Filling you in on my journey.. where I was, what I m doing, & where I m going! Full time car dweller

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“Here. Serene and simple life is a glorious day in the neighborhood. He has risen risen happy easter everyone little dreary outside. But our future is not dreary.

There is today i d like to share with you a little bit about the serene and simple life journey over the last few months. And what s to come wow can you hear the birds can you hear the rain love. It your serene and simple life. Happy easter again.

I am hunkered down inside. Happy. Haven and today. I wanted to share with you what s been going on i did a video a couple weeks ago.

Where you know showed the happy face and it was totally content at a rest area and since then some things have changed. And i have been stationary now for a few weeks. So for those of you who have been concerned about you know what i m doing. And where i m going i have been stationary and let me tell you the clam has been a life saver game changer for me to be able to get outside and cook and just enjoy nature.

So it is a very rainy day. I was inside the clam and it is i waterproofed it so so far so good. But it was getting a little bit nippy. So i decided to do this video inside.

Happy. Haven and of course andes with me. And he walks with me. And he talks with me.

And he tells me i am his own that would be jesus and this is andy. I a lot of you know i schedule my videos a month or two more out and there s two reasons. One the biggest reason is safety and the second right behind it is i do tons of videos because i go tons of places for those of you who are just tuning in i am a full time nomad on the road. It will be nineteen months on wednesday.

This video today is done in real time as it is easter and i am stationary. But it s hard to believe almost four months ago well three months ago. I left the rtr and the wr tr rubber tramp rendezvous women s rubber tramp rendezvous and my plan from there was i already showed you some videos. I went to nevada to telephone cove.

Some beautiful places and then i was watching the weather and i was headed up to saguaro national park and then from there i headed to carlsbad caverns national park and then i headed to back to texas where my grand sweet peas are where my precious daughter and son in law are and i went and visited them in texas. So we re gonna back up here. I of course did videos on the national parks. I did videos on places tupac arizona.

A beautiful art town. I took videos all the way through texas texas is a big state and i visited the gulf coast. Oh. My gosh.

I stayed on the beach for the first time. But all of these things i did briar briar. What s going on now in texas and arizona in new mexico. The state parks.


The national parks were open so next on my journey was to show you all those videos of where i ve been well what i do is i schedule my videos in advance and once i schedule them i delete the clips off of my camera. Because storage. So i m going through all these parks and i decide and then i was back in texas and i decided to switch things up and how i m going to show you into the future. So now that i ve been stationary for like i said a few weeks.

I just had to do that i decided to show you what i did in texas at my storage unit. It s very interesting. I did a series called minimalism or porter. And yeah.

I don t consider myself a hoarder. But maybe you will a hoarder of memorabilia. I went back to my storage unit that i felt was in pretty dang good shape. Although when i left on the journey.

Almost it s gonna be year over a year and a half now i knew there were some things i nice still needed to go through especially the memorabilia and books and clothing. But i had hit a wall and i couldn t go any further with getting rid of anything i make piles throw away give away keep ya throw away give away keep. And i couldn t make any more decisions. I had done as much as i could possibly do in my brain.

And how to get rid of some of my precious things so i knew with that i needed to go through it again you know with the clear head. So i went back to my storage and in a course of seven days over fifty hours i went through books memorabilia photo albums clothing household decorations and holiday decorations and then i tightened up my business and display and i feel really good about what i did my storage is 7 by 10. I probably could get it down to a i don t know hopefully like a 4 by 8. You know just a little shed at some point in the future.

The future is being a nomad right now at the time being. But you know i talk often about getting a landing place and not often. But i mentioned the landing place a little she shed you know waiting on god for that one but with that said. I was going to do the moon minimalism series after it travels through texas and then i was like why not do the minimalism right now and give you or you know minimalism versus hoarder or hoarder give you that series now so that perhaps it will motivate you encourage you to you know look into your things granted some of the videos are gonna be quite boring as i m going through.

