Fitbit Blaze Water Test

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“Right guys. It is the obsession here i m subscribed with your nail. I know know this video is when i test the fitbit blaze which is almost a year actually now almost so you can see it s blue working use my personal favorite police by the way um. Yeah.

I mean. But then the purpose of this video will be the water test so just to verify that this is no working. Fitbit blaze. I will focus on it the color vision will show all right well you see i ve got my thing is here alright.

So i m in here. I m going to fill this up with some powder and then put this in there. So yeah. So i just got put the water in there.

I have the paper towel here just you know to dry off this um. I have our heart rate sensor off so yeah don t it s not broken or anything i m sure you guys can see this ready. But the band is coming off. I m not sure just by you so cuz then again this is my personal one so yeah.

I can see it there is water there years ago and because this time. I m coming to do cold water first which is what this is right now and then i ll go ahead. And do hot water or warm water just bent. So without further ado let s get started so.

Since. The fitbit blaze is water resistant. Let s see just to work. Yes.


It is you guys can see from a side view you just obviously worked and so yeah then again this is get it flip back okay. This move right on them. Yeah. She flew died down obviously.

It is not yeah move the screen. But there because it s no and does that sometimes devices. But yeah um. I guess what see oh i started for that there.

Oh yeah. I m gonna continue this alright. So. That was a bit of fun in a full minute um yeah.

It s cold right now. She s um. That s it right here um after that her light. But it s hard to see the sea for islip obviously.

It does say that boom. A little baggy here. And there used to worse just a little laggy see now it s barry i mean super water uh huh. There we are she said all this and that was wracking to my touch for a while just cuz it s wet still but because that i m gonna dry it off quick let s see what i can get out of it there you go now i show my favorite quick alright nothing.

Let s use it better now. See you re so good at my settings. And everything. It s not too bad um.


So yeah. Alright is on you guys. And see you ve got the heart registers. Doing that going right now.

So yeah. Yeah so yeah. I was testing the uh order resistance actually don t know this first. But yeah so if you guys are morning take your typical is in the pool.

I would never recommend it i would you know do it with that least worrying too much of it cuz. Thank you alright yeah. I want to worry about it too much because in this test. I just did here it still works so yeah.

I will pop the trekker of a strain and i will just do a bear test instead seriously. I ll show mine on occasions such as uber test tracker itself about the band. It s in cold water boom. Analyze oh.

Thurston seavers aren t that reassess. I ve got the old quarry. It still can have the tooth. So you guys can see in here.

Yeah. They re just loose turned off yeah obviously still work with that boom. It s back on and yep still work sighs and that amazing. But now this down.


I don t want to my right now. That s just the steps all right so yeah. Where s this way blurry. There all right i m just a second here.

I m going to dump this out put some more water in and see how it works. I d be dead right so guys oh. I just quickly filled this up with some more motor. Not very.

Much yeah. I can feel the heat. Oh same kind of test with the tracker. It obviously still works.

When you focus camera let s go and put it in there and three two one there we go probably that end the future in a future video. I might do a drop test. It just depends how was it me just eat a better experience. I got now mommy s turn back on the display gringo awakening.

See it better is the works. Even in warm water isn t this great to the realist because i mean i know that one s living fit me place are probably the best combinations ever. I mean unless you have the apple watch. Which is even better.

But i m putting on getting that as the time goes. But it s it s balanced. But um anyway settle one justly keeps turning off. Okay is still working that because the heart rate.


Sensor car. Dang the buttons are so weird stewart s perfectly just to the wet. I could let it try ocean trickle over source. Oh yeah.

Doesn t ceo just knowing with nothing after me to say it still works. But yeah thanks for watching and peace out so this is going to be a 4k clip from this is one last look and kind of display on its the work swim. Yeah. Because it s just proving that it s obviously whatever isn t so they can t see anything because i m just gonna try to never get here actually pretty difficult what s up to hit the left on my button there and then the two buttons here.

But yeah as i wanted to say peace ith every single one. But you know maybe they could do something like that i think would be a benefit to gamers to have their in tire steam library downloaded and backup so that they don t have to worry about it in the future. And even though you can play steam offline sometimes those games. Just don t work that well offline because there s just elements of them that just don t click.

When steam is offline in general when it comes to god calm they seem to do just a far better job overall of making those games run. No matter. What and those are the two ways. I see this drm free experiences with a lot of really cool downloadable games and steam.

Which has become bloated over time. But has a ton more experiences and can be a little bit more stable. But i m curious what you guys think do you think steam is better than god calm or d. Think calm is better than steam or if you re one of the few people out there that think that origin and you play is better you need to tell me why because i m very confused on that front and for everyone else.

It s using battlenet enjoy overwatch. It s still pretty fun to play. ” ..


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