Dlink DCS-942L Unboxing & Review

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” s going on guys robert here from robbie s tech. And today. I m gonna gonna be unboxing the d link network camera dcs 942l. Now let me just say up front that i am not recommending this camera in fact i m returning it but before i get into why i m doing that we re gonna jump right into the unboxing here so we see that dealing touts.

The diy install you can do yourself the micro sd slot card for local recording on the camera. And you can i guess record up to five times. More because they re doing some compression on the video. It s an enhanced wireless day and night home home network camera.

They show off that it s the cloud camera apparently and they shown a little app sneak peek there to show you what you can do with the camera some package contents see minimum requirements of your network and or computer as well as some the mydlink app that s available in the app store in the android marketplace and of course. Some more wonderful d link branding on the back of the box. We see some more information. We see a day and night mode of the camera a quick little simple schematic and of course.

The multiple ways you can view your camera and also an important note that if you have a mac you got to jump through more flaming hoops and install some more lovely stealing software to get the thing up and running which i ll talk about a little later opening up the box up. It s pretty simple inside nothing you know special nothing spectacular just pull up this gray cardboard here and you get the camera sitting right up on top and inside the box. You get the camera with some more stuff. And then we ll get you in a minute and of course.

A quick start guide with a lovely cd. If you have windows. It doesn t do you much good if you do have a mac getting inside of the box. There we have a couple of things including regular power cable.

Which is nice and long which i do appreciate a regular old ethernet cord. Because this camera could be wired you could wire. It up and have a networked that way some wall mounting screws and a plate and then of course. The camera itself the camera is decent build quality.

It s plastic. I mean what do you really expect just plastic camera sitting on a little plastic base there that s it s okay and it s pretty sturdy. I don t think it s gonna be knocked down anywhere i don t know how really weatherproof it is but it s okay you see on the front through the little four infrared lights that light up the micro sd card slot on the side of the camera. There and one of the things i do like about this camera is a nice little base.

The little sealed alarm on the base. So that kind of moves around you can kind of get it into any position. You want. Which is nice then of course.

The tape on the back you get out and it shows the networking port as well as the additional port for power..

And what looks to be some kind of headphone or it looks like maybe. An external microphone jack something like that i m not too. Sure. Now.

Why don t i. Like this d. Link. Camera.

Well there s a couple of reasons. And probably the first and foremost. The biggest reason for me is going to be the price shop around all you want. But this camera you re looking at you know 130 to 170 dollars for this particular dealing camera for that kind of money in my opinion.

A drop cam. Would be much better suited for the situation. Now granted you might have a different condition or maybe you re looking for specifically you re networking with d link equipment. But i m gonna go through the weaknesses of the camera.

And why i don t like it. And why a drop kim would be the better choice at least for me. And let me just say out front not getting paid by drop cam. I don t have some kind of drop cam.

A review unit. I paid one hundred and sixty three dollars on amazon. I think in total for my drop cam and i ll tell you why one of the most annoying things about this camera is the setup itself and this is probably true for any dealing product. I have a d link router.

It was the same thing trying to set it up with a mac is an absolute nightmare. Now they say on the box. There s a mac compatible version of the install guide it s downloadable. It s great.

I want to go and solve the first thing was that the link on the side has mac and all caps turns out that s not the case and was sending me to the wrong website. I m just trying to follow dean links. Instructions here and they weren t working once. I finally got the software installed all it basically did was tell me that oh.

The camera is online..

I see it on the network and boom. Curie are you ready to go the biggest problem. I had was that i wanted to have this camera on a wireless network and as soon as i unplugged. The network cable from it it wasn t working turns out after going to the ip address of the camera logging in and going through a page and a half of settings.

I finally found the enable wireless mode that had to be turned on it wasn t on by default. I don t know if this is the way. The mac configures it or the softwar because i didn t go through the d link windows. Install gide whatever.

It was that really upset me and the fact that this is targeted at the average consumer and you have to go in and enable that manually kind of scares. Me another interesting quirk about this camera is that it records locally onto the camera. It s nice that it sends you email notifications. When it detects movement or it starts recording at a certain time.

