Game Of Thrones Prequel: Trailer (2020) GOT

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“World wasn t always so small and petty thousands of years ago. While the rest rest of men prayed to gods. The valyrians became them through magic or sheer will mastered the greatest creatures in history. A horse grunts man dominion over the land a ship over the sea.

But dragons gave us the sky and everything and everyone beneath it at its height. My ancestors ruled the known world whatever parts. We didn t when weren t known our capital of valyria shamed. The magnificent cities of the east for hammers and chisels were no match for dragon fire sorcery.


It was a city and an empire built to last until the end of time it didn t 400 years ago. The doom fell on valyria mountains cracked open like eggs. Lakes and rivers boiled fountains of fire ash and smoke spewed from the ground so high and so hot that even dragons burned in flight. The lance entered and the angry sea rushed in ours the greatest city in history became history.

But my ancestors didn t burn nor drown with the rest of their race. Twelve years before the doom. Despite the sneers of his rivals. Aina targaryen abandoned the capital with his family legends claimed that his daughter foresaw.


The destruction of the city in a dream. More likely a nar met with some mishap at court and chose exile over execution he and house targaryen slipped away to a dreary remote god forsaken island forsaken no longer with arts now lost to the world we transformed a tiny outpost into dragonstone. A fortress fit for the last dragon lords then a nas descendants settled into it like a tomb for their lost homeland. Until a gun when he looked east.

He saw the past old tired dead. But when he loved west. He saw the future gold in the world gold in the fields and no dragons in the sky. But his he and his sisters rhaenys and visenya flew over the great continent ostensibly visitors to a strange land.


But when aegon returned he ordered construction of a massive table carved in the shape of westeros with all the notable rivers and mountains that they had seen a personal map of the seven kingdoms. Then ruled by seven squabbling families house door ndon held the stormlands from their seated storm s end due. South of dragonstone house horror of the iron islands. Had also conquered and enslaved the riverlands and ruled them from harrenhal a monstrous castle rising on the shore of the gods i how stark held the frozen wasteland of the north.

The oldest largest and emptiest of the kingdom as lannister held the westerland s the wealthiest kingdom. Thanks to their gold mines. House gardener held the reach of the second wealthiest kingdom. Thanks to their crops.


House. Aaron held the vale or rather the vale them the mountains were impossible except through the bloody gate. Which had never been taken house martell held the deserts of dome from the plate. Because no one else wanted them together the seven kingdoms made westeros a realm that wasn t yet around ruled by great families who didn t know what greatness was aegon would teach them ” .


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