Fortnite Compared To Apex Legends(2019 Player Count) Fortnite Vs Apex Legends Compared

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“How s it going everyone i hope you are all having an amazing day. Hopefully hopefully you have had an amazing christmas and or are having an amazing holiday season s video is going to be analytic in style and i m going to be diving deep into the data that we have both for apex legends. And for fortnight also stay tuned. Until the end for my personal opinions.

As well. As what i have planned for next. Gen gaming. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel to stay notified on more of all things that i do gaming and without further ado.

Let s jump right into today s topic battle royales are still relatively new to the gaming scene. But have made waves in the community nonetheless. There are a lot of battle royale games for you to play at the moment. But for all intensive purposes in this video.

I will only be discussing two of the many battle royales fortnight and apex legends fortnight battle. Royale. Was released on september 26. 2017.

And at the time of this recording. Has been out for two years and three months. Fortnight is by far the powerhouse of the battle royale industry. Which is why i feel that it is the best game to compare with other battle royales just to give you some perspective in february of 2019 fortnight confirmed the game reaching 76.

Million concurrent players on february 16th. Which was a non special event record for fortnight and during the marshmallow event. Fortnight recorded 10 point eight million players. Which does not even include the number of people say watching someone livestream the event and i will get into the most recent figures.

A little bit later. But let s talk about apex legends for a second. The reason that i want to compare apex legends to fortnight is actually because apex legends at the moment is the battle royale that i most enjoy playing i played apex when it first launched..


But quickly grew bored with it due to the delay before the launch of an actual season and the lack of content. But even as the seasons came and i still didn t play the game much as i was too deep into fortnight and it s competitive scene that being said. I always appreciated the amazing game that apex is its polished. It s smooth.

It s well thought out and well put together and as a gaming experience apex legends is definitely top notch. But for tonight s lack of care for competitive players and their bounty of bugs and game hitches drove me back to apex legends. Just a week or two after the launch of season 3. And i ve got to be honest.

I have not been able to put it down not only does apex legends now have ranked mode with rewards. Which drives my competitive nature. But it s still smooth as a baby s bottom it now has a lot of content to partake in which removes the sense of redundancy that the game had when it first launched now all of that aside this videos real goal is to take in all. The data that we have both for for night and for apex legends.

And compare the numbers to attempt to get a real feel as to how both of these games are doing currently i say attempt because if you don t know neither game is entirely open about their total download and concurrent player numbers. So let s do our best with the data. We can get to compare these games starting with google trends. Ok.

So what we are looking at here is a comparison of apex legends and fortnight on google trends and before i dive into what exactly this graph means. I want to state in advance that this in no way shape or form dictates the the health of a game. So basically what we are looking at here is the amount of interest that fortnight gets as a search term on google compared to the amount of interest that apex legends gets as a search term on google. What we were looking at here at this point of the graph is february 10th through the 16th.

Which was four days after the release of apex legends. As you can see this is the closest that apex legends has ever gotten to fortnight when it comes to interest in search terms through google. I think that this graph needs to be taken with a grain of salt and i just wanted to bring it up to show the massive massive difference that fortnight has when it comes to being searched on google. And i feel like that s mainly impart to the epic games team you have to give epic games props.

Where props is due because they know how to get people s attention. They know how to get the media s attention. They know how to draw people s interest back into their game..


Even if only for a little bit as you can see towards the end of this graph where four night spikes. All the way back up to 100 that s when the blackout event was happening. I m pretty sure and fortnight was all over the news. So like i m saying these guys epic games.

Knows what they re doing they know how to get four nights searched and that doesn t necessarily mean that they know how to keep and retain a player base. But we will get into some different figures here a little bit later on in the video. I just wanted to bring this graph up because i think it is very interesting that apex legends was only able to get close to fortnight six days after it had launched and when you get on google trends. It actually lets you look up the youtube search volume.

And if we look at the youtube search volume in the past 12 months. It s it s more or less. The same thing. Except for actually both for tonight and apex legends are actually a little bit lower on this scale.

I m not sure if that has to do with the amount of data google collects from youtube or what but this was just another graph that i wanted to point out. I think that both of these graphs are astonishing. If you look at them with the perspective that these graphs determine the amount of players playing the game. Because that s not what they ve determined at all that just determines the popularity of of the searching so i know i said that i wasn t going to bring up any other battle royales in this video.

But i figured i would throw pub g. Search term into google trends just to add a little bit more depth to this chart. And just show you that apex legends as a search term just really is not doing so hot. Now you got to understand that it s all the way down at the bottom line because it s being compared to for tonight.

Which is a powerhouse like i said earlier. If i was just searching at searching and looking at apex legends this peak right here at where apex legends peak peaks would be all the way up at a hundred and the rest of it would kind of follow suit in a downward slant. So what i m doing in order to not just take google trends as an example is we are going to also take a look at the twitch streaming numbers for both for night and apex legends. And as you can see here in the past 365 days.

Fortnight has been watched for over 1 billion hours on twitch and it s been streamed for over 73 million hours with a peak viewer of 16. Million. And if we look all the way at apex legends..


It s all the way down. That number 8. With only 343 million hours watched and 21 hours streamed now i want to pay or i want to bring attention to the fact that the stream time and watch time for both these games are are almost in the same ratio. Where as in um.

You know 73 million hours of watch time multiplied by 12 or whatever will give you close to 1 billion. I m just i m just throwing out numbers and and the 21 million hours of watch time for a or a stream time for apex legends x. 12. Or whatever will get you close to 343 mmm.

So the ratio for these two games are really close for tonight of course dominating in the actual numbers. But i m just talking about the ratios right now also this is in the past 365 days. When i was looking at this and you guys can get on. I ll have all of the all of my resources linked down in the description.

You guys can get on these sites and look at the numbers for yourself. Which brings me to my last application that i found that actually claims to have a way to determine the live player count for these games. Now this needs to be taken with a grain of salt because i m not 100. Sure how accurate these numbers are but i d imagine that they re not too far off from your truth.

So every time. I update. The player count it ll go you know up or down a hundred to two hundred thousand fifty thousand sometimes up or down just depending on how many players have gotten on and how many players have gotten off between the last time. I ve updated it and when i just updated it and and you guys got to understand that you know it seems like 200 thousands a lot of numbers to be just flipping around every 30 seconds.

But when you re talking about 2 million ok. Which brings me to my last application that i managed to find online that claims to have the actual live player count of these games. So this this data needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But i d imagine that it s not too far off from the truth.

And as you can see apex legends from the time of me checking the player count was hovering around 1 million nine hundred nine hundred thousand two you know one two million players online. Yeah that s what it was hovering around for the time that i was checking it in fortnight was hovering around six million to 62. Million players..


And that s a big difference like this video is mainly just to try and get all the data. We can and compile it together and unfortunately. It s not looking good for apex legends or any other battle royale for that matter. Because i was checking pub g.

And those numbers were similar to apex legends. And i was checking blackout and call duty. And those numbers were similar to x legends. It s like weird how all of these.

Other battle royales kind of get their base group of fans. And then you know plateau at 1 million concurrent players. Whereas in fortnight. Just for some reason man just hits.

People s buttons. When it comes to battle royale. You know it checks all their boxes. And i guess you know it s been good enough again good enough of a game to still have 6 million concurrent players at the time of me checking you know like well.

I think. That s just about enough ranting and raving for me let me know down in the comments. What you think are you guys playing apex legends or are you playing fortnight right. Now or are you not playing either of those games.

Let me know down in the comments. If you made it this far be sure to hit the like button. ” ..


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