Date A Live [Season 2

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“How do we deal with trans facial life forms that cause disasters strategy. One destroy destroy them through overwhelming military force or strategy to date them and make them fall love you you you you you you you you you you you you you you it s pretty simple miss o kamini yes. I am totally a boy now so i can stay in the same room ashido when we go on the school trip. I don t think so you can keep wearing those clothes.

But it doesn t change the fact that boys and girls have to stay in separate room. Excuse. Me. I think you should approve tokhes unusual.

Request or at least consider it huh huh hold on what do you after i really admired that you have the courage to come out in front of everyone i think you deserve to stay in the boys room. No question hmm look. I m not saying thanks nun need is don t wasting time. The issue is not negotiable.

But it is still pretty uncommon for a girl to want to become a boy to keep things balanced will make shito into a girl that literally makes no sense then we could bathe together tastefully. How s that tasteful becomes a girl you won t be able to stay in the boys room with me you re a man now you need to stay strong. Then this must have been part of your plan. All along you are both being ridiculous boys and girls will be in separate rooms.

And no more gender swapping got it putting room assignments aside. You can choose your seats for the plane. Ride you can spend time together. There the location for the school trip.

Yeah. She told me about it they were going to okinawa. But now it s a ruby island. We re talking a last minute change here it seems a certain travel agency said they would cover all expenses in order to get publicity shots with all financial burden lifted the school quickly agreed.

However sounds suspicious perhaps i m reading too much into it but the agency crossed travel. It s a subsidiary of and industries. This was her game from the beginning wasn t it you tricked me into the seat furthest from the window. I want my phone again you never specified.

Which seat you wanted i m sorry see the rubber sorry. Gino triple m. Is amazing too everybody knows the aisle is where the action is it s pretty cool the clouds look just like a carpet well if you like carpet. I ve got one you one right here like a tin sheet.

Oh. If i pretended that maybe they ll stop pardon. The candid camera. But i had to capture such a priceless expression.

Uh huh shido. Who was that the teacher introduced her to us earlier. She s the pro photographer. The travel agency sent along with us.

A spirit princess your camera is making me jelly. It s top of the line must have cost you have to shut up gentlemen. Please prepare for landing is that the ocean. Yeah.

I guess. This is your first time to see it uh huh. The waterpark we went to with yoshino and coterie was amazing. But this place is even better more than you know is something wrong odd.

I feel like someone s watching us hmm. We ll have them take our luggage to the hotel first understood. It was probably just the camera incoming from a dentist..


One they ve reached our ruby island target. Confirmed. Ah kuru. Airport north district camera.

Number six. It s princess. Sir we found her that was anticlimactic. The girl doesn t look like a spirit you must not let your guard.

Down intelligence indicates. That she is a spirit that alone is reason enough to be on level. One alert roger that set alert to level one by the way aren t we supposed to have a wizard on the all right clothes for gather round that would be me we met earlier. I ll report back to you later on.

But for now. The kids are on the move right come on eyes forward class four since this is a school trip. We ll start the learning now we re heading to the aruba island records office. Go inside seriously it sounds like stupid.

Boring. That s so lame hey get it out of the way now have fun later am. I right sexy beast. It s time come on let s book it.

But i know someone s been spying on us hang on toka oh man adept is one to our battelle princess has broken off from the group track her movements for me also activate ashcroft beta and set to standby. Then cut off the island from outside communication be ready to strike at any time. Hey you re gonna get left behind. What what did you come for some photos of a fan being a field agent can be rough.

But these precautions seem a bit extreme spirit or not she s just a teenage girl once we introduce her to the bandersnatch unit capturing her will be child s play captain. We ve got a problem the hell weird this weather came out of nowhere look. If we don t get out of this storm it could get really bad sorry i ran off. But i know someone was watching us i could feel it i bet.

It was just the locals giving a bunch of annoying students. The stink eye now which way to the records office. What s going on this came to a head way too quickly you know get down toka. Were you okay just my luck huh a spirit or the ast.

But the spatial quick alarm. Never sounded spirits two of them i can t believe you darling doesn t matter does well. I ll be going then this isn t exactly the best timing for a meeting at hq. But it s a rare chance for the rounds to meet up in person so i m expected to make an appearance go you may leave it to me commander don t worry you can trust us to hold down the port.

