Dishonored 2 Starter s Guide

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“2. Is finally out and well. If you haven t played the first one it it may seem a little overwhelming. The game isn t designed to hold your hand.

If you don t know what you re doing you may not get the most out of it so here s some things to keep in mind. When you begin your journey to take back the throne first off. You can choose from two characters this time around. Emily kaldwin or the now gravelly voiced corvo attano.

Don t worry about the rabble rousers and we ll catch the crown killer eventually apart from the obvious differences between the two characters they each have some unique abilities. These skills called enhancements are the same between the two the only power that they both share word for word is dark vision. This power allows you to spot guards through walls and eventually see guards routes..


It s definitely worth investing in another ability that they both kind of share is blink. If you ve played the first one. Then you know blink basically allows you to teleport emily has far reach in stead. Like blink.

This will help you get around the map. Easier and get the spots. You normally couldn t reach one thing to keep in mind is that enemies can see you if you far reach past them you don t blink in and out of existence as you would with corvo depending on how you play it s important to research each character s ability for example. If you plan on playing non lethal stealth is corvo.

Then you might want to invest in possession and bend time these skills will help you slip past unnoticed. But say you want to play stealth as emily instead well it might be worth investing in shadow walk and ability that makes it more difficult to be spotted bring it on and mesmerise as you d expect this distracts cards something comforting about this to get these powers. You ll need something called runes and this brings me to my next point..


Where your heart on your sleeve or rather carrion. It s worth assigning the heart to a quick slot. So you can frequently pull it out. And see if there are any runes or bone charms and you re.

By now some of these can be rather difficult to get my recommendation is to try your hardest to get all the rooms you can. But if you re having a difficult time with a bone charm it won t be the end of the world if you pass it up by those within the outsiders wicked cabal those carson figures while you re searching for these runes you will probably come across a few black markets. Unless you re in a hurry do not buy the rune or anything apart from the blueprints for that matter. Though the game.

Doesn t explicitly tell you this you can rob. These stores. Sometimes they can be a bit of a detour..


But it s definitely worth the trouble just remember that when you rob one of these stores you can no longer purchase the blueprints so i d make sure to pick those up first the next question you should ask yourself is how do i want to play dishonored is known for its deep and complex gameplay choices you can play lethal non lethal stealth or assault. Obviously. The choice is yours. But i would recommend taking the stealthy approach from there you can either play lethally or non lethal aid.

However. If assault is more your style. Just keep in mind. That the sword combat is kind of clunky and the second you get outnumbered things are going to get real difficult.

If you chose to heed. My advice and play stealth. Here are some useful strategies for one use blink and far reach a lot the higher up you are an environment the safer you are hide the bodies or better yet turn them to ash hiding bodies..


Should be a no brainer for anyone who s played a stealth game. But if you plan on taking the lethal route. It s definitely worth investing in shadow kill it basically saves you the mess finally be patient and explore your environment dishonored two s areas are dense and layered with tons of quests lore and secrets. If you rush through these missions.

You will undoubtedly miss out on some of the coolest scenarios. And you will probably also make your life much more difficult. If you have any other hints or tips that i may have missed leave them in the comments below or you can let me know on twitter at jacob deck. Don t forget to hit that subscribe.

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