Fuji Guys – S1500 Part 2 – First Look

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“There i m gregg and i m billy together with the fujiguys and in this this video. We re gonna talk about the first look what what really all the bells and whistles you have on your s. 1500 camera billy take it away take us around that camera absolutely so let s take a look at the the camera on the side first you ll see that there s actually two little pegs on each side that s for the strap. That s included with the camera.

So you hook that up to either side. If you take a look you will see the speaker s okay. We take a look at the other side of the camera. And there s actually a usb connection on that as well so that s where you would be connecting the usb and audio video cables.

It s a similar plug but different and so do that side first take a look at the bottom of the camera the bottom is where the tripod mount is again a standard tripod mount. This is great in the sense of its dead center allows you to put it on a tripod that s not too heavy and gives a perfect balance. Yeah can i mention also billy because not a lot of people use tripods with point and shoot compact cameras. But because this one has such a long telephoto zoom.

It s actually a probably a good accessory to buy if you don t already own one with this camera. That s already interrupt okay. Let s take a look at the battery cover. So on the bottom of the camera was he that there s a little notch that you slide down and then you can actually pull it to the side and it flips open and this is what the body s going to the camera as well as the the memory card.

So let s start with the w batteries in we just follow the instructions thank you greg that goes up that click that goes down that goes down. So quick little indication on how that battery should look when the in properly. If you do put it in and you turn on the camera. It doesn t go on most likely the bags gonna be inserted incorrectly into the cameras.

So the batteries are in what we want to do now is also include and insert the memory cut again. This camera uses a standard sd memory card. It also supports the high capacity sd cards. So for gigging above.

I just have a standard one right here putting it in again. We look at the back of the cut..

There s a gold little notch on each end. We take a look at the cam itself we will insert it with the go notch facing the back of the camera and that means it s in if it doesn t go in the other way then don t push it in because it s not gonna fit okay once it s in we slide it down push a little pressure slide it back in and it s now locked in place the batteries because i m not gonna go anywhere let s take a look it back at the front view of the camera first thing on the side. There s a little button there that pops the flash that s basically your on and off button for the fly. It s off it s on looking at the front of the camera.

There s an af assist lamp that lamp allows the camera to to to focus in low light situations. Where it gets pretty dark shoots a little beam out and again assesses. The camera in getting a correct focus and that s a feature. I always like to have with any digital camera.

Because i do a lot of shooting at parties ya. Know cameras have a hard time focusing correctly in poor light. Now let s take a look at the microphone. Which is also found in the front of the camera.

And it s a little tricky hit and it s right just it s hard to see that but it s in between the flash button and the lens a low flip thing there so when you film ii don t do this way you re gonna muffle the sound. Because that s where the speaker s being picked up from i m sorry the mic that is of course. What we see in the front is also the lens. A little lens pump with the cover use that at all times in fact you want to protect the lens at all times to keep you know your pictures.

Very sharp. You we also offer something like this which is a nice little case that s fitted to the camera itself. And that will also protect it from any scratches to the camera. Okay.

Let s take a look at the top view of the camera. Now so if we look at the top. There s an on and off switch. It s a slider switch to turn it on you would slide it over and hold it and let go and then it switches on of course.

This is the very first time you switch the camera. It s gonna actually go through a smaller setup..

Tell you the truth your language. The date and then the type of bad is that you re using so it would detect if you re using an alkaline or even a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery. So that s the on and off switch right in front of that is the shutter button so we push the button halfway down again like any digital camera. It actually lock it focus and locks exposure and push it all the way down.

Without you take the picture. Okay. There s also a face detection button. And that can be turned on and off by pushing this button.

And actually tall goes through several modes including face detection on face detection. With the red eye removal feature on and then turning it off right beside. It looks like a hand symbol and that symbol basically turns on and off the image stabilization that s included with the s 1500. It is a mechanical stabilization built onto the ccd and a style camera like this now has a very long zoom in fact.

The 12 time zoom lens. It s always nice to have a mechanical stabilizer to help you get that more steady a shot of course. We see there s also mode out a mode out built a pretty high construction. It s a nice little metal finish nice grips to it it s properly enabled with all the settings that are on the camera.

The first one is of course the scene recognition auto mode. There s also other modes like the automatic scene mode. There s also manual modes aperture priority mode and of course. The movie mode on top of that so that s sort of a quick motel.

That s where you can switch to this. But just beside the mode dial is the ready light and that light basically tells you when the flash is ready to go off in terms of it blinks a little bit and then when it turns green. You re ready to shoot. And the flash is fully charged.

It also helps you to tell you if you got it properly focus. So if you push the button halfway down my light will come up..

And tell you that it s focused in that sense in the front of the camera. We ll still looking at the top sorry. There s actually a little notch in the front and i should zoom and you can zoom in zoom out using that little feature there okay let s take a look at the back view now of the camera greg what side screen is that that s a 27 inch lcd billy great so that s basically the high res screen of course it has a special glass filter as well that s that s actually made by fuji. We actually make a lot of these filters.

Even for four television sets and allow you not just a view at a higher degree of angle. But of course shooting in direct sunlight as well so we take a look at the back of the camera. You ll see that there s a playback button. So you can push that button to playback.

The images what you can also do as well is that if the cam is completely off with the lens turned off you can actually just look at the images by holding that button down and the lens will not extend you can protect it and just be looking at images alone in the back of that camera. There s also an f button. And i d have fun in terms of previous videos that we ve done. It s basically sort of like the having the film store.

What you can change settings like iso. The image quality. And even the even the the the image ratio in terms of it being a three to two or four by six. So i have a forty three print.

There s a lot of buttons on the on the camera. But don t be scared. It is a digital camera you can t go around there s always a reset button to send everything back to normal again just pointing out a few other buttons there s an e vf lcd button and that bugs actually gonna be something that you d be using a lot because that allows you to toggle between the two different lcd screens that built that s built onto this camera now great this cameras a little unique in a sense that everyone who looks at it thinks is a it s a full fledge you know digital slr. What it is though.

It s really an all in one. You know soo ah. Like cameron. When we say it s like camera greg.

We look through the viewfinder. Which is here the top little small screen on top..

I don t necessarily like what do you normally see in that well when an slr. Which for everyone s information stands for single lens. Reflex and when you re looking through that light. There s actually a piece of glass that bends the light down off of a mirror and right through the lens billy.

So it looks as if you re looking straight at the sub through a window or something with the evf that s more like you re talking about looking through a video camera. So you re seeing more of an electronic image of your subject. Okay so that s the evs you can switch that really quickly. We have the directional pad like any other fuji cameras.

You can move up down left and right and each of those buttons you can actually toggle between the macro function delete function the flash button there s also continuous shooting mode that you can quickly access using this directional pad. There s a manual key button in the middle. Again that s your enter key. It s also how you get into the menu.

There s a display button. Which is almost like you re having you the escape button on your keyboard push that button and you can go back and back and back and cancel what you don t want to have there s also an eevee button as well and that allows you to change the exposure values on the camera. So this camera has a lot of functions built onto the buttons that gives you quick access. It s a great little camera and really it s it s fully fledged in this.

As you can do full manual controls with it. So that s sort of about a quick look of the s. 15. On it i think that s a great job billy.

I m greg and you re billy and together. We re the fuji guys come back next video and we ll show you how to use some of those great features on your s 1500. ” ..


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