t think that there are any major bugs that break it it behaves slightly differently from classic.

Like for example. Yeah. This is always blinking here. So you can just type in whatever you want the class name to be at any time.

So you don t need to click on it and i actually thought that was nice so i just kind of left it like that and everything is basically functional. Yeah. You can change your attributes you can change your hip points. And it moves the difficulty dagger and the difficulty adjustments i got all those from uesp.

I didn t really like debug the actual program and dig into that i just kind of trusted..

What other people who have done reverse engineering on this have found before i trust that they know what they re doing so. Now. You got all of your special advantages and stuff. This took so long to implement me so.

Many switch cases and stuff. Because this is all like implemented within the than the actual executable. There s no like record in text rfc that just handles all this you pretty much just have to put it all in manually. Unless we read directly from the xe which we re not doing yet.

But anyway so this all modifies your difficulty dagger as well and disadvantages. It s all here. I had to put all this in manually and again i got it from you esp from all of the reverse engineering work that people have previously done i might have made a type of when i put them all in we ll find out later so reputations. This was probably the most fun part because i actually had to there weren t any there wasn t any ui element.

That was previously made that could handle this kind of bar. That goes up and down. So i had to kind of just make my own from panels. So this green bar here is just like a panel and if you click down here it destroys that panel and creates a new one yeah i had to calculate its size based on where you click and stuff.

It was fun so of course it won t let you exit until you ve balanced everything yep. So just pick some random skills actually it lets see you might just mess around a little bit with my character that i create picking these aren t the skills. I d usually choose and of course so he can heal quickly and just some random stuff not gonna be using this for very long personality. We don t really have much use for personality.


I think a lot of there s some npc interaction stuff that still needs to be implemented. So this this bug. I don t think that we implemented this bug or if you re a high elf in there you choose critical weakness to paralysis. Then you still can t be paralyzed.

I m not sure if that s still going to work probably not this is a nice feature right here you generate a random name for yourself. I think. It s based on your race. That wasn t in classic.

This part right here where you move your stats up up and down and add your bonus stats. This it s implemented by a class and what i did was i kind of just used the class that s used for this and i slightly altered it to make it so like if it s being used on the other page that you can freely edit these up and down as much as you want so i m just using existing stuff and and sure reflexes. I m not even sure what how much this even affects the game. I always just put it on very high and cut scenes cut scenes have been working for a long time the main quest.

Works. There s still some work to be done on the quests quest system is really complex. I d be careful if i were you if you want to like do a full playthrough of this game. And like do a bunch of side quests.

Do that at your own risk. Because as i said the quest system is really complex and not everything might work also there was a part of that character creator that s still not implemented. It s like you can create the class and everything. But there s also something you do after that when you answer a bunch of questions.

And it gives you atoms based on that items and stat bonuses and skill bonuses whatnot..

I might do that next since i m already familiar with all of the character generation stuff so we ll see can i do that pretty soon. I think. This head popping is also another relatively new feature placing a long blade. Let me say real quick.

I might die. I don t know if you can hear that dungeon music. I remember correctly. I don t think.

This is the music that corresponds to this that s another new feature actually well fairly new what the hell. I guess i was pretty close to death that s why so you have death sounds that are based on your race of gender. That was never actually implemented in classic. It was just one sound that was ever play when you re when you re die.

I would always just go yeah. I think it all it just it all uses it uses existing sounds that were in the game files. Like i just never got used i guess they ran out of time to program them in i hope you ll excuse me for using god mode. I m not usually this bad at the game.

I m just you know trying to breeze through it and show you stuff that class. I made kind of sucks climbing is a little bit different now shoot. I ve done my travel map queue to the console key you i know it s still feel okay takes a little a blurred correctly yep. It s rough with the head bobbing let s try out this outdoor swimming.

I don t think this little creek is wide enough here we go so here it is outdoors..

If npcs can swim. Yet too just gotta go to the mood since that s a fairly large body of water. Okay let s get some guards over here. Sorry lady.

This is for science. Oh. I ve got my antique all files. Except.

The guards don t sweat. Oh. That s for a later build that s fine let the doppler effect. Oh.

She s pretty fancy all right so that s the newest build of decker for unity. Let s forgot to say unity. Yeah. So i hope you enjoy my new character creator.

It s me. It s not really mine i just reimplemented it the festive made it originally. But yeah ” ..


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