Data shows Amazon raised prices during pandemic alongside sellers accused of price gouging

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“This week. Amazon kicked off thousands of sellers from its site. For price. Gouging.

And and attorney general. Ashley moody. Says. She s investigating dozens of sellers amid the growing pandemic.

But i team investigator. Adam worcester. Has learned while those sellers were profiting off customers fear and misery. Amazon s substantially raised its own prices on products like hand sanitizer protective masks even toilet paper wayne farmer sells groceries on amazon when this pandemic is really just double tripled farmer knows his items are expensive because he has to pay a shopper to buy them at a retail store then he faced to ship them to amazon or directly to customers and he pays amazon fees of up to 30.


We see a price out there of nineteen dollars. You know and six cans of something just realize at the end. You know the person who originated that me you know may have made three dollars. But other amazon sellers may have been price gouging.

Which is defined as when a seller increases. The prices of goods services or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair amazon removed five hundred thousand listings and thirty nine hundred sellers from its site. This week for suspected price gouging after sellers on the site. Raise prices by up to sixteen hundred percent for things like hand sanitizer cleaning supplies and protective masks.

But the i team has uncovered sellers weren t alone. But we looked at the data. We saw price increases from both amazon and third party sellers. Greg mercer is founder and ceo of jungle scout.


A company that tracks amazon sales data and sells information to third party. Sellers. Mercer says amazon not only earned commission from these sellers accused of price gouging. It also more than doubled in some cases its own prices on essential goods as the co vid.

19. Pandemic. Grew amazon listed a 4 pack of toilet paper earlier this month. For 72 before cracking down on sellers.

We asked an amazon spokesperson about jungle scouts findings. But she wouldn t comment. However. She said in an email amazon is working to assist law enforcement.


Mercer says investigators should also be looking at amazon. Then it only seems fair to treat amazon the same way. There s thinking if i was the ag. I would probably even expect a higher level of business ethics from the big corporations than i would these little guys wayne farmer says his record stand up to any scrutiny and he believes he s providing a much needed service during these scary times.

I go out so people do not have to i m. I team investigator. Adam wall. Sir.

Taking action for you meanwhile attorney general. Ashley moody. Announced. This week.


She has subpoenaed records from 40 amazon sellers in her price. Gouging investigation. And she says. None of the consumer complaints.

They received about pricing involved a product actually sold directly by amazon. But they re now looking into the information. ” ..


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