Dragon Age Inquisition: Specialisation Tier List

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“What s up guys. It is staff lords here today. I m bringing you a a brand new video and this is the entire to list the dragon age inquisition all of the specs which includes champion at reaver and templar for the warrior tempest assassin. And artificer for the brogue and then 19 chanter rift made a necromancer for the mage.

So obviously. This is after skyhold from level 10. Upwards and hopefully you guys enjoy this it s a bit hard late game. Because lots of things just getting very very opie.

But anyway. I hope you enjoyed this video at the end of it i want you to all comment below. What you think of this video. Whether you agree with me.

And if you don t what you would change is always nice to get everyone s opinion. Because obviously this is just from my opinion and my experience if you haven t subscribed already smash that subscribe button let s share this video leave a like and let s just get straight into it as always we gonna how general mobs and bosses and dragons from early game mid game and late game. You should know the format by now but text will show you what s going on anyway early gamer. We re going to start off with the warrior from level 10 to 13 champion.

Start enough already in god tier and you guys know why champions at this level can already just be absolutely unkillable and survive through everything. Which makes them god tier. If you have a champion at this level even online mail with trials. I guarantee they will be the ones alive.

They will be the ones to never die. Moving down to riva entity to you have a bit of damage with reverb. But you don t really have that much yet which puts it down in tier 2. Templar.

All the way down in tier. 3. Annoyingly. It s just because templars don t really have any bonuses at this point apart from the goings again some very specific mobs.

Which is the reason. It has to go into tier 3. Going into the rogue. 10.

Pissed is in tier. 1. Already. The reason is 10 ps to this early can get flasks of fire and flasks of frost both either give you a ton of survivability or a ton of damage.

Which is extremely useful this early which is why it s in tier 1. It s not got enough survivability and damage to be compared to champion. But it gets itself into tier. One assassin.

Unfortunately is in tier. Two and the reason is assassin needs. Quite a lot of skills and passes and abilities to really shine with just going in and out of stealth and one shotting everything so it has to be put in tier. Two for now an artificer though already in tier.

One because by yourself or with a group. If you have enough crit chance you can already this low get cooldowns just refresh in pretty much instantly. Which is why artificer has to be in tier. One this early going down to the mages as you all know early game is very hard night in trying to start enough in at tier two and the reason is because the knight enchanter can actually get a ton of survivability you can inspect the night in toronto to go full survival this early in the game with yes a little damage.

But the fact you won t die just makes it able to hit that key too much whereas. Unfortunately risk major necromancer both have to be in tier. Three. Just because they don t really give enough to be able to put themselves on any power level to be compared to anything else obviously templar is down in tier.

3. With them going on to the bosses and dragons for the early game..

Though warrior again champions starting off in a god tier. Because of its survival reaver into tier. 3. With templar in tier 3.

And the reason is against dragons they really don t give you any bonuses and you need that defensive bonus in the early game. Which champion gives you to be able to go up into the higher tiers and that s why when we re going into the rogue with the tempest is starting off in tier 1. Because you can get that flask of frost. Which will mean you will be able to kill dragons.

Relatively quickly and also with flask fire solo. You can deal some serious damage. Very early in the game assassin and artificer both annoyingly down in tier. 3.

As said. Before assassin needs a lot of skills. Anyway to be effective. So against bosses and dragons.

It s going to be even less. But artificer is also down here. Because yes you might get the crit. But the problem is unlike tempest.

It doesn t have any survivability. So the second you get hit you are probably just going to die going to the mages lighting transit again in t2 once again literally because of that survivability they have the chance to go a full survivable build and therefore do alright against bosses and dragons and then risk major and necromancer both stuck in tier. 3. Now we are going on to via mid game.

Which is a level 14 to 17 going back to the general mobs starting off with the warrior champion once again. It s still in god tier. Because now it s even more overpowered in terms of not dying you just literally cannot die and if you do die. I don t know how pretty much reaver up to tier 1.

And the reason is is because it s got quite a big damage boost at this point. I talked about this a lot in my warrior tier list. But reaver gains. Quite a nice damage spike at this point.

It s not a huge one. But it is enough to put it in that tier 1 against general mobs when you re against. 4 or 5 mobs or just any pack of imams you have enough damage to be able to kill them. And a bit more survivability than you did before templar moved up into tier 2.

And the reason is at this point. I believe you can actually get the combo. Which templar hasn t it s the only thing they have which means going against general mobs. You can pop the combo deal a lot of damage.

But then unfortunately once you ve used that combo. You don t have anything and that s why it s in tier 2. If you could use the templar combo. Really really quickly all the time then it would be probably even got here.

Unfortunately you con going down to the road tempest straight up and do god tier. I honestly have changed my mind on tempest. So much through lots and lots and lots of builds with them the point is a mid game. You have so much survivability and so much damage on a tempest road.

