Family Pocket Plus China Handheld Review 2019 New Model ?

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” s the time i can for packet from china we gonna enjoy this welcome to to the wicked gamer and collector welcome back to a new video in today s we are going to check out the family pockets. It seems to me. There is an improved version of the family pockets and this one even comes with an extra controller. So let s do a little bit of unboxing.

What are we going to get first thing first let s unbox. The family s pockets controller. I m very curious. What are they giving us.

Oh. Did you stay oh just great for the people who love the sound. Oh man. How much state.

Did they use don t worry wow. This weighs. Nothing hmm. I must say it s not bad at all not bad at all there s something i can tell you nice your turn.

And what s inside is package. Ah. The package itself is still saying i really love what they did with the packaging. This is really nice hmm.

But i can just open this wait time for this money test. Oh chemical plastic so it was in blue version. So the date is there still and carton science yep. We still get this card inside still using the same battery.


All right waiting a view out cable little bit thanks thanks for what s nice metal. And this is the i want to say the cartridge because safari. I understand from the old versions they having this locking mechanism or it is just for locking and unlocking games. 130 homebrew games leaving it a micro usb cable.

So i m going to give you a little overview of the system. What are we going to get it just comes with a basic d pad. The d pad itself is not bad. At all here.

We have the reset. So pressing it it goes back to the main menu every time you need to choose the language. This is i think the most or the biggest problem with all these cheaper hotels. We got here a b these are turbo buttons.

But also these are turbo button so that s later how you want to play. But i think it s playable this way start select and you re at the bottom. We re finding an av out micro usb for charging and let s see here. We have the volume.

We have the power on an off switch. So let s take a close look at the games. All right let s take a closer look at the games. There are some good game violence.

But there are a lot of head games imbrue games. And maybe. If you look closely you see some double games. So 508 you cannot tell me that there are 500 games.


We all know the trick. The naughty trick that a trying to trick us. But yeah nevertheless there are some good games on it. Even goonies super mario oh wait one more you bust.

Three flappy big dog. I see a lot of great games. So oh wait going back did i see in double game. No.

But yeah. Let s go to the end of the lists is little bomber. There s no alphabetic order they re just numbers and all they give it a mix of russell s yeah they re all mixed together. It s little little bit of bummer hmm.

I must say not bad at all the screen is also very nice for cheapest device like this so did they improve to be honest. I can t tell the difference same games. Same chemical step plastic ivory look all right let s do reset. Oh.

Nice. We can play this way. Let s play actually very nice. I m missing some sound effects.

As long. As i don t see any we click yes. Oh yeah. I seen some way to stuff going on whoa.


But just happen. Legal media. Brother okay. I just found out the versa.

Frickin taylor to be game on this system. Wow. Hey look who s here. It s the final fight.

Game. Or mighty firefight. What an easy way to play the game. Oh i was waiting where was everybody.

Oh yeah. Yuri is the chicken game with the mario kassar it everywhere can you even do this. What hey can i do hi. I can t keep doing this titi titi titi titi.

Titi titi. Titi and for the sake of full review. I m needed to test out the other cartridge and indeed like i already told you although. The whole games like the previous model.

But i know the some game that i ve seen many many times and the game is f. 22. Ok. Wait we re going to do it alright chose the wrong thing nikka this games.


Really awesome or is this yeah. It s true. The game from the mini arcade machine that i really before oh i just died. So the d pad is very sensitive if you want to move into more the multi directional is going apeshit.

I just wanted to do a quick testing for the second controller that seems mostly the d pad. This sony. Very cheap grace. Very good.

Oh yeah so for the final conclusion about this family pocket layer. This is improvers and i have really no idea. If they did some internal improvements so if i look at the games. The stuff that comes with it s all saying even the chemical plastic shell.

But yeah nevertheless it s in fun system the game list is pretty damn messed up and got some good games. And i must say mostly games run fine. It s got some let s say graphical problems or horse and sound issues. I even had some games that didn t even have a sound in game.

So yeah. That is pretty messed up so the controller itself this one did a little boy plays very nice. If you want to play with two plays that is really awesome that it works so you plug it into your television. And you have an small 8.

Bit system that you can play alone or with your friends. Let me know what you think of this please let me know really love to know. And don t forget to subscribe hit a little and see you next time thanks for watching and ” ..


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