Dash Charge fast charging on OnePlus 3 explained

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“Guys. This is nick with phone arena and here. We noticed that fast charging is is becoming increasingly popular among. Smartphones you might have heard about this technology by qualcomm quick charge.

20 or quick charge 30. It steals don phones by samsung lg htc and many others but now there s this new charge technology and it s available only on the 1 3. How does it work and is it any better compared to other fast charging solutions well allow us to explain first of all charge isn t exactly a new thing. It is based on book.


A rapid charging. Which is a technology by the chinese company o pope and fundamentally charge isn t any different compared to other fast charging solutions. But before we get to the details let us talk about lithium every smartphone today including the oneplus 3 uses a lithium ion battery because they are light and store a large amount of energy but lithium is a very picky element which is why lithium ion batteries need to be charged with a steady regulated flow of power otherwise the battery may get damaged in general lithium ion batteries can be fed more power when they re empty or partially discharged pretty much every fast charging solution for smartphones takes advantage of this property and cramps as much power into the battery as it can safely handle. Once the so called saturation point is reached the flow of power is reduced to keep things safe charge on the oneplus three works the same way it dumps a ton of power then slows things down that s why the oneplus 3 needs just half an hour to reach this 63 charge level.

But another 44 minutes are needed to reach full charge. What makes charge different is the weight power is delivered from the charger to the phone. The formula is simple power equals voltage times current increasing the voltage or the current will result in more power. However quick charge by qualcomm uses high voltage to achieve that while charge on the oneplus.


3. Uses high current welcome quick charge scores points for its greater compatibility there are dozens of quick charge certified chargers and dozens of quick charge fight phones the usb cable that you connect the two it doesn t matter much however you cannot feed the voltage from the charger straight into the battery that is going to damage. It there s a special circuit inside every quick charge phone that steps voltage down to something more manageable. Unfortunately.

This produces heat and heat may slow down the charging process charge overcomes the whole heat issue by moving the circuit to controlling the flow of power from the phone to the charger itself as a result. There is very little heat generated inside the 1 3. While it s charging quickly because of this one process that it s perfectly fine to use your 1 3. While it is charging unfortunately charge has its downside.


It only works with a stock charger and cable provided with the 1 3. Yes. You need the stock cable as well because other cables might not be able to handle the power as we said earlier charge uses greater current and greater current requires a thicker cable. But despite its limitations charge on the oneplus three works really well in fact.

The 1 3. Is one of the fastest charging smartphones. That we have ever tested it charges faster than the galaxy s7. The lg g5 the iphone 6s or the xperia z5 and all of these phones have identical or smaller batteries in the battery.


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