Halo 5 – Preorder Editions Announced (Posters, Statue, Ect.)

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“Halo. 5. Guardians pre order details have been released as well as the multiplayer beta. Beta.

Has been released to the public. If you haven t yet be sure to into the beta. Because it is playable right now launching in fall 2015. Exclusively on the xbox one xbox wires.

Says. Halo. 5. Guardians continues.


A story of master chief and introduces a brand new central character to the universe. Spartan locke peace is shattered when colony worlds are unexpectedly attacked and when humanity s greatest hero goes. Missing spartan locke is tasked with hunting down the master chief and solving a mystery that threatens the entire galaxy. What could it possibly be like how they throw that in there.

But let s get down to details standard edition. This is for 60 us dollars. It s the halo. 5.

Guardians. Plus. An exclusive poster only available to those who pre order. So if you really want an awesome poster.


Which may just beat this right. Here. Then definitely preorder the standard edition. Now we have the big one limited edition.

For two hundred and fifty dollars everything in the limited edition. As well as the additional content such as commemorative numbered statue designed by 343 industries. More details on the design to be shared at a later date so this is super exciting. Let s go ahead and keep reading what they said on its box wire halo.

5. Guardians brings the nets evolution of combat to xbox one featuring arena. Multiplayer. New modes and all sports and new abilities.


The a low 5 guardians multiplayer beta is focused on for v4 arena multiplayer in his built upon halos legacy as a definitive arena shooter. The beta represents only a small portion of the epic plans we have for multiplayer in halo 5 guardians fans who have purchased halo the master chief collection have access to the halo 5 guardians multiplayer beta starting today guys through january 18. 2015. Halo nightfall and halo the master chief collection content unlocked and the halo 5 guardians multiplayer will be carried over into halo.

5. Guardians or rather can be when it officially launches in fall 2015. Don t own halo the master chief collection and don t have access to the halo 5 guardians multiplayer beta. They say well don t worry xbox wire.

Has you covered be sure to check back each week as a recap the latest beta content updates. Providing you with info on it s four versus four showdown. Seven maps three game types and a variety of different armor sets for customizable spartans. So guys.


That is it right there standard edition for sixty us dollars. The limited edition for a hundred dollars you get a you know some items in game. Exclusive items as well wrapped in a design still book and finally be two hundred fifty dollar. One which has everything from the limited edition as well as a standard one and the co motive numbered statue designed by through for three so that s really cool pre order page link down below more details link down below.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you re gonna pre order halo. 5. Guardians then be sure to let us know there s been some you know community activity about not pre ordering games.

Especially halo anymore. So what is your stance on it let us know down. The comments be sure to like this video up if you ve enjoyed in all if you have in catch you guys next ” ..


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