DJI Mavic Air – Smatree Portable Charger Comprehensive Review

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“Guys welcome to kludgy tech. Time i m david and today we re talking all all about the dji mavica air and a portable charging solution for it. I think s the best one out there stick around and we ll talk all about it well thanks for sticking around guys today. We re talking about the charging solution for the dji mavic air.

This is what s in my camera bag everyday. I ve been using it for the last two months. It s worked out really well so let s talk all about it i don t know about you guys. But i love my mavic air and i fly it all the time and because i fly it all the time i m burning through these batteries a lot so i m always looking for a charging solution that keeps up with my usage.

And this is the smaw tree dji mavic air charger and i ve been using it for the last two months. I actually just got back from a month long road trip out to the western us go. See family and we did a whole bunch of sightseeing on the way there and this went with us the whole way. And it is what kept my mavic air powered on that trip.

So there are quite a few things that i like about it something i think could be improved about it first let s dive into what i like about it so first off. I like that it charges. All three batteries at the same time right dj s charging hub charges three batteries. But it s only one at a time so it takes 40 minutes starts.

The first one 40 minutes charge. The next one 40 minutes charts the next one so it takes a long time. And if you forgot to charge your batteries or you re waiting on them to be charged that really is no good this charges. All three at the same time you can see that there if the battery ever focuses all three are charging at the same time now.

It does have a lot of protections built into it it s got circuit protectors. It s got overheating. Protectors and remember that the dji batteries are smart battery. So they won t take too much charge.

They will stop when they re full they won t let you charge..

If it s too hot. So there s a lot of safety built into it and i like that i like that i can charge all three at the same time. And what i do like is the price performance ratio. So as of recording this video each one of these mavic air batteries is about 80 this charger 129 dollars on amazon check out the description down below for current pricing.

If you re watching this down the road check out more details about this charger. Each one of these individual batteries 80. So for basically. One and a half of these batteries i can charge what what s mah tree says is 5 to 8 batteries.

I actually got about 10 batteries that i charged on my trip now is that completely empty batteries no that s not completely empty batteries. Most of the time when i m flying i get down to about the 30 mark and then i start coming home pretty much immediately and come laying so most of the time. My batteries are in that 20 to 30 percent range now. But that s not always sometimes you know you re i m a little bit further out or i gotta finish that one last shot you know so maybe they re a little bit lower.

But most of the time they re in that 20 to 30 range and sometimes maybe i m just getting one shot or i m just have something small that i need to go fly and go go do and then come back so sometimes they may be in the maybe forty to eighty percent range right. But when i was on my trip. I charged ten batteries with this off of a single charge of the charger. So this this is a battery itself.

And it charges mavic air batteries so i charge this up and then i ran ten batteries through this to top them off like i said most of the time they re twenty to thirty percent. But some of those batteries were probably in that forty to eighty percent range. So i got ten batteries that i was able to top off in real world usage right. And maybe you re the type of type of person that flies down to fifteen percent every single battery.

If that s the case. You re probably gonna be closer to the five charges rather than the ten that i got. But that just shows you kind of what it can do now one of the things that i really like about it is that it does have a usb port right here that you can use for charging other devices right when you go fly. What do you have you take three things with you you need to charge your mavic air that does that right here you need to have your remote control charge.

And you need to have your phone..

So this has one port in it to be able to keep charging your other pieces of equipment your phone and your rc. I wish it had two ports. So smaii if you re listening when you re doing one of these devices in the future two ports. Now i did a review of the dji sparc version of this and you can check that out up here.

And i m still using that and that s working really well for me like i said. I ve been using this for the last couple months. I use this on my trip with my boys out west and it worked it has worked really really well for me we in fact didn t just use it just for charging navikev batteries. We actually use it in the car for charging their tablets and their headphones and lots of other devices as well while we re driving one other things i really like about this is its form factor.

I like the form factor that it s long and skinny it fits really well down into my camera bag. It s a good companion to the mavic air itself in the remote which i stick on one side of my camera bag. I stick this on the other side of my camera bag and then i ll put my camera in the middle of it. And it works really really well other things i really like about this is that the batteries have you as you ve seen.

I ve been flipping this around and those batteries are locked in there positively. They re not coming out they lock in there the same way they lock into the aircraft itself you have to pull the release mechanisms on the side and then it just pops out like that stick it in there. And then clicks in so they click and they stay when you go to charge the charger itself you don t need some other third party proprietary cable. What you need is you need put it right here you need your mavic air charging cable.

So it just uses a mavic air charging cable. Not included in the box by the way. You have a mavic air. So it assumes you ve got a charging cable.

You use that you plug that in right. Here into the charger. And it charges the charger charges in about four hours is what they say now i haven t personally kept track of it when i charged it i basically plug it in a night wake up in the next day. It s charged so it could be more than that it could be less than that i honestly don t know.

But for most people..

I think it doesn t really matter right you plug it in when you get home and you unplug. It when you re ready to go go use it again. So the fact that it takes four hours not a big deal now the batteries themselves about 40 minutes each one of these takes about 40 minutes. When you re in that 20 to 30 range that are you re charging up to and again.

All three charges at the same time unlike. The dji charging solution the dji charging hub. One at a time right. Which is no bueno.

It is pretty heavy it weighs a decent amount on the amazon site it says four pounds. I haven t weighed it yet. But i wouldn t be surprised. If it weighs pretty close to that what about cost well as of this recording.

This this charger costs 129 on amazon prime in the us each. One of these mavic air batteries is about 80. So for one and a half of these mavic air batteries you can get about five to eight charges. I got 10 charges on my last time using it is that worth it that s something you have to consider now one of the other things to consider is this is a charging solution.

There s other charging solutions that are available. Almost everybody these days has a portable battery charger. That they use for charge in their phone or something can you use that well you can t just use one of the generic ones that just has usb connections because these won t charge on that there s no none of the dj chargers charge from dc. Like that so you have to have one of the special chargers like one of the ravpower or something like that that has an ac outlet right kind of your standard wall outlet on one of those chargers.

So those are a little bit more expensive. Plus. They generally are not going to have anywhere near the capacity that this has this is a hundred and fifty eight watt hours. Now that is an important number because if you re traveling on a plane that number is very important most countries including here in the us have regulations that the 100 watt hour and 160 watt hour.

This is 158 watt hours..

So falls just under that upper limit basically in the us and most countries have similar regulations. You would if you have a battery that is a hundred watt hours or less you can fly with as many of those as you want there s really no regulations around those if you have a battery that is 160 watt hours so between 100 and 160. Then you can still fly with those. But you have a limited quantity of those that you can carry and you may have to get approval in some countries to be able to fly with those this is 158 watt hours.

So it comes in just under that 160 regulation. So you should be able to fly with this in most countries. Without any problems. Assuming you re not trying to fly with several of these or you don t have other batteries for other uses that are in that range as well.

So if you are looking for a portable charging solution for your mavic air. This is something that i highly recommend so far has worked really well if i run into any problems in the future. I ll probably do another video to review. It but check in the notes below the description below and the comments down below.

If i run into any problems. I will add a comment about that like i said. I ve been using this for a little more than two months. It s been working really well for me.

I also from the same company have the dji spark version. And it is still working well and with no problems so check it out down below. If you guys like the content. I m putting out there i would love for you to hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up and let me know whether you like this or not and leave comments down below.

What do you think of this do you think. This is something that would be useful for you do you fly that much that you would need this much battery capacity let me know down below. Hope you guys have a great day get out and go fly it ” ..


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