Frederique Constant Swiss Horological Smartwatch – Hands On Video

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“Here we can see that my watch and all nthe data from my watch have have been downloaded to the at the words nhas. 30. Days of memories and here. Showing my tracking activities said to ndo.

So throughout today. I ve walked 2729 steps and more distant of 22 kilometers. N122. And i can also really see by times.

So this is for my and that s my activity. Nof yesterday. Dan. This is the tracking activities and right now.

I ve done 27 npercent of my targets. But my. Targets i can easily changed my girls here my nobjective is to do 10000 steps a day but if maybe i m a bit. Lazy and i want nto do 5000.

Step today and now for this day. Ninstead of six hours. I would like to do nine. I was because i m getting old.

I nreally have to rest so now you as you can see all the information. I have just nchanged have been sent to my watch now you have seen the hands is moving by nmyself and how i can have another different activities. Because i ve changed my daily objective ni. ve done already 54 55 percent on my activities in nregarding.

My night. I can have more information or so nice that was my night nas you can see i haven t seen too much poorer than 35. That s what we call the njetliner. It took me 35 minutes to fall asleep and ni.

Slept one hour 41 in a deep sleep as you can see in the dark new and i said nto her almost three hours in a light sleeper. So now imagine i m traveling or ni am..

In a meeting and i don t have my phone on a weekend. With my girlfriend nand. I cant take my friend because it s a weekend with my girlfriend and not in my nphone no my with miami. My way i can follow all the different data directly nvia my watch so here you can see that s will see the hands as done fifty five npercent of my objective.

Now if i pushed twice the crowd it will show me the percentage of my nnight so the blue hens. It done tonight and then you will tell me the percentage nof. My night so here you can easily see i ve done ninety percent of my objective nso when i will now tonight. I will go to my dad.

I have to wait to put my watch into just press nthe crown three seconds and now they re watch understand that this is the nslipping so every movement that i will do during my night. Then the watchword never to adopted and to understand it when i will wake up i just take my watch nand. I put it and as you can see here so you can see the moon on them on the nboard when i wake up. I just three seconds and its back on the tracking.

Nactivities and you can see her as well you are undertaking activities. Now if i nwant to adjust my watch keeping word. I don t have to president i can or so i ncan do it directly with my phone. I will activate the sleep mode and you will see nthat the hands will move automatically so they communicate exactly was a difficult to try and put a ntransmitter or receiver in the watch.

Beautiful. Everything else that that nhaving one of the complication to do. But let years. We ve got a good watch makers nand.

We have a good people working on all this technology. And we have been able to nfind a way. But this is part of the of the innovation. Definitely so i can also nset a record for a power nap.

So i can so make a lot of the city cycle alarm this nis. Another function. If every morning you wake up let s say. 630.

Ok. I can i can set nmy watch..

I get a windows up to 20 minutes so let s say 730. Because my nprevious night was so tall to even one hour. If i want the windows nwill give me the opportunity to be wake up when i will be on the lights are not non a deep sea. Because it s not healthy to be wake up when you re on a deep nsleep for all the day then you will you will not feel good.

But the watch. We know nexactly when is the best moment to be mean to wake you up through sensors nexactly so that the reason why with all the sensors that oversaw the movement nthat you are doing when you are on the dot lights. So this is another function nthat. The worst is doing so we can see clearly here and here and the leather nstrap is this going and so we have introduced 55 models.

This is also going nplated cases with a white with silver dial and brown leather strap and the nnumbers are so so. All the indexes. And they are all the walls gold plated indexes as well. But otherwise all nthe different features are really the same as the one we are using an hour in nall our collection so you can see i mean in terms of details.

But we really pay nfor details. We really want to give something else to the customer because nwe want to make sure that they feel that they are wearing luxurious watchers. So we do like the nother option is so painful detail or soda cases around cases hand polished so nyou can end its applied indexes and not printed indexes printing dial like many nother brands can do and watches it is a hundred percent in geneva is also in ncombination. Some parts you know it s i mean we get the technology from the city nconvenience.