You can shred through everything. While not dying at all. It s intersex tremely. Overpowered and is on the same level as champion literally because champion is unkillable obviously the tempest can die.

But it s extremely powerful assassin and artificer. Both in tier 1..

For pretty much the same reason. They don t have enough survivability compared with their damage to be able to be that god they have a lot of damage at this point. I would say artifice and more so than assassin in terms of just overall dps assassin. Aldous.

You have some crazy bursts. But both of them can deal a lot of damage. But when it gets to the point where they re in a situation where they re going to be taking damage. They will just most likely die.

Which is why they annoyingly have to be in tier. One going down to the maze. Everything is in tier. Two and the reason riff major and necromancer have both move up the 19th century of state is because knight enchanter doesn t really get that much damage extra it just has as much survivability as it had before and it can only go into tier.

Two because compared to things like river and rogues. It s just really not able to compete compared to them against other mobs and the reason risk major necromancer have both moved up into tier. Two because at this point. They have a lot more damage and a lot more cc especially the rift mates.

But the necromancer walking bomb combos can be insane. And that s why all the maybes are in tier. Two then going into the mid gamer bosses and dragons once again champions straight up into a god tier. Because of its survivability.

Absolutely insane. Riva is in tier. One like the general mobs and the templar has moved down to tier three mainly because the combo. Doesn t really work that great against dragons riva has enough damage and survivability.

But unfortunately templar doesn t the combo won t really help you that much against bosses and dragons. So that it has to be stuck in tier 3. Go into the rogue. 10 piece has actually gone down to tier 1.

The reason is because tempest can get some crazy burst dps and what i mean by that is usually burst and dps are two separate things. But the flask of fire throwing knives combo for templates lasts quite a long time and that s what i mean the burst dps is where you put faster fire on and throw knives. Now mid game. You probably won t have the gear.

Yet to be able to one shot stuff with that combo. And yes you do have the survivability. But that s only why it s in tier. One sassin comes to tier two and the reason is it s just got more and more and more damage than before which means.

It s able to kind solo bosses and dragons depending on what they are but you don t really have that incredible damage that you do late game yet as an assassin. But artificer who s got up to god tier and the reason is that it s not god here again against general modes. But it does in ausa s and dragons is a strange. One basically tempest in mid game can pretty much always survive against those general mobs with flasks frost.

However against dragons. It s going to be a lot harder with just flasks of frost to survive and artifice. It guess. It s worse against general mobs.

But that s because there s so many mobs targeting. You when you re playing in the artifice of mid game. And you ve only got one boss or dragon targeting you and especially with their higher hip boxes. You can spam the hell out of things like leaping shot.

So if you re an artificer mid game in an archer as well you are got a literally because at this point. You should be able to get enough crit to be able to leaping short spam and against bosses and dragons that is enough survivability and enough damage for you to be absolutely insane. The reason. That s not against general mobs.

Again is because of their lower hitbox and the fact that there s a lot more of them anyway going to the mages and lighting. Chancer is still in tier 2..

It s got the same survivability. But still it just doesn t have any more damage really than it did before and then riff major necromancer both down to pa 3. Because against bosses and dragons you just your damage. Really isn t enough you guys will know if you re playing a riff major necromancer or if you ve seen my streams of my risk mage keep trying to solo a dragon it takes forever and really you don t have enough damage to be that gray of soloing and without the defense s it means when you get caught out it can be devastating.

Now. We re moving to the late game of general mobs. 18. Plus.

And as i ve said before the general mobs is like small packs or just any mob. You would encounter that isn t a boss or a dragon and starting off with the warrior champion has unfortunately moved down to tier 1. Once again. I want to say it never dies.

You won t die as champion. But late game its damage is just not on top or on the level of anything else really of some of the crazy high damage dealers. Which means it has to go down to tier one because it just can t compete damage wise mid game. Not everything has crazy damage and the survivability is insane.

But late game survivability. Some other classes can have a great survivability champion won t die. But it doesn t have the damage. Riva has moved up into god tier and once again this is because of its damage spike.

I talked about in the warrior tier list. When you get a late game a completely full build with reaver you are a beast. If played right you will not die whatsoever and your kills speed especially against packs of mobs is ridiculous. Because when you kill one you ll get even more bus.

When one is low you ll get even more bus and playing really well in late game is ridiculous. You should not be dying. You should be absolutely shredding through everything and that s why it s god tier templar is still in tier 2. Because once again it s just got its 1 combo.

And that s it but late game. That combo is actually quite devastating against general mobs. If you ve got pack of 4 or 5. Mobs and a few of them if one of them dies or they re just all very low from that one combo.