Just promise that you ll hurry back when you re done. But lo. The unbridled passion of youth set free during a school trip and i keahak onizuka will chronicle this page of cheetos salad days with every juicy detail during your absence right i reiterate please hurry back. Sure i ll try okay as acting commander of the mighty fraxinus blood of course for 15000.

Feet. Above the island not too bad user ooh. Although. I expected as much for my other half too bad.

It will all it s been in vain rebuttal much has been learned from our 99 battles the advantage is clearly mine such sad prattle. We both know the only spirit even suitable to be my successor is me i am. The one who will persevere the name you my does not fit one. As lowly as you your words are hollow.

My cuter devil site has already shown you the inevitable end it gave me a vision of you user who impaled and dying on the end of my sturm lanza refute your devil site has never been accurate in the slightest shadows. It is so work before and don t you dare make fun of me shin. Can you hear me marina good..


I finally got through. Where are you in toka currently um. Not sure request kaguya. Please provide information regarding the combat capabilities of your sturm.

Lanza. The very font of language dries up trying to describe the scope of its awesome power tangible yet intangible visible yet unseen only able to say thats thirst was stabbing and piercing summary. Just like you it is devoid of meaning. That s not true it does have meaning.

It s maybe you re just too stupid to really understand derisive your star lanza is laughable. How dare you to punish you for such insolence perhaps. I should rinse that smirk off your face right here. And now we re gonna get caught in the middle.

Enjoy wait is that a human wondrous. I cannot suppress my surprise uh hi. Why have you brought our sacred duel to a standstill. Human and what are your intentions for us depending on your answer.

I allah turn your body into a jelly with my shutting lines that discrepancy your weapons name has changed completely unimportant. Now be quiet already clary since you are the one who was confused. Why must i be quiet ah at this rate. We won t resolve anything unless.

I think i know how we can settle things for good question. What did you have in mind. A new trial. We ve had many contests haven t we we ve each had 25 victories and come to a draw 49 times the list of events to compete in is rapidly dwindling.

However. There is still one competition. Which hasn t yet determined a victor between us doubtful explain hey we re back there s no denying. I m obviously more lively and charming than she is seduction.

I m more fully developed what gives their transfer students. This is highly unorthodox the school never informed me they were coming. It was so sudden they were probably worried that they couldn t contact you in time don t worry about the new girls leave them to me okay. Please focus your energy on the other students.

Oh. Thank you so shido. All you have to do is make a simple little choice just say kaguya you drive me wild let me give myself to you body and soul forever wrong cogley. There s a poor choice.

She s quite needy and childish. However. I would strongly recommend me feeling a little smothered are we putting our feminine wiles to the test. We haven t tried that yet surely the true heir of the hurricane child yemaja would possess enough grace and charm to make all of creation quake in jealousy reply.

I believe i follow your logic in truth. It may be the only attribute which we have not put to a competition user ooh do you agree to pit our beauty against one another of course. My victory is certain negative. There is no chance that you could ever beat me after all i am the cutest to be frank your looks are average at best.

What do you mean by that it doesn t matter. This will be our decisive battle whoever gets this man to fall in love first will be the winner come on now handsome just spit it out which of us has more feminine charm. Me or little miss boring. There question do you prefer a beautiful woman or a cheap floozy like her look.

I m not a floozy you take that back right now no i am prettier than that trollop kavya stop that s even worse with everyone shut up for five seconds. Boys. Let me ask you something first..


Why are you ladies trying to duel. Each other for the hundredth time anyway uh. Oh. Did we not mention that already apologies.

We forgot to tell you as the arbitrator you have the right to know all of the pertinent details you see kavya and i were once combined as a single spirit. The name of the spirit was you my so basically four reasons yet to be announced some day soon you ll both have to go back to being a single spirit and when that happens the two different personalities won t be able to co exist. Is that right correct the personality of the original yemaja was lost ages ago this user ooh or i will become the new you my for there can be only one correct explanation in order to determine who that will be we have fought tooth and nail for many years this fight foot race kendama eating contest. We competed in a variety of ways those last two were way less traumatic.

