From the Depths – Reivers Ep1 – Deepwater Slog

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“Mateys and gentlemen. I m captain thorn and you re watching from the depths. We we are at the very beginning of the quest for nita. We have a tiny shipyard which i ve taken a moment right here to spawn in instead of our starting fortress and we from this tiny little corner of the map.

We re going to expand to conquer this entire planet. I ve had a little bit of an idea for our faction. We re going to be called the hi c. Reavers.

Taking some inspiration from warhammer orcs. Mad. Max. And all kinds of post apocalyptic settings.

That s why we re covered in spikes. You want to make something post apocalyptic spike s the other way to go. But before we can conquer all of nita. We re going to need a ship and a cheap one at that because we don t exactly have many materials to spare so i m gonna head through my fortress which is powered by lovely little electric engine and i m going to set off and get our first ship spawned in hopefully not so close that we blow up our own shipyard had that happened before in testing.

This is going to be the cutthroat she s a simple starter. Ship she comes at a price of. 21000 materials and at the. Minute we only have to do less than 15000.

So she is gonna take a little while while that s going on i m gonna tell you about my difficulty settings as you can see from my experience marker. In that little bottom right corner level. 25. That s just about enough to get through the tutorials and put a couple of ships together.

I am not good at this game is really an understatement. I am terrible at this game. As you will probably soon find out if you would like to watch me lose you re in the right place if you want to see someone wipe the floor with godly designs yeah not gonna happen here let s have a look at the difficulty settings i am playing on we have damage difficulty 100 enemy growth factor 100 resource resource given by destroying enemy 10. Which is very high.

But i think i m going to need it and we have enemy. Design difficulty. 12 y 12. I have no idea.

But that means we are going to face easy enemies regular enemies and expert enemies. The latter kind of scare. Me not gonna lie i m having problems with them in testing. We re also using localized material.

So i will be using duty to do what they called supply ships supply ships to send materials and fuel to my fleets although we re not gonna see any of that early on i also have automatic detection completely turned off so we do need detection systems in place to stop our ships being blind and stealth is a thing that exists i guess anyway let s get this cutthroat built. We re gonna pull all set her to build and speed up time until she s done i ll put a little cut here and i ll see you when she s ready and here. She is the cutthroat. She is not very good.

But she is my baby and i love her she is a crabbing trawler or was a crabbing trawler until some brave reba s rivas rivas stole her from her previous owner and looted her now she s got three weapons strapped on a four barrel cannon shooting hollow point shells a big wrecking crane on spinners with rams and harpoons to drag enemy ships in close and rip em apart. Which should be a fun strategy if it actually works and that is a hell of an if but she s not the best. She s not the best looking. She s not the best performing.

But she s what we ve got and we re gonna take on the deepwater guard. Without and we re gonna do some looting pillaging raiding. And just generally taking things that don t belong to us if she can pull it off. So let s send her on the way head up here towards this first square full of deepwater guard.

Soon to belong to us off you go i m also gonna start work on a satellite. Because as you can see you can t see much of anything at all let s women don t know sort that out by putting a satellite into production and i have one. I made earlier do here we go spawn ewan and simple satellites that ll fly up to 800 meters in the air and reveal most of the surrounding area for us look we need it right now. But she won t take long to be done.

She s only 1500 resources..

Okay whoa off. We go right now we re all set to do this declare war on the deepwater guard. Who i hope we re ready i mean the reavers talk big. But we re not exactly the mastership rights.

I would like us to be moving now. Which is more of a flip reflection on me than anyone else. But hey so we are at war with the deepwater guard and we re going in to pillage their territory. They re not gonna like it but well let s see what they can do about it who will be our first enemy.

What do we have here we have oh no sky viper monkey barrel hot light okay these are all very easy enemies. So why am i saying uh well. I m gonna be honest the cut throat can shoot sort of 45 degrees up into the sky. But she is not the best at taking out air units.

Still there very easy air units right. So we shouldn t have that much trouble famous last words. Oh. Still i think the cutthroat can take them out as long as we don t get them too close.

So we can still shoot at them. And it s not very rebury. But we won t be able to chop them up okay let s initiate battle and see how we do stay away princess. You are not gonna do much good if they get too close.

Because you will not be able to shoot them at all okay here we go battle begins. So straightaway our little hollow point cannon is shooting at these things and we are hang on. I do not want you to move. Let s just turn your ai navigation systems off and have you sit there okay monkey barrel.

The most ridiculous looking ship in the game ship it s an aircraft they think maybe my detection systems they whoa what was that something just blew up it was a hoplite the hoplite is already gone who s gonna be next those flares aren t doing much of anything at all but they are not fitted with missile. Warners. So they are just automatic shaving. A few blocks of the monkey barrel.

