FULL MATCH: Casino Battle Royale (AEW: Double or Nothing)

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“And gentlemen. This is lee casino. The wrestlers have selected their card from a special special deck the suit drawn determines their groove every three minutes. We shuffle the deck see which suit comes next.

After all suits have been exhausted. The individual who drew the choker card will be the final participant to join the match elimination occurs. When you are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor the last remaining wrestler wins. The match and will challenge the winner of tonight s main event in the future for the aew world chess mansion.

Curtly during the club s dustin thomas max. Will take a freedman mj sunny days. Brandon cutler and michael knocka knocka michael nakagawa getting a hero s welcome here in las vegas and the rules may seem convoluted. Alex.

But really. It s a traditional over the top rope bow. Wow. It really is indeed a the top row of eliminations that s how it goes immediately bad targeting dustin autonomous mj asked and it doesn t thomas s facebook brandon cutler intervening indie brandon colored the man who makes everyone cry because he s such an inspirational story dustin thomas by the way to be noted.

A bilateral amputee from the age of three because the spine issue and look. Where he is today with the hard work perseverance mj jaw jacking with brenda cutler as sunny days of michael s up nakazawa in the center of the rink trying to bring him up for a vertical suplex nakagawa. Though getting wide you can see he s got the vertical. Oh.

My god that s the oil the baby oil comes out he s getting slippery. He s getting slack yes. Indeed and for those not familiar with michael not izawa. He is 1p employees baby to say he practicing of the turkish oil wrestling.

Technique michael nock is out creating a real hazard for everybody else that s gonna rustle later on tonight in sunny days. With the waist lock and nakagawa all slicked up again. Oh whoa. The only thing we can hope for is if he only has one bottle left that s what we got a squirt out like mike.

On and knock. A stopper. Las vegas. His favorite adopted son go to the midsection sitting date.

Oh head punches levels knock us out takes him off his feet hey let s not discount sunny days. His chances of winning this this man has been on a roll getting into the first elimination is brandon cutler thrown over the top and two inspirational stories here sunny days and brandi cutler. But they are trying to make their mark here and all elite wrestling and what better way to do so than getting the first elimination here and the casino battle royale excalibur. You ve wrestled for a number of years.

Only i ask you is it better for the ring to be empty or full when the diamond that is a tough call. I ve never been in a battle royal quite like this but i would have to imagine. It s better for the ring to be full up because those are some opponents that are softened up and they make for easy pickings. It s literally freed up to oil dump in some cases.

And now. Mj. Have maxwell. Jacob freedman.

City cutler to the roast cutler come fly elbow shot to the jaw finally. Shutting the mouth of mjf indeed and again over the top rope battle aerial elimination rules here this again warm up for double or nothing you can order it streaming live on bleacher report b are alive directv dish network cable providers throughout the us and canada and in the uk and ireland. Itv box office. Calm fight teeth fight tv by tv.

They to match it s like the diamonds have been drawn and they will be heading to the ring let s see this part of this diamond group. Interesting now this now this is panning out groups of five quintets..

If you will some of whom are maybe tag team competitors. Some foods that may may hate each other to be quite honest with you have no reason to work together to try to make things happen for your chair mjf already calling his shot. Saying. He s going to be the champ.

He s going to be the man that goes out to face the winner of chris jericho on kenny omega. Tonight and double or nothing main event mj have taken him out and dustin s just been sitting in the corner. Which by the way may not be such a bad. Thing for dustin thomas employees.

Looking to go after the old bobby in strategy of hiding under the ring. He s hiding under the turnbuckle. But dustin thomas is a tenacious individual. He s on the man with with a lot of heart a lot of fight now we have the diamonds making their way down the ramp.

And brian pillman jr. Trying to make his appearance. Oh cassidy just cut across the joke. Mike and business picking up on the ramp.

As jimmy havoc. And joey janela two like minded individuals teaming up and we see the batgirl penelope ford escorting janela out to the ring. Oh the perfect man himself short spears visit aw take a look at those eyes man you see determination right after nj freeman on to his feet went up hook to the eye. The greco roman.

I quote. Expertly employed mj at the same so far. We have not yet but spears get in the eyes of mjf and look at perhaps. How would you rate that one alex oh.

That s a 10 ten. I m showing spears hey stop tell. He s got me back speirs feeling of five hear the crowd right fully behind him as he lights up mjf. Pam jaya bagging off trying to create some distance between southern spears.

But spears pressing the attack again just light them up with chops. We should pay five four three two one it s the hearts. The heart suit has begun boy mark quinn and there again no eliminations so far in this a primero and an eliminate pin by the way. I don t think what mjf starched him private parties still not in the rim.

