Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows PART 1 REACTION!

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“It do ski. It s your boy farewell 34. Oh. Wait.

This is this is isn t the life. This is for livestream. Sorry. Oh.

My by word in harry s what it do ski. It s your boy fail. 34. And today.

I m here with my reaction video to harry potter and the deathly hollows numero uno. Guys. We ve we ve we ve made it through the bulk of the harry potter films. It s has been an interesting ride for sure the last one which was the half blood prince.

We had snape coming into his true roots. He truly became what i had thought he was going to be initially and that was the snake. We also had the big turn of malfoy. I guess thinking he was a shit because he was following dono s.

But he doesn t know is that the dark lord probably doesn t care about it even though he feels especially because we had dumbledore die. Which is actually to be honest. I was probably my favourite bits of the film. When we went enter the cave.

Just beautiful beautifully done all around from the directing. The cinematography. The color grading. It being sort of dumbledore s last you know final moments epic moments before you died yeah.

So i definitely think six had some great moments throughout it let s see how they decided to go about seven they sort of said that harry is gonna be getting ready for this battle. I know the fifth film lord of the phoenix which i like quite a bit was the one where we sort of set the seeds of the war time the war and harry getting his forces together. So i m interested to see how they re gonna go about the last two because. This is part one part two of the finale fun story probably a lot of book context.

It s going to be thrown here and just totally that i m expecting something to be very dark because we ve been getting it s been progressively. I just been getting more intense from deaths with cedric to the death of dumbledore to the death of sirius. So yeah. Each film recently you ve had a big death for we at cedric ngo5.

We at series scope six. We had double click or a dumbledore dumbledore go so i m assuming we re and keep this going on right because unless. Eight unless i dunno one died here. And it s sort of like a cliffhanger and then a they just body the whole gang buddy.

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If you re interested if you don t fear if you re quarantined and you wanna you know just go through harry potter binge in a different manner. Join you boy also quick question guys since we re gonna be done harry potter. What future film series do you guys want me to check out let me know in the comments section down below. I know i spit the idea of lord of the rings.

Because i also want to see what all the fucking hypes about i was thinking twilight would be pretty fun. Let s see what happens to cedric after the fact he died died was reborn into a vampire deathly hallows part 1 baby click..

What is that to go wheezing like a high pitched wheezing. Oh. Shit death. Eater numbers grow.

It s not safe for us. Here. Anymore. Oh shit.

Oh. My god this score. It s a johnson s mom anyway. What you re so you re deleting yourself.

Because you know dark. Times are coming make your parents forget about you why hermione. Oh. My god dude.

Daniel records. Just a full grown man. Now. What the fuck.

Everyone s prepping this one is the big boy harry potter and deathly hallows. Hello snake yes guy as inspiring as i find your bloodlust bellatrix. I know like you already killed the devil s tears like relax cue wound. But not fatally harm one another surely one of you would like yeah.

Some wouldn t that be a good thing he loki needs the assist you can t do it on his own what we body this straight through the i know damn. He s really are bobbing her like that snape s hey alright. It appears the bodies are gonna be piling area. What s the response.

Oh. He lost arguably the two closest people to him and his family s gone boys. You know shitty one look mama. We made it from under the staircase harry potter just pulled a shadow clone jutsu wow that s pretty good who s gonna die.

Which harry s gonna catch it the turbo boost a grits hit that drippy goo dan did we really do all that preparation just to get bodied on the first attempt. Fortunately we didn t stand a chance. Thank goodness you two are alright. And what s the status of them nurse.

We re waiting great fuck into the house sat in the corner. The first time. Harry potter visited. My office.

Where s the other george oh. He s not done. Though my bad for not putting that one together quickly yeah. He s sleeping that off i m pretty sure they can fix that harry where are you going buddy.

It s not a smart bet oh curse. For you ron is not with the shit s. Okay. So we re still wrong with this the romantic scenes in the series are always just so awkward true this weddings about again body the last will and testament of dumbledore.

Okay first all right. Bless got a led he passed on the lights. The lights ceiling to him that s brilliant is that it not quite. Oh oh.