I think my detection system needs work. But these guys won t exactly take much i m having my ship back up now because if these things get too close. We will not be able to hit them my the turret on the cutthroat is oh there goes another one the turret on the cutthroat has a three meter and elevation mantlet not the aaa mantlet. So it cannot aim straight up in the air.

The reason for that is she goes nose up most of the time so i need the turret to be able to aim down as well as up and for that the aaa mantlet is just no good okay. These things are getting a little bit too close now they got me worried come on baby handle them handle them for me. Changing target to the sky viper. Now ooh shaving a few blocks off and is that it yep too damaged down.

She goes two to go. This is not the glorious start. I expected it to be full of chopping and shooting. But well sometimes that s what you get the deepwater guard.

And i not exactly known for huge fleets of battleships for us to tear into not that we could tear into huge fleets of battleships and there goes the monkey barrel. One left what s this oh this is the hoplite. I thought we d taken that down already must have been the balloons on the sky viper well the hoplites not gonna do much to us not that we re having that much oh i was gonna say looking hitting it but there it goes and she s too damaged as well victory first blood goes to us. I think the cutthroat was on the tacking salvaged this so i ll turn that off turning to for megan and with that done let s collect some of this salvaged and head on to our next destination.

I ll put a cut in here and i ll get back to you when we are ready okay guys we are almost at this next tile. We ve collected up just a tiny little bit of salvage. It s not gonna go very far. But our satellite has revealed a much wider area to us.

There are a few tiles like these 25s that i am not confident our cutthroat can take out so. What i d like to do is head to knock out some of these easier tiles anything below a 20. And maybe. Just maybe head on to this sinners outpost.

Where another resource owned is awaiting us for the taking..

And i ll get some more ships in when we ve got a little bit more materials to spare. So without further ado. Let s take on this tile. Okay.

What are we up against one gaza that looks like a plane well we are not facing the enemies. We wanted really but let s see how the old cutthroat can fare. I m i m gonna be honest. I m not super confident.

If this is a fast plane and 51 meters a second yeah. We can t just back away from this one boom. Anyway. Let s see how we fare no no back you go back you go piloting the ship backwards.

Oh. We are not gonna get away from you oh is that an advanced cannon that looks like an advanced cannon. What are you you re an aircraft and you have what looked like to nasty looking advanced cannons on the front. How we doing we taken some damage seems to be missing a lot as is my controller broken.

No don t like to look at that explosion okay it looks like our cannon. Just cannot fire at the minute. We ve taken a little bit of damage. But we re still on 98 and the gaza is also 98.

So oh come on cannon come on get away from this thing shoot shoot our lives do depend on it we just can t hit the damn thing that said it doesn t seem to be hitting much of us at all i m not sure what it s doing is it dropping bombs does it have bombs it s a mystery. And why is oh there we go we re firing. Now cheering a few blocks of it by the looks. Oh that was an explosion.

But who was it as was it them 92. And we re back up to a hundred percent now doing a little bit of repairing. I do have some repair bots on this thing. But not many i was trying to make it cheap flair s doing some good work i want to say i m confident.

But i m really not if we were designed to be able to take these things on maybe we re doing some damage now every time it passes overhead well that looks nasty down to 97. But it s at 19. We re in the lead still that angle it just kills us when it gets overhead like that down to 95 mm. What s the damage.

We re taking a lot of damage on the top and i don t like that my ammo storage is in that back section. There we ve lost our crane. Oh dear. Not that it was gonna do as much good now.

What s the point of being choppy. If there s nothing to chop. Oh. I like the look of that that was a nice explosion is it falling is she falling from the sky.

She looks like she s falling from the sky. Gentlemen. You know what this means turning is it time for looting and pillaging. I think it s time for looting and pillaging oh.

She s a i did we re not gonna get to her in time. How did you manage to aii that during the five seconds. It took me to turn your guns off nope. Oh.

She s gone no looting for us no pillaging to be had that s deeply sad. But we won and that s all we could hope for all right let s head on to the next aisle. Oh should we do we have enough materials to repair. We do we re okay while that s going on i m gonna start work on some support for our ship.

Do not have a lot of materials to work with we only have a little over 4000..

But that is enough to make the worst helicopter ever designed the jank copter janky as anything. But well if it distracts them things from firing at the cutthroat that is enough for me. So i will put a little cut in here. And i will be back to you when we are ready to attack this next tile.

The jank copter is now done and i am going to send her up to support the cutthroat. Let s have a quick look at this thing shall we as i have mentioned. This is quite possibly. The worst helicopter ever designed.

