Fable II DLC – Knothole Island – Reaction & Analysis

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“Of the ghost please oh man. We re kids um. I m ingrid your hotline. Hotline.

I know it is it must be the mayor he wants us to save world. Yeah. Oh. No it s a fable to announcement.

Joe get. In here. Man. Is we got the dlcs right.

Here. What it s here. It s here for here. Yay.

Jess huh. Read..

It. Yeah. Read it to me. Yeah.

Read it to me. Yeah. Do okay. We got a new land mass with some new quests yeah.

It s cool uh huh. Okay all right new new adventures. Oh. Uh.

What about cool. Sadie s been co op. Oh. Man.

Um. Yeah..

Yeah. They did. Something for co. Op.

To um. You cute you get to play with freemium players who play with non from um players is that no who cares about this he s no no monkeys. But we do have new boots with night boots and assassin boots is that no what the that s the day of the announcement. You i don t have anything else.

That is it that s it yeah. I know it this always happens. It s good. There s nothing good nothing ever.

Happens for me go to guns. Again. Did they fix. Co op.

Next door. They fix..

Jack oh. It s just well. It s not all of it no. It s stupid.

So stupid miss. It is no look god you got a new quest you know a new land mass after after you know you finish. The main quest line alright. You know does it have to co op.

You know they don t bitch in a while. But it didn t you know they did some freak on it didn t it didn t fix co op. Me out it did hey dance bitch. Go on wha.

Why. What is that kingston give me a leg. Co op. The monkeys new weight loss potion for those who like it.

But. But the same who lack need this stuff..

This is stupid weight loss post. Wishes jenny craig. What the hell no job is really useful because in the game. I love drinking my beer oh so good i like eating the pies and i tell you what dude after you eat all this stuff.

I gotta do it s a weight loss potion and yeah now i can eat whatever i want whenever i want this fable to announce was terrible to stuffed it in no hugs. No monkeys no gesture. You know what no bye. Oh.

What the hell dammit god. I knew. This was going to happen assassin gloves shove. The assassin gloves up your ass.

Nobody wants them silver books. More like silver hooks in your ass stupid content. I m sick of this ” ..


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