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“Out gravity falls because at 110 degrees. We re looking at the hottest day of of power all in favor of doing nothing all day say i m gonna throw pig out of the house you called my bluff pig on the bright side upon very much intended its opening week at the gravity falls pool. That is all school today 100 points to the car. Yes.

Hey kids will help here all right off to the pool. And remember to be lowered for random wildfires wait. He ll be fine black winged oasis of summer enchantment yeah nothing like sending a moist tub with strangers. It s like a bus.

But what why would a son need to wear sunglasses or us not to think about it oh oh yeah waters don t never leave the pool people say he s a spurious loner they getting hot out here. It s just that guy. It s the hottest day of the year mable besides can t you go for one week. Without having a new crush on some random guy look at his little mustache hair.

You re clearly enamored go to him so beautiful yeah. Mabel don t talk want to know a secret. She s never even kissed a guy before she always messes it up somehow. Oh women yeah.

Hey. Mr. Pines wendy. Where s the lifeguard.

I am. The lifeguard i make the rules sucka boosh. She s attacking me with water wow you work here i found out lifeguards get free snack privileges plus. I get the best seat in the house.

Yeah. You do dude are you and wendy having a secret staring contest because i think your wedding. So hey you want to go check more water balloons or cockle sam i d love to but i got to spend a day doing tryouts. We re looking for a new assistant.

I start hey hey what if i was assistant lifeguard that would be so much fun you re totally in dude. You just check in with my boss first mr. Poolcheck your boss. Oh my god how crazy bumping into you here even though y all.

Know each other how long have you been underwater. That doesn t matter what no hey my name is mabel ola whoa are you australian. I am charmed by your sense of humor and your bold lack of water. We buddy thank you no no it has silly tangles why i m label yourself forward like complete label hell hey you want to coach i off maybe hit the sample are i m afraid i cannot.

But i have a terrible secret. I m at school. I m upset yet intrigued and that s why i think i d make a good lifeguard adjustment. Spf 100.

Good. I like you. But this isn t an easy job. It s anarchy out there i think i can handle it can you handle that i lost my hand to a pool filter swimming seem friendly shake.

It turn on you in an instant. Which is why you must respect the rules you think you have what it takes boy do you know sure i guess welcome to the deep end son well thank you oh this is happening. There. She is equidistant from the snack bar.


The bathroom. Just the right amount of sun and shade and point it away from where old man mcgucket lotions himself the perfect lawn chair. The legends that you told me in the car were true i just can t believe it wasn t already taken and now to sit on it thereby claiming it as my own what hello stanford yeah get out of my chair dad come on was this your chair. I ve had no idea yeah mmm move it you little troll first come first serve.

I should i needed to get rim good what soup aisle first are you come on ready you can t do this good old man. Sorry stan. It s not up to me actually. It is hey wendy i got the job sweet want to go abuser power.

But what if poolcheck catches us. He seems emotionally unstable. Don t worry man. You just got to be sneaky about your rule.

Breaking races no running side. How long you in for two hours for roughhousing. But i m innocent pull gently ain t so bad as long as you don t wind up in solitary. It s the knights that are the hardest how about your sandwich it s going away but it s so good flash.

I like sharing things sandwiches secret. Beautiful stranger at what sandwich does look delicious oh very well but you must never tell another living soul. My terrible secret you have to stay away from me because i am thank goodness i thought you were gonna say you had a girlfriend. I m a man.

I should have known from the exchange floor in fish language. It is spanish you ve waited till deep in masculine how are you i am 12 years old woman s voice is change when we re like three. So. What s your name.

There are some who called me a mongol. This is because my bando with money well. I don t understand mine and oh. What s a guy like you doing in a public pool.

It is a tragic story maybe. I was swimming with my friends they might you go in the gulf of hanko when i wasn t there well. We just catch ourselves some kind of beautiful man fish like face tonic splash. They can t go with heading for gravity falls all my strength i tried to escape back home.

But it was not to be haha with our guide of dehydration read not for the kindness of the forest animal profitable continue what no but you know what i am. It must be seriously weirded out. I don t care that you re a merman. The coolest guy had ever met and you can play at least one chord on the guitar.

Oh mabel. I ve never met another human like you. But you can t so. Join.

Me. In a game of d. Marco polo. Oh.

Yes. My my dahlia you re covering mcginnis. I get all three weird matching some babies are look at that smug chair stealing jerk i can t touch him on a pool controller throw me in pool jail. Yes yes learn the child i deal with inflatable duck guy is that you yes.


Sir i can t rock. Oh my gosh. I knew you guys were secretly alive. I knew it my people have been enslaved through my free ass inflatable pool duck revolution.

