Dell Latitude D830 Laptop with Windows 7 Pro

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“We have a dell latitude e 830. Laptop 15 inch screen lid lock on the the side you got your pcmcia slot wi fi on or off smart card. For factor or login identification. Firewire.

Locking cable side here 2 usb ports on the front on the side dvd. Rw drive well so does disc cd burning like the e. 6400 slides right out easy and on the field replacement. The back ethernet vga.

I mean even best video to more usbs dial up modem serial vga power events. So for us b s total battery. Does hold a charge on this inside. Here.

Is the screen buttons. Speaker. There speaker..


There was designed for windows. Vista buzz got. 7. Pro.

On it also i already did all the updates and stuff on that s already used it once before got firefox and stuff on it it s no fanfare with this one. Although. I m surprised it does work concerning the condition of the box that it arrived in was that box was torn as you so surprise. This thing survived hey.

That s up running battery life 44 minutes. That s being stupid and i got to turn that back on go that s being dumb. You know she connected internet always comes up with that triangle. But then that goes away after a minute still booting.

So i let it finish booting up and then we ll come back. See. I told you that was similar to go away now it s connected..


I think we got updates on this one too some more this one s clearly at 5 and run for a while alessi deserve that processing power to run youtube. An app. While this time. Updates.

Let s find out so youtube s plan takes a while to load up. But one can get the actual website and click on a video. It pops up pretty quickly again it says slow because it s installing updates right now. But and audio.

Someone okay. For this model. The little speakers specifications. 148.

Gigabyte. Hard drive 118 gigabytes free system properties. Wait for it to load up your creaming..


System. Rating. 2 gigabytes. Of ram.

31. Windows experience. Index the. 6400 was 34.

Service. Pack. 1. Also so that s there and i waiting on it does stall the updates.

We re at 11 right now so this will be a while boots up fast. Though so it s just a waiting game now updates. Done..


Let s put up on a dvd got one in here. If it will load the light blinking inside that s right now there goes recommended settings nice obviously dvd plays no problems so everything s working on this one to miss. I m surprised because starting to damage. The box was in again.

Asking cuz. There s no antivirus on here. So this one works. So really now how much else to show on it del d.

830. And the reason for the smart card is he s like for businesses or executives. These aren t really consumer model he s of business models and the smart cards for two factor authentication like you have a fingerprint or something else. And then you d have to enter a password username to in order to login two factor authentication and that s what the smart card is comes in handy for restrict access to it so these are business grade laptops.

And it pops right back up after when you open the lid lock. But the actors so that s it decent sound you touch the tree no inside gets designed ” ..

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