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“So carmine asked me to make a video because nhes too goddamn lazy to go go make his own so for the next couple of minutes. You re nstuck with and the nvideo he wants me to make is what game of thrones would be like on netflix. Now honestly nthat sounds stupid as shit so instead this will be a video about why game of thrones non netflix wouldn t work other than the fact that that s stupid as shit nnumber. One that s stupid as shit.

Okay what s netflix s most popular show nright now mhmdaredevil and the number one moment of that show that people can t stop ntalking about is the hallway fight scene. Oh my god that choreography is amazing nomg. I can t believe they did that it one shot omg omg. Etc.


Etc. You know you know nnow does anyone know what game of throne s most popular scene is the red wedding. The nmountain vs. The viper well those scenes were great.

But what was the special artsy angle nfor those episodes nothing in fact they were shot pretty straight forward and in the nlatter s case. They even used a bit of that shaky cam shit that hacks use to cover up nthe. Fact. That actors aren t really doing anything nso.


If game of thrones has never really done anything interesting with its cinematography nthen. What makes the show so goddamn popular well the obvious answer is story. But the other naspect is that it s a spectacle. Sure you have rich and dynamic characters nand a habit of killing them off that constantly keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat nbut.

Plenty of other shows have done that before so what separates game of thrones from something nlike. The walking dead before people became enthralled with the masterful nstorytelling what exactly drew people in a lot of viewers knew barley anything from nthe start of episode. One yet that s where a lot of people got hooked in before we knew nthat. It was the best show on television.


A huge chunk of viewers tuned in because it nwas. The biggest show on television game of thrones is a spectacle. It s got na massive budget. It s cinematic and it s a show bigger than any other that s a huge nchunk of what draws people in and to be honest.

No matter. How good the story is nobody s ngoing to watch. It if it s a cardboard fucking diagram nthere s a reason that people actually give a shit about this and not this nso that s my reason why game of thrones for netflix would be a bad idea which i m nsure everyone would be aware of already but carmine wants this video. So carmine gets this nvideo that i made so yeah carmine just take this video that ni made and upload it youtube.


Then just shit out all the profits into your own bank. Account. Nthats cool. I don t like money so just ” .


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