Denon Heos Speaker Comparision: 1, 3, 5, 7

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“I m carl with abt. And this is the denon nlineup of heos multi room room speakers they re available in two colors white and nblack and four different models 1 3 5 and 7 and in this video. We re gonna go nover the similarities and differences between them and hopefully help you determine which nwould work best for your applications. We ll start off by quickly going over what nthey all have in common like high res audio.

Support. Plus. There s support for several different nmusic services. Like spotify.

Pandora and. Deezer with more being. Added all the time they all have a 35 mm nauxiliary input usb bluetooth ethernet and of course wi. Fi which is compatible non a 24 or 5 gigahertz network.

So you re getting a variety of ways to connect nto all of these which you don t get on a lot of other brands that produce these types nof multi room speakers and lastly the biggest thing they all share nis. The heos app. Which is well put together and easy for anyone to get the hang of and that s about it for what they all have nin common as for the differences. We ll start off nwith the design now the biggest.


Obvious difference is that nas you go up in number they re going to go up in size which might factor into your ninstallation locations. Also the 1 is designed to sit vertically nand. The 5 and 7 sit horizontally. But the 3 here can be placed either way.

Which makes. It s ninstallation. A little more flexible the 1 and 3. Also come with threaded holes nfor wall mounting.

Where the 5 and 7. Do not and the 1 has an added advantage of having na humidity resistant enclosure so if you re planning on installing a speaker in your bathroom nyou. ve got something great for that type of application the 1 also has more of a graphite grill rather nthan. The color matched grill.

You ll find on the other three speakers. Which goes for nboth black and white and there s an optional battery pack that can be added to make it ntruly portable. Which is pretty cool and you know what else is cool free shipping. And that s what we offer here at abt anything shipped within the contiguous nunited states is free if you want to see more about it just click nthe link in the description now the other major difference is with the nsound which we ll give you a demo of a little later on and just like the sizes.


It gets better each ntime. You go up in number. The 1 s got a two channel class. D.

Amplifier ndriving. It s dome tweeter and wide range mid woofer and offers crisp highs and pretty ndecent bass. Which can be enhanced further by adding a second heos 1 and creating a stereo npair. The 1 is going to be ideal for small to medium nsized rooms or a bathroom with the 3.

You get another dual channel class. Nd amp. Powering. Two wide range drivers and the enclosure is ported to help move more nair.

So you ll feel a bump in bass as well as na little more eveness to the overall tone. But no option to create a stereo pair. Although nyou don t really need to with this one the 3 s also gonna be good for smaller to nmedium sized rooms. But this one s not designed to handle humidity like the 1 so you won t nbe able to put this or any of the others for that matter into a bathroom application now moving up to the 5 you re taking a big nstep up in sound.


Now you re getting. 4 individual class. D. Namplifiers.

Driving. Two tweeters and two mid range woofers along with a passive radiator so bass. Nis gonna get a very noticeable bump along with much more defined highs and mids the 5 is gonna work best in medium to large nrooms. But hey a small rooms not a bad place for this one either and that s gonna bring us to the 7.

The nlargest of the 4. Now you get 5 class. D. Amps.

Driving two tweeters ntwo mid range woofers and an active sub. All of which add up to some incredible separation nalong with bass. That s way bigger than you might be expecting and very accurate highs. Nand mids as you may have guessed this ones designed nfor large spaces.


But again if you re looking for the best sound. Available and you have na smaller room don t be shy about checking out the 7 now. Here s a sound demo of these all back nto back music playing on the heos 1 music playing on the heos. 3 music playing on the heos.

5 music playing on the heos 7. I understand that people are listening to nthese through whatever speakers or headphones you have available. But hopefully you re nable to hear some of the differences. I just talked about that s the line up of denon heos multi room nspeakers.

What do you think do any of these fit your applications make sure to let us know in the comments as always we appreciate you checking out nour video. If you liked it be sure to give a thumbs nup and hey. While you re at it subscribe too. ” .


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