What happens to the personality that loses it will cease to exist no way we really appreciate you shido thanks to you we can compete in a way. We ve never been able to affirmative. I have no objections. If this match is what makes the final decision.

Yeah. That can t be good is there some kind of problem. Yes. Fraxinus hasn t sent any updates or status reports in ours.

The reason is unknown. But i will investigate anyway and now ladies if you would both follow me please shin. Is more wily than he looks i ll give you some tips to deal with him well that s just great to new spirits pop up and rayna and i have to fly solo. What kind of tips is she giving for them to deal with me oh girls shido.

I give you permission to cleanse the impurities that have accumulated on your puny mortal body confirmation. Please feel free to enter the bath. Okay hey what made you think it was all right to take a bath with me duh. How else am.

I going to make you go crazy for my pixie like feminine charms scornful feminine charms. You say were you planning to buy some here because you didn t bring any with you sister. I swear i ll make you pay for that later you cow accept it now bring it on hmm excuse. Me this is the bed s back.

Which means. Neither of you were even supposed to be on this side better prepare yourself stud. I don t know if you realize that you can never be satisfied by anyone. But me negative just think there s a more slim z white towel separating our joystiq here.

We go ready out of the kindness of my heart you can have the first seduction attempt negative not needed. However you could use any handicap you can get i d wager. Then the gloves are off the moment. I make my big move.

She toes eyes will never stray for me again. I just wanted to be charitable and let you have a glimmer of hope. Skeptical you have no idea what it takes to seduce a young man do you you bet. I do i m super foxy plus.

I ve got a ton of sexy techniques that a boy like you couldn t dream up in a million years out full care to demonstrate all right just you watch oh. How do you like that i m confused hey. What are you laughing at division. Just as expected your feminine charms lee.

Something to be desired what did you think i ve ever girl without a shred of passion. We have even the foggy. It s no falsehood. My worse that still be better than you why don t you show us how it s done accept it here we go hi.

Handsome thanks wow. You sure shot. Me can t believe mad me worried living..


I am not interested in your opinion. Saint. Here. Noted.

Your childish figure is not as effective at seduction. As my womanly curves nonsense. You know that we re identical rebuttal. Even if the measurements are the same they feel completely different you re under estimating the attractiveness of a slender body body.

Slender body. You say change the words to sound better all you wish. But you cannot alter the sad truth are you seriously bragging because you have more fat on your chest indignant these breasts are pristine. But your jealousy is ugly in who s jealous of you cow.

I m not you understand me shido thinks. I m cuter than some fatty like you any day of the week. No gifts answer fuck s wrong when attempting to appeal to men being flat chested is a bad thing chicken bones like yours wouldn t rate. A second glance.

They are chicken bones riposte don t ever call me a fatty you and more split ends than i do snark your smellier than i am. Whenever you get sweaty. Oh will you have more body fat than. I do pity you re not intelligent enough to find another fault of mine to comment on hey company fatty fat puffball counter flat as a board play behind the others lights show up at any time it won t look good if your confidence bad good huh.

What are you talking about shido confirmed. There s no need to worry uh. But why i love being first in the bath whoa whoa whoa. What are you doing in the midst bathing area.

You re talking about i would never run with a red sign just like everybody told me to huh and how d that happen well. We might have switched the signs right before you came in supplement. Once you came in we put them back like we would sing solo to use the men s bath figures. I got here early to be the first in the bath.

But now i m the fourth. Oh my mistake i kind of got tricked. I ll get out right now oh. She is like right there.

We would never get a view this good at home. That s so lame could i make a plead and quickly shido. I ll obstruct their view you can hide behind me. Then try to run away you sure those girls tricked you into coming into the wrong.

So i m gonna get you out hey join. Us. Oh. And you have like perfect skin.

Something wrong. Huh isn t it a little early to sneak into a woman s bedroom. We were delayed by unexpected circumstances. But we will strike tonight have bandersnatch standing by and ready to move you chose me over my sister doesn t really matter doesn t yo.

She doe yes. They gave us a lot of free time on this school trip you you ” ..

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