Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck!! Super Nasty Car Detailing and INSANE Transformation!

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“What s up guys and welcome to the video. Today s vehicle is a 2011 2011 chevy silverado. It s used as a work truck. And this thing is a disaster alright.

So taking a quick look around the outside of this truck. And it really doesn t take long to see why it s earned the disaster detail status as this truck has clearly been worked hard as the wheels are absolutely stuffed full of mud. The running boards are carrying their weight in dirt and believe it or not. But there s a nice shiny wheel hiding under all of that dirt now moving to the inside.

And this is where the real disaster is is we ve got everything from dog hair to the nasty grime to motor oil in the carpets to deal with plus. The seats are filthy that s hard to say. But there might even be some mold growing in the back. But just before we jump into the video guys take a quick second and subscribe to the channel.

I post a new video like this every week. So make sure you ve got the balance you actually get notified when those videos go live all right well. Now that you ve seen just how bad this truck is and how much work i ve got in front of me you know this transformation is gonna be epic so sit back relax and enjoy alright so while i start on the pre wash prince here figured. I would give you a bit more of the background on this vehicle.

It s when i was chatting with the owner when he dropped it off. He s telling me that uses this truck for a few different purposes. One being for his company. So he s in it basically all the time plus.

He s also a first responders. So you ll see later on all the emergency lights that he s got hooked up. But then he also does a bit of farming. So this truck gets driven and used a ton so it s really no surprise that it s in shape that it is but the transformation that it makes by the end of the video is absolutely incredible.


And you also get to see the owners reaction. Too and it s a good one so make sure you guys stick around right to the end. Now. Thankfully gm hadn t started using carpeted wheel.

Well liners in 2011. Yet so it sure allowed me to get these sprayed away quicker. But it was definitely just as satisfying getting to see all that mud blasted away. I figured i d let you guys know that i actually just posted another.

Q. A video over on the second channel. The detail geek too so if you re at all curious head over there to check that out after this video might even makes a cameo appearance in it now another important step of the vehicle. This dirty is to get the underside sprayed off as there is going to be a pile of dirt and roll of salt on to there so if you re curious as to where you can get one of these undercarriage sprayers.

I ve got the link in the description for you now the truck rinsed. I can see a pile of iron contamination on this paint. So i m going ahead and using my iron decon spray which is gonna safely dissolve those iron particles turning purple when it does and then i ll simply just spray it off after letting it sit for a few minutes. And if anyone is curious yes you can use regular detailing clay to achieve the same results.

The only issue is that it s going to take you a lot longer to remove those particles by hand here s a quick shot to show just how well this spray works now while the truck drip drives a bit i ll turn to these super dirty floor mats and i ll first start by spraying them off with the pressure washer to get all the dirt and debris removed and then using some all purpose cleaner. I ll hit them with the drill brush to finish them off and then just rinse them off after typically that s all i do with rubber floor mats unless they re really really worn down and still look awful after they re clean. Then i ll usually use some carpet pearl to revive them all right so it s time to start on this nasty. Interior.

And obviously. This is where the bulk of the work on this truck is going to be so after removing an absolutely massive pile of stuff out of the backseat. The glove box and the center console. I ll then get all of those emergency led lights.


I had mentioned earlier out of here that way i m not having to constantly work around all the wires. But i can also ensure the windshield can be cleaned properly later on then throw the garbage that s on the floor and in between the seats and the console. I ll go ahead and grab all the big stuff that could clog my vacuum and just toss. It now one thing.

I always do and especially in a vehicle that s as dirty as this one is is i use a detail brush around all the trim and every crevice. There s usually a ton of dust or other stuck on grime that needs a little bit of agitation to get loosened up so it could be sucked away by the vacuum. Now you might wonder why i didn t just grab. These sunflower seeds and toss them with the other garbage.

I pulled from here. Honestly i figured i d let you guys have the satisfaction of seeing them get sucked up by the vacuum. I remember in one of my farm trek videos from a few months ago. There was a pile of grain that was spilled in the back and i couldn t quite bring myself to vacuum it all up so i used a dustpan to gather most of it but anyways.