But what good does it do if the cameras recording is on the camera itself if you re someone like me. I m looking to put this camera by my front door outside maybe at a high vantage point. I don t really want to go up on a ladder and have to pull out that micro sd card. Every time.

I want to see the footage that was on the camera. Another thing about the camera is if it breaks. I pretty much lose that footage if the camera gets crushed or something like that or let s say worst case scenario. A thief comes and breaks.

The camera well the dropcam it records on the web. So even if the camera breaks. I still have that footage now let s talk about viewing your camera from anywhere in the world d link has a couple of apps that you can download as far as moberly. You can download the mydlink app in the app store or the google app marketplace and the app is decent.

It s really supposed to be kind of a control panel for your router or any other mydlink products. But you can see your camera fine you could see it you could view. It you could set some different sensitivity options like when you want alerts or if you want the camera. A higher.

The brightness higher or lower and kind of stuff like that it was decent. It was okay as far as web viewing like locally you could log on a d link itself and go through. And you know enter your user id and password interview. It that way or you could just browse to the cameras ip and watch it not really a pleasant viewing experience.

But if you re just gonna have it up in the background..

It s decent you can go through the web portal or use the app as far as video quality goes on the camera d link never claims to be hd. They say it s enhanced quality now you can interpret enhance however you want. But at least for me. The viewing of the camera and quality was decent 640.

By 480 is the video resolution. It s being extreme done don t take it from me. That s coming directly from the d link camera. It self 640.

By 480 drop cannon on the other hand is 720p take it as you want if you want a better image quality by go with the dropcam. I ve seen public dropcam s they look pretty darn good 640 by 480 with this wasn t horrible. But it wasn t exactly crystal clear one thing. I do have to give to d link is that the night vision was pretty remarkable wasn t great by any means.

It s not gonna give you anything outstanding you re not gonna be able to see a license plate in the dark. But it was pretty good for a low light just having a low light situation in my room. I could see pretty well i put this thing by my front door and had a night situation where someone came up to the door. I could probably make out at least the features of their face or their complexity pretty nice.

The camera also features a built in microphone. Which is pretty nice you don t have the talkback function like the dropcam. But the microphone in the camera was pretty good and you could also control the sensitivity. So but sky nice so overall is this dealing camera really that bad well no if you re already in the d.

Link. Ecosystem. And you have a lot of these my d link apps. And you have a windows pc.

It s probably okay also if you re looking for a camera. That s not really gonna be great just kind of mediocre quality. Then that s great. But the biggest reason for me is that for the price you just think the camera.

Doesn t justify its price tag at least for me. I d rather get a drop cam. That has money more features and a higher quality. Then you know go with this deal on camera.


There s some things that people might not like about the drop cam. Like the you know having to pay for a service. If you want some kind of dvr plan or other things like that certainly the price. But at least for me it seems to pay off way more especially since these cameras are about the same price.

This was 150 at best buy the drowned cam is also 150 one of the biggest complaints for me. And the reasons. I don t like the d link camera is the setup. You know everything i went over and the biggest thing that just baffles.

My mind is the local micro sd card. Recording somehow. I don t think the engineers really thought that through if the camera got broken or you have it in a high vantage point. You need to get that recording off.

Why oh why would you record locally to the camera. It just doesn t seem to make and the fact that d link doesn t even include a microsd card. Just kind of his little mean of them besides all that putting it aside. If you re in the d.

Link. Ecosystem. And you have a lot of the mydlink apps. And you re looking for a starter camera.

Then sure the d link camera. Is okay. If you want to pay the hundred fifty dollar price tag of it if not check out the other alternatives. So that s gonna be it for the end of this video.

Guys thank you so much for watching your thumbs up and likes are greatly appreciated make sure to stay tuned. The channel for some more tech goodness. Including a dropcam unboxing in a drop camera for you we ll see how it compares to this guy. And as for this guy.

It s going back to the shelves of best buy just where it came from thank you guys for watching and i ll see ” ..

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