They are on the outside mark twain went to check on isaiah cassidy. They were they might be the smartest men. The match still on the outside as glacier and janela squaring off in the center of the ray mjf mocking to a sure way sure 32 years on and off in this business. Deserves a little respect.

But into a cross shop. Catching friedman high right across the islands up all hell stab. Take janelle off his feet. A glacier said.

His experience in wrestling was going to benefit him oh. There s a lot of youngsters sunny days comes from behind knocking glacier. The outside and days pancake and cutler in the corner days looking for the elimination on nacos allen akazawa. Holding on this is where the baby oil could backfire his back would exactly be delivery to hold on maybe notice he used his elbow.

He didn t use by michael nakagawa and matt jackson cheering in the back. I can hear him from here. No michael not gazala will not be getting now sunny days up to the top rope lay sure returns to the ring is janel letting off glacier blowing missed two shots of miss davis frozen solid like an iceberg and it goes out that s it for sunny days. Not so soon anymore jumping glacier over that oh jenelle a lit cigarette put on his forehead by jimmy havoc do we have it as a staple gun.

I guess that is allowed in the casino battle royale and now billy gunn taking friedman to the outside freeman. Though hangs on lands on the apron mjf shot to the midsection..

I billy gunn joey janela is wrestling with a lit cigarette to his forehead and now brian pillman jr. Taking to the sky take down janela shades of his pop right. There air pillman flying brian jr. The promise prints getting and i feel they re from mjf and now brandon cutler.

Jimmy havoc uk s on jimmy havoc and if you re staying up to watch in the uk or ireland. We appreciate it thank you very much. But right now shawn spears try to manipulate the fingers. Enjoy tonality.

Three two one they re coming to spain marked one trying to look suits. Yes. Sure now it should be noted. This is the group of twenty there is on all participant a wild card that is going to be coming in his marco stuff blower from stunts and he s feeling of i ve but mjf once again taking center stage that seems to be his strategy.

Oh dreamer eats. A shot from mjf on the apron. Now ace romero. Charging in it take sunny kids.

Lucas larsen dreamer. They see baby crashing in and it looks like janela and havoc that cigarette to the forums may have made an enemy out of joy janella for jimmy havoc. Muchas horas. Was playing in the ring.

But playing a little possum right through with ace romero and after after mark twain. And isaiah cassidy. Private party hit that leaping work on run into an age special combination. One litre of elimination.

A bunch of sars. An ace romero squared off in the crowd is stirring crowd to their feet because tommy dreamer is coming back with some plenty and now express cat flips lucas soars on the way in tranny starch and billy gunn to della cutler gas leak. When romero tommy dreamers on a path of rage jimmy hammock crusher they re from reimer look like havoc was gonna walk his way through it stood dreamers the innovator of baby see the shirt tell eternal making us match his own with the heart wait if you re allowed to bring garbage cane in the ring and why not yeah the only rules when you have to obey your mother by throwing them over the top row apparently after that anything goes and now janela wild right hands catch a dreamer ball across the face mandriva starts them across the jaw. Now let s asaurus that s private party.

Laughs and a double chokeslam from look. Just saurez and the party may be over pretty soon a 13 6. Close like that the crowd counting down. It is the last man.

The choker and the last man is the hangman madame page. He s just let s say a page. The guy who came into tonight without a match as you know his matt s got canceled dens effete. Going to the cassini battle.

Royale and ends up picking each other blockbuster by page on jungle boy lives up to his feet. But you bitch you got the bad boy at the os marketing back to their matchup in last september. No cracker barrels at ringside. But instead their pick up where they left off janela told.

Me by the way in preparation for this. Hatch he only went out to 6 am today joey janela yeah bit of a hangover. He was out late on the strip. He was parted he was living it up.

But right now does not seem to be affecting him paid reverses him into the world. Jessica s almost ride takes gentle off his feet. And now paige rates of passage that denna he s renamed. It and he planted janella on the top of his head as paint romero getting lit up by shawn spears in the corner.

But ac baby. Turnaround shots to the chest of spears as page in lucha soros..

No romero block make shot across the jaw taking down. Look asuras and you can see immediately goes down clutching that left knee. They re not the wisest move there by hangman page jimmy havoc almost eliminated by sonny kiss. But he hangs on now the two smallest men in the match.

Marco s stunt and jungle boy come on that nice romero touch the double clothesline stunt watched up if you are loving this action. You need to buy double or nothing. It s just a touch of a button to get that done doing it on cable doing it on direct tv. All over the place fight tv.