We ve got older she met the firmware. But then do all the movement nthe movement is produced in geneva in our own manufacturer manufacturer. So we re gonna start with nthe civil case. This case retailer seventy thousand rupees.

And for the most ngold plated case eighty thousand get a really bad smoke was getting maybe this nwas. So one of the reason is because it s a threesome a to watch so basically why nyou want to buy your swiss made watch when you can buy a chinese watch because nyou care about the quality about the prestige and a budget image. So that ntheir first and second because it s really nice beautiful looks like very nclassic and if you don t want to have all do connectivity you can only wear it nbecause. It s looks like a very classic watch.

This is it you will have a very nclassical watch with a good quality and you will be able to do where the real nwell known and established brand now in t yeah. You are did you guys hear that who is that wasn t your stomach ma my stomach normally sounds like whale noises wow so majestic. I can t see anything dude. I don t know man maybe this stuff wasn t worth it not worth it guys imagine what would happen if we got that picture you with adventure seeker.

Dipper pines to play we build around the elusive gobble walker tell me to her what s the secret to your success well i run away from nothing nothing except for when i ran away from my annoying grunkle fan who i ditched in order to pursue that lake monster a regular to do so they look like a real piece of work i don t often do this. But i feel the need to give you an award alright..

Do some problem my name is mabel orion s let s table. It also ryan flips table. It also rhymes with mabel. So we should be writing this down guys guys hear something everyone get your camera s ready ready but what was that noise then i heard a monster noise.

Sorry beaver with a chainsaw maybe that old guy was crazy after all he did use the word scrabble look when you run the line a lot of people don t know it. But you want to use a barrel nut that s a secret from one fishing buddy to another i who are you exactly just call me your grunkle stan sir why are you talking to our son. If you don t leave right now. I m calling the police haha you see the thing about that is come on your own kid.

Oh yeah. Work it work it nice. Nice. Do another.

One. Oh. Yeah. I got one.

What are we going to say to grunkle stan. We ditched him over nothing. See hey come on this is my chance. What s wrong with you guys not that hard all right all you gotta do is point and shoot like thank you feel better i got talking pictures of those beavers dude.

Voices molly colin can you please tell me more funny stories pop up anything for my fishing. Buddies pop up. I just realized it come on what s the big idea. Maybe.

He has no one for watching thank you for that boy easy easy go to the falls. I think there might be a cave behind there oh yeah what purple gold. I ve got this hold on hey guys come check this out polly you you made this oh why well i i i just wanted attention. I still don t understand well prisoners who played it up a biomechanical brainwave generator and then i learn to operate a sec ship with my beard.

Okay yeah. But why did he do it well when you get to be an old fella like me nobody pays any attention to you anymore..

My own son hasn t visited me and fun. So i figured maybe i can t get fancy with a 15 ton aquatic road in retrospect it seems a bit contrived you just don t know the lengths as old timers go through for a little quality time with our family good. I got the real life monsters you too sorry i just like booms popped into my head. There so did you ever talk to your son about how you felt no sure i got to work straight on the robot.

I mean lots of robots in my day when my wife left me and i created a homicidal pterodactyls ron oh in my pallor and he didn t come to my retirement. Party and i constructed an eight each other shame. But this load is the entire downtown area well time to get back to work on my death. Race.

And you kids got a screwdriver well so much for the photo contest. Still have one more soul must what do you want to do with it. What the kid. I you two are playing spin the bottle with soup well we spent all day trying to find a legendary dinosaur.

But we realized the only dinosaur. We want to hang out with right here save your sympathy. I ve been having a great time without you make it friends talk to my reflection. I got a run in with the light police because we gotta wear this ankle bracelet.

Now so that ll be fun. So i guess. There isn t room in that boat for three more you knuckleheads ever seen me throw up with my i calls five bucks says you can t do it you re on five more bucks says you can t do it with your eyes closed to ask me see you at the top of my mom. I like those odds oh oh what happen to your shirt.

Long story good all right everybody get together. Say fishing go tomorrow frame want to hear a joke honey yeah. You do here it goes. Why did the pelican get kicked out of the restaurant.

I don t care as he had a very big build not bad little a black pelican bay. ” ..

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