I m literally processing live while i m looking at things to you i m not like looking through them and then going back and saying okay now i m gonna make a video. It is raw and real as i pick up some of the pieces and i m getting emotional here. I took a lot of photographs. I give you a lot of i think some tips and hints on things you can do with your own memorabilia and books and clothing and all that things that you can go through.

I don t pick up things piece by piece and show you everything the videos are i don t know i think they re like 15 to 18 minutes long maybe a couple of them are a little longer but i encourage you if you re gonna watch the series watch the entire video not for my benefit. But for your benefit. Because as i m going through a light bulb might come on you know or i have that too and i don t really need that anymore. I don t know different things might come up you know that would encourage you too and help you because i ll tell you it was it was hard.

There was there was some very some highs and some lows as i sat there in my storage. And i m getting teary. Now because i m having flashbacks of going through all of that stuff. But anyways starting april 15th.

Which happens to be my mom s birthday in heaven. Um gosh. She s been gone like since 2008. What is that 12 years now wow anyways starting this wednesday at noon eastern time.

I m gonna do seven videos they will be wednesday and seven part minimalism and then from there i m going to that ll take you through like may 6. And then i m gonna start on the journey through the national parks and through texas. Then hopefully. People have seen this they ll be like aren t you stationary aren t the parks closed.


You ll know what s going on and if you do comment like that or you ll see or people who are watching this and you see my comments that s not to be snarky. I m gonna send people back to this video so they ll know what s going on some of the comments. I make in the videos will be confused and like i might be like and this is where i m headed next and then i end up not going there because things shut down now with that said after texas. I m going to do i did a i did three states.

I m on that journey still to see all 50 states. I believe i have six left to go. I went through mississippi louisiana. Yes.

Louisiana. Before everything hit the fan right. I went through and started to go through alabama. I wanted to visit the gulf shore in alabama.

And then the beach is closed so at that point in god s perfect timing. He brought me to where i m at right now where i ve been hunkered down safe stationary. Not going anywhere not doing anything i ll head into walmart to get my things i need and then i m back to where i m at now so okay and i am leaving here in about another week and i m headed way up north to work for the summer yep summer job and i m excited about that and i m saving money and just living life. Large all right so let s see what if i covered everything yeah so i you know i ve deleted all these clips.

So i can t redo them and the series is going to be the minimalism or hoarder. And that s in the little thumbnail. And then it s going to be travels through the national parks at tupac. Arizona and carlsbad caverns and big ben.

Which happens to be i think my favorite national park of all time. And then i m headed over to texas and from texas. Then i go on this journey through louisiana. Now there are times like i was in i was at the u of a university of alabama and the college was shut down.

But it was spring break and it was also being but there were still people there and it was still safe because i have to tell you i have you know i met a pilot s or a visitor s center. I m doing what i need to do i m not around other people. I m paying attention to the six feet rule and all of that so you know i m blessed i ve when i was traveling through those states. I wasn t like you ll see also i went to mississippi and i saw elvis s birthplace.

And that was an interesting day because as i was there they were locking the doors that morning. They were open and they were locking the doors as i was there so i m not trying to bust into place this and go places that are closed. But i spent a whole day there outdoors and it is stunning so that will come down the road mississippi journey. So it s really three series.

It s the minimalism at my storage unit. Which is one and then like i said it s the texas. I know i m repeating myself. And going through texas and going to the gulf coast seeing some state parks.

Seeing the marfa lights that was awesome going to a city park and staying for a few know that it s gonna be a little confusing. But i think seeing the minimalism now might give you some ideas of things you can do while you re stuck at home with that on this beautiful easter sunday. I would be remiss not to show you what s on my check this out guys. My daughter and son in law and grant sweet piece got me this gift when they were in another country.

How beautiful is that with the heart in the middle. This was made by locals beautiful and heart. I love hearts like the love of jesus. Here and this was given to me at a gift store.


