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But let s go ahead and get started. So basically what i want to do here. Is just give you guys us a few pretty helpful tips or tricks. That could help you get started.

Here. This is mostly targeted for new players or people. That are not very familiar. But kind of know what they re doing with the game for the most part like i said.

However some experienced players may learn a thing or two. But this is of course for ultra son and ultra moon. So let s get started. So.

This is the very beginning of the game right or this is where you will be in the beginning of game. You re gonna come outside and the first thing that we re gonna want to do is pause and go to options and it s gonna be cliche. But we re gonna want to put the text speed on fast because this game this game regular sun and moon and this game. Both have so so so so many cutscenes you cannot skip them.

And it takes a while so i suggest putting it off fast because at least. It kind of speeds it up and makes it a bit more bearable for you another tip that i like to do is make in button mode. I like to make l. Equals.

Eight. Because you can actually play your game. One handed that way if you want to with just your left hand. Oh yeah spin dab on them okay.

So you can just move with your analog stick. And then you can just use the l button to select a but if you don t want to do that that s fine..

But i do suggest putting your tech speed on fast. But anyways. We re gonna run up here. Because this this is where you get your starter.

Now this tip right here applies to anybody that would like to shiny hunt for a starter or if you simply would like to get the best nature that you can on your starter. And you re interested in saw free setting. So you want to save right here at the end of this dirt road. If you re feeling risky you can come out to like right here and save right here because as soon as you touch this grass.

That s where the the cutscene starts and that s where you choose your starter and you cannot ex out of it so save like right in this little like area right here. So that way you can reboot your game. And then you can already get your starter good to go ready break. So that is one now the next thing that i would like to have you do is i am going to show you this right here.

If you press the y button. So you will have to get a little bit far you ll have to unlock well. It s not really far. It s still the very beginning of the game.

But you ll unlock tauros once you get through this this side of the island right here is basically like the tutorial introduction and then you ll be able to cross this line and be over here now over here once you actually unlock the tauros. Which is in the main story. So don t don t stress you ll get it automatically. It s you cannot miss it you literally well literally can t miss it but what you do is you press the y button.

Which gives you to your ride pokemon because this game does not have hms so what you ll want to do is this little circle to the left of tauros you can click that and that s your d pad. What i like to do and this you can actually set. So you don t have to press y anymore to pick your ride pup line. You can just hit the d pad from out here like this i just hit down.

And i m on tauros hit down and i m off taurus. I personally like to make tauros on the bottom just because it s it s just quicker to do it that way because i like to put charizard on top because charizard is fly and up fly. I don t know that makes sense to me. But do what works for you.

But yeah. If you do that it can help save you just a little bit of time it s not much..

But it is worth it because it s a shortcut and you can t move with the animal with the d pad. So you might as well give it a function up next. What we re gonna do is we are going to come up here because it is the next part of the game. That s still very very early still first island so man.

We are flying. What would you do question of the day. What would you do if you were walking down the street and you just saw someone riding just a tourelles just speed and like if you were this girl you re fooling and i m just flying past you sorry i m stupid okay. But anyways the next step that i have for you is to in any grass and any graph start the whole entire game.

I m just going here because it s the first grass. I see is catch every pokemon you do not have even if you don t want to use it because it helps you fill up your pokedex right here. We find a furfrou and if you take a look right here by furfrou s hp. You see it s level 6.

Under that six is a pokeball. Which means that i have caught this already so i highly suggest catching everything that you do not everything that does not have a polka ball. There if you can i suggest catching it because it s going to make your time easier completing the pokedex. Which helps you get the cool items like the shiny charm.

The oval charm and you know you can just have your pokedex completed man like we all want to complete the pok dex right for the most part. I guess. But hum. Yes so that s that s one thing.