It s still effective and that s why templar actually isn t here to steal and not knocked down. Because that combo is really effective when used but like i said. If that templar combo was able to be performed a lot more than templar would probably be in got here against general mobs. But anyway going on you rogue tempest assassin artificer compared to everything they are all god against general mobs and i mean do i really have to explain why rogues are gods here.

But i will explain for people wondering why all three are in god tier against general mobs and let me point out again. I wanted to stay this is general mobs. So this is when there s like a pack of 4 or 5. Mobs and they re just normal mobs that you face encountering that just across the world dragon age tempest got here 10 peas will not die and 10 piece can shred through stuff with flasks of fire absolutely.

Destroying things you could probably go through an entire pack with one flask of fire throwing knives. And if you don t oh. You flask frost pop that freezer more than shatter them all tempest is in insane insane spec late game especially the tank tempest build. I made one so i must say that s probably one of the best build ever you cannot die and you re dealing just absolutely insane damage and that s why that s god assassin god late game one shotting any mob and then going into stealth one shotting going into stealth.

One shots delft. One shots tell and that s assassin covered. It s ridiculous burst damage. And then you just get stealth back for free.

And so you just pop back in a kill and pop back in it kill them. And then artificer once again the combo now late game is just absurd. The reason why it s god now compared to mid game. Is now you have the damage on top of your crit chance to just spam things and just everything blows up and dies.

I mean if you re playing a mele artificer everything blows up and just get completely destroyed. And if you re playing artificer in with the looping shop build you re going to do so much damage you only need a few leaping shots to kill everything going into the mage night enchant are still in tier 2..

And once again because it s got the insane survivability. But just not enough damage compared to anything else because obviously we are comparing this against something like rogue and knight enchanter can t be called tier 1 against a rogue. It s just it s just you can t do it rift mage is actually in tier. 1.

The reason rift major tier 1 late game is because of the amount of cc on top of the damage you can get on rift major especially playing something like the infinite mana rift. Mage you can practically constantly use every single spell. All the time whenever you want whenever you need and this is just crazy cc. If you know and have played a riff mage late game especially against meli mobs.

You just can laugh you can literally they could be like 20 melee units on you and you would shred through them you would literally make them a joke you can just come down pull them into a center throw ball away freeze. Them and then just rinse and repeat. It s just absolutely insane necromancy. However is still in tier 2.

And the reason is it s not got crazy survival like ke. But the damage late game and the cc that you actually have from necromancer can be really efficient at killing mobs. It s not on the wrists mage level. But because it s got more damage than item counter it kind of levels itself to be the same as a knight enchanter.

So tier 2 tier. 1. And tier 2 for the image late game against general mob. So that s the general mobs their late game.

And now on to the bosses in dragons and late game starting off with the warriors spec against bosses and dragons late game champion tier 1. Once again as always you cannot die you will not die. It doesn t matter how long it takes you to kill that dragon. They will not be able to kill you if they knock you down and cc you for 20 straight.

Seconds. You also will not die. Even then it s that mad going down to river straight up god tier once again like the general mobs because reeva damage at late game. And it s 5 ability is just stupid you shouldn t die.

And you should be dealing a lot of damage and against bosses and dragons you will shred through them you can literally just charge straight out their face let them hit you let them do whatever they want bite your head off even as a river. You will still live it that in the same templar all the way in tier 3. Once again because it just it s combo doesn t really work against bosses and dragons templar. Only works well against general mobs and when it comes to bosses and dragons.

The templars just going to be let down whether it s two handed or sword and shield. It s just really not anything compared to either of the others. Ro tempest god tier has to be flasks of fire throwing blades late game you could probably want to short anything absolutely anything dragon with 200k health one shot it s easy as a tempest it s actually insane assassin t1 against bosses in the dragons with my experience as assassin you will kill stuff and you won t die. But it will just take a bit more time than tempest.

An artificer because artificer now we re moving on to them is god tier. You guys should know if you played artificer especially the leaping shot build against bosses and dragons you can get crazy kill times literally just by pressing one button and if you can kill anything that quickly with one button. You have to be god tyr going into the mages. It s exactly the same as mid game 19 chanted here to riff mage tier 3 and necromancer tier 3 and the reason is again that they don t have the damage.

None of the majors have enough damage to really be amazing against bosses and dragons. But the knight enchanter just has that survivability that none of them have which lets you kind of keep above templar. But not get on any of the tiers as anything else because once again. I want to point out this is a comparison.

The reason mages are so low is because if you try and compare them to moriya s and rogues. They re not really going to be on the same level in most cases. So that s it guys. That s the entire tier list for every single spec.

Quite a lengthy video. I hope you guys don t mind i hope you guys have all enjoyed this video once again like i said to start comment below on what you have thought of this video and whether you think things need changing. So hope you guys have all enjoyed this video as always leave a like hit that subscribe button share this video and i will see you next ” ..


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