Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 12v Car Charger Unboxing & Review

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“Everyone today we re gonna be talking about the brand new 12 volt car charger charger for the yeti lithium s so just as a little bit of background. There was an auto charging cable. Like this one and the issue with this is this just took the plain old 12 volts from your car and piped it into the eight millimeter input. However if you look at the specs on all the lithium units.

They all want 14 to 22 volts. So we ve all been waiting a really long time for a solution for the units and they just came out with this last week. And i ordered it right away and the interesting thing about this cable is this bump in the middle. What is this magical thing that makes this cord go from a six dollar cable to a forty dollar plus ten dollars and shipping cable.

I was curious to find out but the main thing is i wanted to make sure that this wouldn t melt and start on fire. Like the original car charger was doing when plugged into the yetis so let s see what we got here so you can see this is a pretty simple package. This is just like all the other cables that you get there s no manual. There is just a little bit of information here at the top.

So let s rip into this and see what it s like so first impressions are this thing is really light build quality overall. Seems okay. If you re used to the eight millimeter cables. These feel just like all the rest they probably use the same wire and everything.

But let s take a deeper look at the 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter here looking at this it s pretty standard. It doesn t feel super heavy duty or anything. But it seems solidly built this is supposed to have a fuse in it and typically you get to that fuse by turning this knob here. But i couldn t get it off so i m sure if i was more motivated with a pair of pliers.

I could get it off. But for now we ll just leave it the main body of this is made out of plastic has a decent finish on it. But it s pretty lightweight. It has a kind of a light sound.


When you bang it and it has the switch on the front. Which is nice so this lets you choose how much power this is going to draw from your car. So you can either do your 5 amps. Which is 60 watts or you can do 10 amps.

Which will be 120 watts or so. So that s a nice option. So you don t drain your battery as fast and on the back. Here you can see there s a little bit of information you can see it s ee certified and so you know it s a decent sized units privatised of like a typical usb charger.

That you have lying around for charging your phone. But you know. The case is light. It s kind of plasticky looking at the 8 millimeter.

Cable. Here and how it connects you see. There s some good strain relief. There.

There s a little bulbous thing on the cable. Which i m not sure. What s in there and looking at the 8 millimeter cable itself. It s just like every other goal 0 8 millimeter cable.

I m assuming the wire here is 16 gauge it s not labelled on the wires. But that s what we re gonna go with here all right so let s unwind this thing and see how long it is so here it is sprawled out. I would say it s about a foot before the 12 volt. Part and then this whole stretch here.


We measure. It man. The whole cable overall is about 10 feet. Maybe a little bit longer maybe.

11. If you were to pull it really tight. So let s stick this in the car and see what it does so first of all no comments about how dirty my car is it s winter time i ve got kids i didn t clean it for the video. So here s my yeti 1000.

It s completely dead and here is my 12 volt. Port. And my mazda. The car is running.

So let s plug this in here. And oh. My my eyes are burning. I don t know who thought this led needed to be this bright.

But well there it is you can definitely tell this is on if you have any doubts it is on so let s plug the millimeter cable into the mpp t. Charger. And look at that we are now. Putting 61 watts.

Or so into our yeti. So this came up really quick. Unlike a solar panel that has a longer delay this popped right in so if you know me you know i like my tests. So we re gonna do a little science.


Here started my stopwatch. Let s actually turn this all the way up to you the higher. Setting. So this is the 10 00 am setting and go over.

Here and see what it does so now we re at 116 hundred and 20 watts or so so we re gonna let this thing cook for a little while and see what happens so my plan right now is just to let the car run for an hour. I don t want to come back to a dead battery and we ll see what it does in an hour. All right and through the magic of editing a little over an hour is past you can see we re still getting a hundred and twelve watts as input. But now the unit that was at zero is at 13 percent.

So that lines up pretty much perfectly. It s a thousand watt our unit. We burning for an hour and putting in 110 hundred and twenty watts so the meter seems very accurate and oh my gosh my eyes are burning again all right let s turn this back down to the five amp just to see what happens and you can see immediately it drops right down. Which is nice.

It s really nice to be able to throttle this so that you can conserve battery in your car or not stress. It out too much so overall. Those worked really really well so i bet you re curious what kind of magic is happening in this box here on the cable. So i thought i d try to explain that so if you plug a meter into the 12 volt output you ll see you get twelve point eight five volts coming out of your car.

And again. Remember the yeti wants to get at least fourteen to charge and so if we plug this in here. You ll see this is actually outputting. Fifteen and a half volts out of the eight millimeter output.

So some magic is happening in this box to make it a higher voltage. And that magic is what s called a step up converter. So here s an example of one i found on amazon. There are lots of different ones.


They have step up and step down this one is interesting is it actually will step up to 19 volts. Which is within yetis happy zone of 14 to 22 volts and you can see this comes in different sizes. So it ll pull different amounts of amps to give you different watts. So i actually went ahead and bought one of these and you can see when you measure it it does put out 19 volts.

Which is nice now the interesting thing here is you ll notice my step up inverter had really big heat sinks on it and gold zeros doesn t and so this thing actually gets pretty hot. The plastic gets hot the 12 volt. Plug gets hot. I wouldn t say it gets dangerously hot or at least.

It didn t in the first hour. But it s pretty hot to the touch so i think that s because they re not using an aluminum heatsink instead. They re just using a plastic case. So you know i would keep an eye on it i think when i test this again.

I ll actually go ahead and run the fir much longer and beep nearby so i can keep tabs on it all right so wrapping up. I think overall. This is a solid buy build quality is good and you know i appreciate that there is about a 20 step up converter in here and so there s some cost to that so obviously i wish it wasn t 40. But i get why it s expensive and it delivers in its goal of putting out a decent amount of power so this thing will put out a hundred and ten hundred and twenty watts.

I just wish this darn green light wasn t so bright but that s kind of a minor nit so you know overall. I m really happy with the purchase and i think it s sort of a no brainer. If you want to plug this into the car alright everyone thanks for watching and let me know in the comments. If you want to see that diy step up converter.

And i ll make a video. ” ..

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