Is at hand have a good night son lock up the supplies for me the pool. She closes can i hear tonight yeah we re want to go for a walk mermen. I am a merman oh right then i m back tonight. Look.

Here s a scrapbook of human style. Here s me standing with my leg and here. I am picking different head legs. Can t move his legs after that you imagine that anyway.

Let s get this part and here my whole family kickboxing. I too used to have a family once back in the ocean. How i visited my mando. Why don t you just leave the pool.

I tried only once but escaping his pool required a plan that was bold and daring and then the wolves came no i m glad that i m here because i met you this is enable first kiss moment here it comes just go for it what are you doing with your mouth me nothing. I wasn t in cigar caddy. So my lips are doing that cuz the key id was so sour can i have some candy. No me too 100 points.

Deal with this job. You. And me are going to having fun all summer. All summer p right there wow.

You gave me your word for the you would respect the sake of rules. Beautiful pool will check are you crying. That s not important right. Now you are all tonight boy you want to keep this job.

Well some maniac broke into the supply closet last night can destroy it i want an only will skimmer. I want you on a stakeout if one more supply gets taken you re fired. I won t let you down my mind oh get ready i m gonna bring the heat. My mondo are you ok your family isn t it are you thinking about them romano and nothing enough i care about you too much to see you like this we re going to bust you out of here and get you back to your families.

But remember escape is impossible. We re breaking you out of you tonight sorry about that water all right super. Here s the plan catch the trespasser protective supplies keep dropping pool. And eventually marry.

Wendy. Freeze. Grunkle. Stan.

Oh. Yeah. I m sleepwalking also now i m sleep. Talking nice add by the way dude.

You re the one destroying pool supplies. What no my crime is a lot better than that i m going to get that seat be ready in the morning. When gideon comes. Then maybe on the story to pull supplies like still young.


Yes all right. I m going. Yes. Hey maybe you can even see your family.

Yes. But how can i a mormon possibly escape. Okay. My original plan was to tape together.

A bunch of fish sticks make you a prosthetic pair of people legs. Intriguing. But then i realized i could just can t put you in this cooler. Hey.

Who s there quick hide me my kite must not be seen mabel is there anyone not breaking into the pool tonight. What is zeus here. I m okay go home soos. You ll guard yeah.

So why are you here uh no even. But that cooler just clears throat. Don t be silly. There certainly isn t a merman in there.

If that s what you re implying. Who said anything about a merman mabel. I don t have time for your games. If you don t give me those supplies.

I ll lose the coolest job ever. I understand thanks look we need a bikini really good night all oh mabel go. We can t all be saved oh and over the fools arrive in the name of two men. The coast is clear now all i have to do is wait here 15 hours until.

The pool opens. This is a good plan. I think someone just died probably just a dream with you every day s a dream. I feel free sorry.

I m okay all right the jig is up hand over that cooler. Why not why do you even need it i needed the corner to see my new friend because he needs to go home. He s very nice and we continue this here he needs to be recording to be wider. Because of the mower man oh whoa way to bury the lead mabel skipper.

My mind over my man. He s a mermaid nice to meet you also i think i m dying. Oh. What are we talking no come on don t zipper your life.

I give him cpr mermen. Don t breathe air give him a breath. Cpr joy. Thank you for saving me.

But why didn t you just roll me into the lake. I am weak from coughing how would i get my family to hear my car from the mighty depths of the ocean i got it brb maybe those are pool supplies i ll get fired dipper do you know what it s like to fall for someone even. Though you know in your heart. That i ll probably never work out please anything for that person.


Give my mondo to megaphone thanks. Ted maybe. I have never met anyone like you same here except. We re zambian ohm in a couple of cute vampires all right vampire.

I don t tell you everything well my mondo. I guess. This is it not quiet please well okay. That s gross cool.

Hey. Let s also guy to hear. But just do please don t involve me in this goodbye goodbye mabel you get the right name dipper. Yeah.

Wait wait what my thing. I ve always wanted to do that breakfast and for the poo mobile and a missing megaphone well is there possible for this it s my fault. Sir i m sorry i got in too deep. And yes.

Oh boy. If one more thing goes wrong. Today. You re free.

Now free. Inflatable duck. Do not you ha ha ha. Hey doofus you never guess what happened i just got fired.

What really yeah i guess pool tech found out. I was taking. Too many snacks. How many ha ha ha.

Hey. You want to go break rules somewhere else of course near mabel. I m home with my family and i am very my first kiss will always hold a place in my heart. Technically hard at the moment.

I have like 17 hearts horrifying. But true more bond is underway. Zarda well. Guess you won put her there.

Okay. Hey. What s up unless. Perhaps.

I predicted your plan and coated the entire chair with glue last night. Enjoy your chair. Yeah kids get the spatula ” ..


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