Far Cry 5 Death From Above Trophy (EASY METHOD) Drop a Bomb From A Plane and Destroy 4 Vehicles

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“Everyone i m gonna show you a real easy way you can get the death death from above trophy. That s for dropping a bomb from a plane and destroying disabling four vehicles at once the first thing you re going to need to do this is a plane that has bombs on it you will get one. As part of the story mission down at the ryan sons aviation area. You ll also be probably get a few more along the way as well so.

What you need to do is get into a plane to drop a bomb and disable for vehicle. The problem is there s not a whole lot of vehicles in this game. There s convoys. But there s only three vehicles in the convoy and they re spread out enough that you can t destroy all of them at once so what i figured is what what if i go and gather for vehicles place them right next to each other get in the plane drop a bomb well the problem is when i grab a vehicle and then i go run off and grab another one by the time i come back.

Sometimes the vehicle would be spawn and wouldn t be there or if i got four vehicles and i m getting to the plane and then take off and get ready to do my bomb run. But i find some vehicles missing..

So i found a little frustrating. But i did find a real easy way which i m going to show you guys right here i flew my vehicle. I m in falls and just because there s a vehicle shop here and i m going to go into the shop into my. Garage where my collection of vehicles are.

Stored i ve purchased over 50000. Worth of vehicles because that is required for another trophy as well as having three vehicles in your garage. But as you can see i m gonna spawn an atv here and what i m gonna do is gather up or vehicles right next to the plane. So what i m gonna do is you can probably already guess is put the four vehicles here jump into the plane.

But i m not even gonna take off i m just going to drop the bomb while sitting here so i m gonna make sure all my vehicles right here. None of them are d spawning..

I m not gonna go fly away and come back and find one missing. So this is a real easy way to cheese this trophy make sure when you pull out vehicles. I find sometimes if you have a duplicate vehicle. It s going to d spawn.

One of them the first one so i m gonna spawn four different vehicles here if i can actually get out of this thing come on just get off of it let s try that one more time just go ahead and park to here on this side. We ll go ahead and pull some over on the other side so real easy way to definitely choose this trophy. There s just not a lot of vehicles in this game. There s not large parking lots like a shopping mall or anything.

Like that where there s a whole bunch of vehicles just kind of parked next to one another in fact there s very few vehicles in this game. I find..

It s very sparse some of the areas and outposts that you that you will acquire there. So we got some bigger vehicles here. So let s park. One here on the left side and then we ll just kind of park.

One across the front. I m a little ocd so i try to line up everything perfectly probably don t need to do that the bomb does have enough radius. Where good enough would have been sufficient just go ahead and pull up this comment here this is a cool looking vehicle with this vehicle every day is comic con according to the description okay so we re just going to kind of pull this on front here now there is one last thing. I didn t factor.

But we will overcome that and that is once i ve kind of surrounded the plane how do you get in it well luckily enough i do find an opening. But not over on this side everything looks good just need to get in it..

Now. Once you re in a plane that does carry bombs you got to hit l2 for bomber. View. And then you hit r2 to release.

The bomb again you don t even need to take off for this you can do it right here from the ground l to r2 bam. There s the trophy death from above. I want to thank you guys so much for watching please hit that like button. I d appreciate it and of course to subscribe.

” ..

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