She has two very simple direct fed. Hello point autocannons. She is a metal box full of explosive ammo barrels. And she will die.

If anything manages to hit turn. But she does jack around a bit so she shouldn t be the easiest target in the world. Let s just hope that she doesn t get killed too quickly as she quick enough to get to the cut throat before i start this next fight. I think we can wait you think we can just about wait the nice thing and the only nice thing about the jank copter is the incredibly cheap price.

I ve already got a second one into production just as the first managers to get up near the cut throat. So let s start the next battle as soon as we can we ll merge these together. If i can figure out how to do that there we go merge into a new fleet and let s attack this next. I ll are you done already that is ridiculous you things are ridiculous relieving okay.

What are we gonna be up against this time now that we ve got some extra forces behind us we have ooh okay we have three red tuna. I know these are expert designs. So this is not going to be as easy as our previous battles. But and it is a good but these things are ships they are not in the sky.

We might be able to chop them up let s get a little bit closer now and see what we can do okay. That ll do let s start this battle. Okay. Everything is coming in i would like to be on the cutthroat and we will send the jet copter as far away as possible hopefully not gonna get blown up meanwhile.

The cutthroat will get very nice and close and i will pilot it right up into these tuna and terra min ha. Hopefully. That s the plan. Let s have a quick pause so these things are not nearly as vulnerable as the previous designs.

We ve faced they are much better armored they have lots of missiles. They have lots of torpedoes and some simple guns on the front as well the cutthroat has fought expert designs in the vehicle designer and not done terribly well. They also have more volume than us crazily. Enough yeah.

So i m not feeling good about this one. But let s see how we do it d be nice. If it wasn t so dark. So we could see things oh.

I do not like that that looked painful getting close. Now oh and i m dead. I m dead. That s not good the ai can pilot the cutthroat reasonably well.

But it s not quite as good at getting into a close range broadside as i am and it needs that close range broadside to make use of the crane and its broadside harpoons. Let s get up close and personal with one of these things. And see if we can just tear. It apart without ram.

I see you and again. I m kind of worried about the rams on the front of this thing. So i don t want to be i gotta be careful oh there we go that s what i like to see that is a dead ship. Very very nice very quick.

Very painful that is what the reavers are all about come on baby..

Let s take on the next. Two how s the copter. Doing is she in this fight at all she is she s taking some fire. But she s holding on in there that s all i can expect from her oh.

We have lost we have lost the front of our ship. Just a bit of armor. But we re good. Oh oh.

No oh no no no no no no. Oh. That s bad. Our engine power is gone something took our engine out and our crane out okay.

And i was holding onto the weapons that s not good we are in a real pickle now how s our health eighty four percent. I feel comfortable just letting my ship sink to the bottom of the ocean as long as she s still well that flow is gone as long as she s still at eight above 80 health. She is not gonna get destroyed and that gives me let me okay. How are we doing let me just check that gives me the opportunity to sail up here and take on some of these things myself the jank kofta is going to get seriously hurt.

While these things are busying themselves. See these torpedoes. So you see them stopping don t ilia this battle could go on for if this takes too long. I will be putting a cut in here speeding things up for you while i try and take these out myself ladies and gentlemen i may have been mistaken about the cutthroat i think she sank because she ran out of fuel which is very embarrassing.

But i have just about sorted it out and she is now rising from the depths title drop. And i am going to use her to take out those little red tuna when she gets there has a little bit of an act of vengeance. Although this is not really the angle. I had planned to do it at how close are we upside down.

We re upside down. There we go tilting over where abouts are you here we go right above the surface of the water and the flares are going again all right vengeance time vengeance time these things have been disabled. I think the ship herself took them out the jank copter has been no use. She is set there on the surface of the war.

As you can see in the distance. There hang on here s the gent copter totally disabled. Don t know what s wrong with it thought. It was terrible to begin with the red tuna are now shish kebab should have said chamois that would have been made much more sense here we go we just shaved a few blocks off there.

But that was deeply disappointing ah harpoons with near enough useless. I still have my weapons turned off. I m just hoping to take her out with the ram to save our ammunition. There we go there we go.

What s that crane terror to bits. Let s have more torpedoes bring the second one in for us here. She comes lambs to the slaughter and away she goes. That s that i don t think i m gonna be able to salvage the tuna.

So oh maybe i did nope she s gone so we didn t get any extra materials out of that but we won and that was the main thing. We lost the majority of the jank copter. She is now set presumably near enough to the bottom of the ocean nope just hanging in there lost. Oh rotor blades.

That is a deeply deeply sad looking jack copter. But i think that we ll have to call it for the day. Thank you for watching ladies and gentlemen. I have been captain thorn and this was from the depths.

See you next ” ..

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