She told me to pick one and this is the one i picked faith faith as small as a mustard seed on here can you see that and then i have a cross that i had i ve had forever. It s dangling right there probably can t see that and now i want to show you i want to read to you a couple sayings to leave you with and then i have a very very cool clip at the end of a sign when i was in i think i was in mississippi that or louisiana. But a very cool clip of a sign that i saw and very appropriate for today. This is the jesus theme and these are all flower backgrounds pictures.

That i took jesus is our light at the end of the tunnel. Jesus is our light at the end of the tunnel. Jesus is my savior not my religion. I m not a religious person.

I have a relationship with jesus and he s my everything and i hope you know him and if you don t i respect your your faith your beliefs and i hope that perhaps you know jesus anyways. That s about it for today. I m going to just watch a couple online services and enjoy the day you can see another king i ve got some italian bread that i m gonna toast and put some chicken ala king on it and then i m gonna have a bowl of lima beans. Which is my all time favorite veggie all right so i hope you are having a wonderful day and just know that there s light at the end of this tunnel blessings in your day and joy in the journey.

Even if it is up and down the hallway or from front to back of your rig. Later friendship room guys. And you rode over there and look at what we have here. Oh my gosh.

It s a gorgeous day sign easter passover jesus jesus jesus jesus come quickly jesus look at this you an you move this one to two. I guess a legion serenity should be four and this is a space. Okay now this for a little wet okay. This is a cart okay.

This is the top. This is rougher okay. I want to put this one at. But it s so like i okay.

This was a little more rough of a sleeve. I want to shuffle. Oh. This is three legion is at the bottom.

And then i want to shuffle. One one and two again this is three. I want to shuffle to this is already nicer. Okay okay.

So that s a little very slippery a nice flow in those in the center of the bite. When you take a you take the card and you go like this the bite is really easy to do okay. So this is still to only try one okay okay. I think that these are eclipses still the main thing is that because both sites are matte.

There s no conflict on the on the shuffle. Yeah because it s matt and matt or a little claw see on the back. But because the this shuffle. I feel like it s reversed to dragon shield.

Maybe. It s a lot easier this way i feel like this is bad okay. This is one this is two mm hmm let me try for again and i think that is oh this is oh my god okay yeah. I think i m happy with this and i could try.


But it s going to take long okay so this is eclipse. This is metallic. This is kmc this is a normal dragon shield and this is legion. So yeah eclipse blind i would pick over metallics.

I didn t talk to her and do that good because like these are old metallics. Too this is uh. This is cam. See ya don t have a brown.

Okay so i i couldn t really tell the things from these two which ones was i wrong about i knew this one i knew this one. I think you thought we had a new metallic in there which we don t know yeah. But this is metellus is a purple metallic somewhere exodus. One was so yeah dragon shield is do people normally think that this brand is a lot worse no like back in the day before dragon shield fix our formula with the point.

This was the best okay so these are the original best sleeves from like three years ago four years ago. It s like dragon shield is just as good as amc changer firmly and got worse people didn t like it so then dragon. She ll change her front lemaitre made themselves better so back in a day. It was it was kmc above everything.

Then kmc change her formula then dragon. She ll change their formula then eclipse came out okay. These were really never on the on the battlefield. Then also like these came out these metallic came out so it used to be like 1 2.

It used to be like this like these are the best these are behind then they changed. The formula and now it s now like people say. It s like these are equal. And it s like like this like so it s kind of like what i did i just switched a couple of these around.

But yeah it clips on on deck on fleek. It actually depends on your shop. Listen. I haven t bought eclipse.

I d like a normal price for like cheap you get a hundred for 10 or 11 bucks you want to do a blind soil test. Okay yeah. I mean it pretty much wraps up this video. Yeah you heard here dragon chills.

It s good for the price. And it s comparable with the other ones except for the eclipse. Which is kind of i want to tell so and you re not gonna have problems with any any transparency issues because they re all black on the inside so just keep that in mind if you want dragon shields. Maybe stay away from those lighter tones.

If you have any double sided cards. But isn t it fun. And yeah. Thank you for watching with you bye.

” ..

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