GoPro s Omni rig tackles 360 VR head-on

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“If there was a 360 vr camera. You could play catch with this is the the omni gopros red built to tackle a 360 vr head on now even though probably wouldn t throw around a camera like this. The omni is modular and designed for rough treatment in theory. If a piece breaks you can just swap it out.

But before we get into the specs. Let s take a look and see what the complete five thousand dollar out of the box solution gets you the omni houses six hero4 black cameras. Which means. Six separate microsd cards and batteries.

Unfortunately. The omni isn t compatible with in newer hero..

5. If five thousand us dollars is a little bit too much cash. The rig sells for fifteen hundred dollars on its own. If you bring your own cameras.

Unlike. The earlier freedom. 360. Mount.

Where you have to start and stop recording on all six cameras. Individually the omni has one central camera you start and stop recording from it plus..

It automatically sends the settings. You have on the primary camera to all of the others in the rig. If you run the omni on it s in camera batteries you get about 45 minutes of runtime. So for intensive shoots.

You re going to need to use these external battery packs. You ll get around three hours. If you re using lower resolution settings so that s the spec sheet. What does it actually like to shoot with the one button operation of the omni is incredibly easy.

There s no sink lap. You need to worry about and it feels just like you re filming with a single gopro..

Except it just happens to be in a 360 array editing is usually the tedious part of making 360. But the only makes it easy with one click the imported software finds your footage on the micro sd cards or on your computer from here you can see a low resolution through you stitch color correction and stabilization options press. Start and the crunching begins. And it s quick a two minute for cam clip or around four gigabytes of footage takes 15 minutes or so to import stitch and hum correct.

It is likely that you ll still need to make tweaks in something like colors order. Patter video. Especially if you come across ghosting issues. Which we do.

But the only does cope well in low light and with motion shots. Although parallax can still be an issue overall..

Though. The omni is really well thought out it s not waterproof. So thrill seekers will have to wait and see if gopro releases. F05 version for now as an inexpensive entry point into professional 360.

Vr it ticks plenty of ” ..

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