And here. I was like oh wow..

He really balanced it out. Godric gryffindor. I didn t even know he had a brother oh sam well tumblers got a darker past. What else didn t we know about him what were his side houses did he have an e commerce news death and destruction arrives.

Hello magic true good shot hermione i appreciate the thought but really given the fact that we were almost killed by a couple of death eaters. A few minutes about don t even care. Ok retracing a lot of steps from the series. I get a blanket also dobby hello is it ever explained why he has no nose unless i missed that and like they keep teasing these two like it s it s it s happening.

It s been confirmed well the question is if they do decide to go with harry is it gonna be him and jenny or him in luna. I see that i don t know i could see him potentially being a thing i have stolen the real horcrux and intend to destroy it okay alright be serious brother i got i got a hyper so i thought it was done oh surgeon telephone companies god like the word i would describe her employee oh dami boy boy i know right the case so needs to photoshop duffy with tips on bridge round to what blood to the danger they pose perfect here blood society. And this isn t propaganda. I don t know one call.

Oh shit wants out who s my coping you like dolores and harry doesn t like lies. Why is ron. Why can he turn back illegal. A lot are to be is it good this refuses to run and he s like really that all canaria house is that he was really dedicated to them to that sort of just speed walk those appear l.

Hands that hauser spell get it here well okay okay sleep headmaster and i can t wait for harry to see him again. Oh. It s gonna be a great scene this is quite literally the windows xp backdrop happiness. My boys get in doubles it s good no beard going on oh my god what which is why it can destroy horcruxes mmm.

What s wrong did you think we were gonna be staying in a five star hotel finding the walcott s every other day. Oh. My god area. What do you still that is so funny.

Oh you know you really dumbledore would have told you to make sure i don t hit ginny s name. Oh fred. Well george doubled. A firearm are you coming.

And you stay don t draw the line here buddy come on he dipped isolations kinder to them too a friendly two step right quality song selection. I found something as well. I guess i really got clues i mean for seven films. We haven t really got a whole lot of information about his parents unless.

I can just overload eight in the last two harry your dad s not dead. He s dumbledore. So actually he is dead how s a good one where s my wand hermione oh. That shit broke.

I tried to mend it but wounds are different. It s done did you leave those huh go inside and get warm. Oh come on harry. That s not a smart bet.

There. It is i can feel his pain. Oh it would have been wrong. Hey.

Mints. Ron. Why are you hey come back a lot of time just get one done just hope. The one is he would show you some.

And then i found. Harry potter s needing two two one. Yeah. Yeah.

No no not sure. And so..

It was that death. Reluctantly handed over his own cloak of invisibility. Oh. The first brother travel without night.

Yes so so death took the wreckage brother together they make the deathly hallows. No matter. We really should be going anyway. So how we can end this we ve been going on for a while there s no hello you only be on the run for so long.

Ron run. So much. Shaky cam. Oh give me a headache all right.

Oh shit. Give. Me my wand. We ll see what her last spell was you can check that off please come to rescue.

Harry potter of course of course. I m an elf that ass be i could make me at the top of the stairs in ten seconds. Bobby. Coming clutch has saved the day this is what i m talking about for a second.

I thought the dirt on the wall was blood splatters like that was extremely grim voldie. You re not gonna believe this toss better no throw okay there we go i ll actually went through fuck. We re all the same no we re not oh my god that s some bullshit that s the last straw. Serious dumbledore fucking dobby is some bullshit give him the hands give voldemort the hands you re really not gonna bring him out for a couple films and then you bring him he gets one nice little moment of hoorah and then you throw a knife at him disrespectful and nigga how we started hand around his neck.

We got the wand. He s about to get a manicure right after this that s it that was harry potter and the deathly hallows part. 1. That was my reaction video.

And i gotta say this one definitely feels like they this was just a clear setup for part 2 in my opinion some things i will say i thought directing wise. I think david yates. Did his thing here and this one was directed well a lot of landscape shots. I noticed she does obviously we kept going from all these different places around the run.