There was quite a few people who wanted to see it all get sucked away. So i figured i d let you guys enjoy it this time here s the massive pile of sunflower seeds dirt french fries and dog hair. The vacuum sucked out of this truck gross all right so turning to these super dirty cloth seats and every time i get a vehicle in with dirty seats or carpets. It s always a bit of an unknown as to whether they will come perfectly clean obviously because it s not always just dirt that i m dealing with it could be some other kind of stain.

But fortunately my carpet solution and drill brush haven t come across a stain in a seat yet that it couldn t get out. And i ve done a few silver autos just like this one that were work trucks with filthy seats. And every time this combo works. Incredibly well here s a quick before and after on the seat and boom.

It looks brand new again now i probably mentioned before. But i ll typically use a little more solution on carpets than i do on seats. As it s far easier to get the majority of it out and they dry a lot quicker too. But especially when there s a large stain like there is behind the driver seat here which i m quite certain was used motor oil since the solution was turning black here i have to say.


This was a first for me is on the first couple passes over that spot the solution was coming to a really dark black color. I ve seen brown and orange. But definitely not black before now since i could still see some of the oil coming through after a few passes. I ll add some more solution and repeat.

The process. Letting that solution sit for a few minutes to really penetrate and loosen it up from the fibers now as i suck away more of the dirt and gross nests with the bissell here. I figured i would let you know that the links to almost every product and tool. I use including the bissell spot clean professional extractor.

I m using the drill brush and carpet solution are down into the description for you so feel free to check those out you guys like to detail your own vehicle. A lot of the stuff. I use is a very reasonably priced so make sure you check them out if you re interested here s all the filthy water sucked out of this truck along with a nice layer of sludge at the bottom gross now it s a lot of the interior trim looking like this and completely covered in dirt. I m opting to just spray the apc directly onto the door since i ll need to use a bit more than i usually would and then i ll start by going around all the crevices and switches with a detail brush to agitate the cleaner and ensure.

I ve got all that dirt and grime loosened and lifted out of the cracks and then i ll simply just wipe everything down with a microfiber towel. Now for the super dirty and grimy areas like the door sill plates that i had popped off earlier. It s easiest to just bust out the steamer for them because it makes such quick work of things and it s honestly just a ton of fun to use so if anyone s curious the steamer. I m using is a mcculloch mc 1375 is a very reasonably priced for how versatile of a tool that it is the link is down in the description for you if you guys are interested in checking that out moving to one of the crimea areas in this truck.

And again. The steamer is the best choice here because in only a few seconds. It can loosen up all the gross and sticky areas. So i can quickly finish.

The job with a detail brush and then just wipe everything down with a microfiber towel. Now one thing you haven t seen too often in my videos is cleaning the headliner and that s usually because they aren t very dirty. But this one had a number of spots to clean. So my usual method is to just spray some apc onto a microfiber towel and then lightly rub each spot and generally speaking that s all that s needed although for any dirtier spots.


I would typically agitate with a detail brush and then blot dry with a microfiber towel. Moving back to the exterior and despite using that iron decontamination spray earlier like i mentioned it only handles the iron particles so things like tar or tree sap or you know any other sort of road grime is still going to be stuck on the paint. So using some detailing clay it s able to remove that pretty easily alright with the paint perfectly clean and prepped. I ll throw a finishing pad on my polisher and get a coat of wax applied to this truck and one thing to keep in mind when we re moving that wax once it s dry is to use a quality microfiber towel and ensure you re flipping the towel to a clean side every panel or two otherwise you ll likely end up leaving a streak of wax residue.

As the fibers eventually get full and you ll just be pushing around on the page now to really make the exterior plastics pop. I ll apply my favorite product. Which is 303 aerospace protectant and that s going to instantly revive any faded. Plastic and leave.

Them with great. Uv protection and a nice matte. Black look. Oh.

Oh. My god you sir. A miracle. Thank you i am overjoyed with it holy crow just over the moon like i said you work miracles sir thank you so much your cream cheese is there yeah all right take care thank you so much all right guys and 12 hours later.

I m finally done with this truck doesn t even look like a work truck anymore. It looks so good i hope you enjoyed getting to see the owners reaction. I know he was absolutely thrilled with it so if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you hit the thumbs up button and subscribe in the channel. If you haven t yet enjoy the guitar outro and i ll see you guys in the next one ” .


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