Itv box office comedy uk pancaking jungleboy totally gone for his sleeper. But romero using weight and momentum against him scientific principles will win every single time by the way. This is in this is airing live in the uk on itv. This is one of the biggest show to take place in the history of wrestling united kingdom.

I know it s airing late but we re gonna we re expecting a huge audience expecting a huge response from us and jack white house gonna be joining us a little bit later on as well so you definitely all margaux slammer touches got bounced out of the ring by ace romero and on to private party. All three mendes crashing to the arena floor the replay. We gonna take a look at it when you leave your feet that sort of stuff can happen. Excalibur jungleboy.

Or the drop kick to the back and now. He s proud and as you mentioned alex thank you for joining us on itv4 in the uk and ireland. We appreciate you staying up and we would appreciate it even more if you stayed up late for double or nothing coming up at the top of the hour. Indeed by the way here s what that ddt plants janela on his head once again.

And i tv viewers trust me. You got tips avian coming up your hometown hero against an megive are a little bit. Later on here in the bayou. Dustin thomas.

Dr. Thomas has joe legionella setup. Justin thomas. Taking the fight directly to delano thomas first autonomous just amazing.

Yes okay enjoy channel on right. There mjf cutting him off and mjm. Voice thomas up setting on the top turnbuckle. This is dangerous territory.

Shawn spears. Intercepts janela. Look at this perfect inside move by dustin thomas. Dustin thomas proving that it s every man for himself.

Now. Thomas springing up to the top. The slingshot ddt with the counter shop. Famous our own brand and cutler.

No bread of color bring the coupler living the dream to sign to an atavism contract this week well you better ashes in the mouth mjf potat. He has been such an opportunist in this match. But you can t blame them right. I mean.

This is his chance to get there by lucha soros. Now look just faris. If you re loving this type of action. Don t forget to order double or nothing so much more to come sunny kiss.

That s dreamer then the tears locomotion but bus trip sunny kiss perfect oh i m gonna get one over on tommy dreamer that easily following this cassidy orange cassidy. The suave 22nd that s me laying in the heavy lather..

He s a zombie dreamer. He s a slob he s a slob he just tries to persuade men but look how effective these kicks. Our dreamer can t even block him. He s devastating him right here he s knocking out the pencil under oh.

The dreamer is gonna be on crutches tonight. You can see the ice in the back already getting prepared orange cassidy right hand takes them down. Not sure if you care. Yeah.

If the meter has not actually changed. Did you just lost us whoa whoa with this table eliminated by jimmy havoc hardcore legend eliminated by a deathmatch legend in the uk. We have deathmatch legend period japan. The united states england germany doesn t matter jimmy havoc is out for blood.

Other stable got kicked out of hammocks hand. Now look just aris woodchuck. Avoid the tms face breaker. Mjf brought to his feet chuckle incentive on top dog to the white hands on havoc.

Because fighting the figures on what you to survive that and here we are we down. We re down to four we are down to the final four lucious soros jimmy havoc mjf and hangman adam paige. We ve got the joker hagman anna paige and the man that s been in there the longest mjf in the man with the least amount of friends in this batch. Yes.

That s what happened to researchers. So here right and mj have to taken so many cheap shots goes outside the ring. But not over the top rope. So he is still eligible to win this match and get that world title shot double lariat duck by page and have it now pledges to the back muchas horas.

All just laying in shots to book. I was the opposition justice larry. But now no jimmy beck ran into the waiting booted. Hangman.

Adam paige. Oh. Leaping uppercut putt. A peek.

A hammock standing tall send the ring. He s thinking a second acid rain maker cuts the throat of paige paige reverses havoc hangs on to the rope he s done that tanks out jimmy havoc jew men actually do my mistakes three men remain mj i m still on the floor. Like a snake in the grass. Yeah let s not forget about him it s our turn again paige duck sauce the way chopped to the chef bull hi.

Rounding me strike catch a page in the temple lucha saurus did you see paige holding on to that left knee that left leg. So heavily taped up not a good situation paige without law progenies everybody forgot about him dad he turned away to sooty bitch jeff thinks he s won no we ll hang man adam adam page getting an adw the world championship shot. He is the winner of the first iew match he is going to beginning. The first title shot ae w.

World championship gonna be facing the winner of alpha versus omega kenny versus chris. Kenny omega. Chris jericho tonight you need to order this match if you have not already itv box office calm in the united. Kingdom and i thought tv brother for locales in the us.

Directv and dish and hangman had a paid standing tall center of the ring. He s got that injured leg. But he is coming in but he s coming out of the first aew match ever as the winner and he will challenge to become the world champion. ” .


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