So i thought a lot of the scenery here looked great they really encapsulated that the feel of just them just being on the road. Some of the moments here that were where i think the deathly hallows really shines isn t it it s smaller moments. It s in the midst of you know the chaos going on in the world. When it s just the characters alone so my favorite moments.

And this had to have been just a little dance sequence with hermione and an harry the world s crumbling around them people are dying you know family and friends are in jeopardy. Ronis just left them in the middle dancing. They just take the time to have a spur of the moment sort of dancing. Which i which i found sweet.

You know i may be for some people that sort of felt like left field or just sort of a jarring sequence. But i think i mean i m amidst all this chaos going on like we could take a little tooth. We could take a little break a little bit levity to step one time. So i thought that was actually a problem with i guess.

This is where the effect of sort of splitting it into two really comes into a fit into factor. Because they didn t feel like any sort of climax to this film of all these oldies got his wand makes the film as a whole feels slightly lackluster. Also something that was really great about this one was we got to see a lot of the cast from the entire series and also you know items a lot of great callbacks and also we got to see the return of some people quickly like john hurt and the end which i thought was pretty cool. But again this one does chill just other just like a lot of set up for part two and i think i was pretty clear for example.

We started off really hot actually really like the beginning of this film. All this chaos is going down in the first act and then once we have all this new information and we just went through this big ordeal. Death eaters are popping out the ministry is going in then. Harry hermione and ron are on the run and then i feel like the film just sort of pumps.

The brakes. There and then switches its tone..

Slightly leans a little bit more in the thriller bag also more like an indie film. And then it just does until like the just does that for the remainder of the film religiously so as its roll makes me makes it feel sort of lackluster days. Like they did what they needed to in the first half and they just really slowed it down in the middle and just focus on our three characters. But i feel like without hogwarts without you know supporting characters around hermione ron and harry and and not keeping up the idea of them being on the run well it sort of does impacted this film will say though i think yates committed to the tone of the action sequences instead of it being a lot of like more flashy.

I guess a magic sort of like we had with the dumbledore versus versus voldemort or some of the other sequences. It says very much so hand held directing with the action chasing sequences. Makes it very much feel immersed and feel like you were on the run. While it did kind of hurt.

My eyes a little bit. I did appreciate that element to it and speaking of it feel like an indie film. When we re just sort of in the forest for a good portion of this film. It definitely for a second of the thought kate beam.

Like this sort of feels like was army man. Because we have daniel radcliffe just stuck in a forest. Chanting. That s what it sort of felt like a bit.

Especially what it was just a min remaining. So the deathly hallows was explained this symbol that we ve been seeing for a little bit. Now has been explained by lunas father and that s where the film s just sort of like sort of started to speed up a bit again. And say okay we have to make some sort of resolution.

I will say though the animation sequence where we had the explanation of the three brothers and in death. I thought that was beautiful and that s probably another highlight of this film the middle portion of the film. He s definitely missed in my opinion. But there are some sweet moments out of it like the dances he goes between harry and hermione.

But the thing that could have made it better i feel like was if the i feel like they they had made the friendship elements between ron hermione and harry have some sort of weight to it because it didn t feel like that for me. We just sort of spent the middle of film just sort of going back and forth with his horcrux how to break it oh why don t we can t hold it on one of each other because we re gonna go crazy or whatever. It is you just felt like we are bringing up things just to pass time in the end. We have voldemort who just disrespected my boy dumbledore s body took his wand and now it seems like we ve done enough.

We basically built up this entire film to lead up for the finale. It should be a big bang. So yeah guys that was harry potter. And the deathly hallows part.

1. That was my reaction video. Yeah. This one started off pretty strong in my opinion and then to sort of veered off in the middle portion of it until we had that heart felt ending with dobby when he came clutch.

Anyway guys so that was my thoughts on this one. What did you think about this. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. Now.

I will say this is having only seen part 1 right. This is how i feel awful. Only sing this half maybe i ll say the second look at the series in full context. And maybe be like yo h.

Pd h. P1 banger you know underrated or i might feel sort of similar after having seen the second one. I don t know that was harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1. What do you think about this one.

I d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below with that being said guys i ll catch you all in ” ..

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