Essential Phone Screen Replacement (Fix Your Broken Display!)

essential phone screen replacement This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Essential Phone Screen Replacement (Fix Your Broken Display!). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone my name is matt and this is real world review today. I will be be showing you how to replace a screen on the essential phone. So the tools you will need will be the following aj is triple zero or ph triple zero. Pick a pic of some sort and a razor blade you might also need some heat and rubber bands or clamps why rubber bands because we need to add some glue to hold the screen down for this repair.

However i used be 6000. So we will start by making sure that the phone is off and will start heating the screen just like most phones..

We will need to heat up the screen lift it up and cut through the adhesive. The glue that essential uses on this phone is so strong that it will be very difficult to remove the screen without breaking the lcd. So assume that it will break also the plastic trimmer on the glass is so fragile that pieces may fall off if you push too hard on that frame something to remember i recommend starting at the top and then working down to the bottom just because the knotch gives you an easy access point you once we get to the bottom. It will be pretty easy to heat up and loosen up that adhesive don t rip off the screen.

Yet because the cable is held down in place. With two screws once the entire screen separates from the phone you can fold the screen down like shown and grab a ph triple zero driver you unscrew the two screws and carefully lift the cable straight up now that we have the screen off..

We can test the new one and see that it works fine. Now we have to remove any excess glass and adhesive from the bezel of the screen. Any glass or glue could cause major damage and ruin this repair also remember not to lose the little silicon cover that sits on the front camera. So you can do this next step with the screen off depending on the glue that you go with.

But for this i put the screen on first screwing in the two screws now we will apply the glue and adhesive just around the frame make sure you add an even amount around the whole thing or all some parts of the frame might lift up also you don t want to add too much if the glue is very fluid or else. It could get stuck into the lcd also be careful around the earpiece..

You now we can set the screen down and grab the rubberbands for this repair. I did not have any clamps handy. But i would highly recommend using those instead of rubber bands wrap the bands around the phone and make sure that the screen stays down and let it sit for however long your glue says i left these on for 5 minutes. Because i wanted to scrape off the excess adhesive before it dries too much depending on the glue that you use you may need to add some rubbing alcohol to break down the excess glue.

I don t recommend using a blade. Because there is plastic around the screen now i need to let this cure and when i check the phone..

12 hours later it looked perfect and that s it i hope this video helped you out if you have any questions leave them in the comment section. Below or on twitter at matt of rwr and feel free to follow me on the social media. Listed above also subscribe to my channel. If you want more repair and review videos.

” ..

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