That s really helpful the next thing is talk to npcs or you know the non playable characters or whoever you know like these people who ever talk to them like this guy right here pokemon you catching a heel ball one of their hp are stores in the maximum level. I think he actually gives you a heel ball so that s a free item just because i talked to him you know i just made that guy s day by just talking to him and then you come in here. I think that the person is gone unless. It s her right here.

But there is a trainer. There is a there s a character in here that you talk to her i m pretty sure it s a female and you talk to her and she says that she really wants to see the pokemon abra. Okay. She really wants to see an avro so luckily in this grass right here literally right here.

I could i could walk to it i could throw a rock and be there you don t i mean in this grass. I m probably not gonna find it because it is a bit rare but in this grass you actually can find abra..

So. What you ll want to do up i got a mime jr. So what you want to do is catch that abra and then if you go talk to that girl and have abra and your party. Literally is all you have to do go talk to her she gives you ten thousand dollars.

Ten thousand pocky dollars just because you caught an abra and showed it to her that s it like and those npcs are scattered throughout the game. I up look abra second try or i guess technically third. If we can t offer food. But you catch this abra you go and show it to her you get ten thousand pokey dollars.

Which is very helpful in the beginning of the game. Because it can help you buy a whole bunch of pok balls or it can help you buy potions antidotes whatever you want to get you know what i mean if you want to spend it on clothes. But it s just it s very helpful early in the game okay so early in the game. It s it s definitely good but throughout the whole game.

You ll want to talk to npcs the the next thing. I want to tell you is to keep an eye at an open eye for items and tms and stickers now there are totem stickers. I ve collected them all. But i know for a fact that there s some over here.

So there s one that s gonna be in this pool right here. And i you need a fishing rod to get it which you don t get the fishing rod till later. But you can come back. But you ll literally see it here.

It s like a brownish gold square. And they are going to be posted on the walls around here like a rounds around the whole entire game. But there s a lot of them in the very beginning in this intro part the gonna be totem stickers scattered around and if you re ever running and you see that or you see a poker ball on the ground. It s an item go pick it up it s worth your time if it s a bogus item and you don t want it sell it that s more money that s literally more money in your pocket.

It s you have infinite pocket space. In this game. So it s not like the original games. Where you have to make room in your bags or whatever.

We are literally out here bro like you you have you have room so pick it up and if you don t want to sell it if you want it keep it the the next and probably the last thing. I m gonna tell you is once you progress through the game..

You ll get to this. So. This is the the first island right melee melee island and then once you get to the second island. Which is a kala not to be confused with holla holla boy pani ola town just above there s there s two places you can fly to in paniolo town.

But you ll get here in the game regularly and it s still early in the game. But this area right here. The penny oh love ranch is actually the pokemon daycare. So this is one thing that you are really going to want to use if you are a breeder and also sorry.

I just dropped my book. What the heck you ha you have it s either this guy or this girl. But one of them gives you the tm for hidden power. So you ll definitely want to collect that because it s a very good move.

But while you re here of course obviously this is where you breed but over here is this red truck and behind this red truck right here where i m standing there will be an item on the ground. Which is the amulet coin now you ll want to get you ll definitely want to get the amulet coin. Because what it does is i can tell you exactly what it does see dang it i didn t mean to do that i didn t mean to do that i meant to go to held item use give using held items on your pokemon is very good guys i do suggest doing it but the amulet coin is one that you will for sure once you get what it does is it doubles. The prize money in a trainer fight.

If this pokemon sees battle so if you only have one pokemon on your team cool amulet coin. If you have to whatever pokemon. You have in front is is good to have hold the amulet coin. Because it s gonna be in battle the most even if it switches out because that way you ll be able to get double money and you can just get literally paper bro like you can get so much money in this game.

Like it is ridiculous okay. But that that s really it for now. I will have more videos coming your way that can give you tips maybe some tutorials somewhere to find items videos. But please do subscribe.

If you are new hit the thumbs up button. I hope this was able to help you out and ya know once again my name is kyle a so take care everybody. ” ..


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